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Korova's famous Fifty-One-Fifty Bar is a potent blend of our award winning chocolate chip cookie baked on top of our Triple Chocolate Brownie. 500mg THC

Ingredients: Flour, Sugar, Brown Sugar, Cannabutter, Chocoate Chips, Eggs, Chocolate Bark, Vanilla Pudding Mix, Baking Powder, Vanilla Extract.

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$ 25

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yo. wow!

i'm a beast, i can take any amount and it's cool. but, be very careful with this bad boy. gave some to my lady friend and she flat out passed out on my kitchen floor. no shit! it was crazy, i felt bad. don't be that person - use caution. but, enjoy!

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my go to.

Gets you there period! I cut it into 4 pice's for my 2 days off. One in the morning one in the evening next thing i know i havent smoked at all all day and yeay for my lungs. Korova makes great eddies but if you have a low tolerance i would look into something different

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Purchased: $20 Each

Best edible deal

500mg of THC in the bar (10 grams of cannabis!) If you have a high tolerance to edibles, this edible is for you. If you have a low tolerance to edibles, this might be too heavy of medication for you unless you eat very small bites. I gave another patient who has a low tolerance ~1/10 of this edible and it was too much. ~1/10 is okay for me but I eat up to ~1/4 of the bar to get full effects. This is great medication, I'm glad these exist.

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HOLYSH*T the sequel

Calling all patients..

If you're going to take a chance & switch up medication options this BAR is for you.
I read the reveiw and thought if someone who has been into cannabis for 17 yeras would most definiitely have a worthy opinion of the quality of the results achieved with this.
I ate an eigth of the bar on an empty tummy 3 hourrs ago and I am I type I'm having a hard time thinking my fingers are actually moving over the keyboard. Its like I'm watching someone elses hands spell out my thoughts.

You have $20 towards your next trip to the dispensary(or delivery BPG is the best) Try one. You will not be disappointed.

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  • AMD


I have been smoking for 17 years. So, I don't get "high" like that anymore. You know? Smoke all the time, everyday so my tolerance is just through the roof. I can get a little buzzed off an edible, or even sleepy, but that's it. When I saw this labeled "10 Dose" I was like "yeah, yeah, I bet it's 10 doses" and bought it just out of curiosity.

I ended up lying on the floor, drooling on my rug and staring at an episode of Law and Order from the first season...very first season. I could (technically) move, but I couldn't really move. I understood that I must have looked a mess lying on the floor, but I didn't care. I was just so f*cking high. SO HIGH!!!! My God! I haven't been this high since high school. Just totally gone! I'm sure I could not have walked around the block safely...I could not have made Ramen...or bathed...or anything that I'm normally able to do while and after smoking. I was glazed over and stuck to my rug. THIS WAS ONLY 1/3 OF A BAR!

Korova is ALWAYS in my fridge now. I use 1/4 of a bar to knock myself out, get through the first day of cramps, spend a Sunday zoning out to documentaries, etc. Mind you, I can't really do anything on this bar. Really, I can't even read a basic book because I can't follow the writing. I can't cook (loose interest, and I love cooking) and I cannot drive (WAY TOO HARD!) but I do feel a heavy bliss when I take this. All my problems, worries, troubles just melt away and nothing really matters all that much. Since my anxiety can sometimes stop me from even leaving the house, feeling everything relax (including my jaw that clenches involuntarily) is a great feeling. I get the best nights sleep on this! It really allows me to fall into a deep sleep. Grant it, I need an extra hour (9-10 hours total) to get it all out my system, but it's worth it.

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