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  • Reviewed 10/21/14

Blackberry Cone with Bubble Hash

Bloom Room

Like getting high for the first time

Do you remember what it was like the first time you smoked pot? Do you remember how high you got? Do you remember laughing hysterically with your friends for hours? I'm a relatively seasoned smoker/vape artist but nothing has kicked me in the pants for years like this did. Giants pre-game, walking down to the park on a warm September evening (yes, review a little late) with some friends, everyone had the same reaction: insanely heady high (but not unpleasant), total euphoria, extremely social smoke. My buddy texted me the next day to say "Dude, I haven't laughed that hard in a long time." Now if I could buy this buy the oz instead of pre-rolled . . .

  • Reviewed 7/24/14

Red Beard - Strawberry Cough

Bloom Room

Potent head buster

Only bought 1g of this at the recommendation of the lady behind the counter who felt the THC level might be too high for my needs. She was correct in that the heady high was very intense to the point of being a bit too heavy for me. I am sure a more tolerant user would benefit from this more than I and am happy I bought the 4g 1/8th of Durban Poison instead.

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Red Beard - Durban Poison

Bloom Room

Solid recommendation from the budtista

I had planned on purchasing the Strawberry Cough and spoke with the budtista about this choice. She took the time to understand what I wanted it to help with and thought that the Durban Poision would be a better fit for me as it was slightly less THC heavy. Her advice was great: the bud was a little drier than I had expected but it hit exactly how I hoped it would in that it was a heady high that allowed me to still focus on my tasks and be around my younger kids without munching out or vegetating. Buds were on the smaller side but tight and plenty of orange hairs.

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  • Reviewed 7/24/14

Cherry Kush Pre-Roll

Love the kush!

Kush quality, cherry undertones, mellow inhalation and exhalation in a pre-packaged spliff! What more do you need? Good quality meds, would prefer if the paper was extra slim but small complaint for convenience. Don't know if its okay to write this but plays nicely with beer . . .

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GSC Pre-Roll

Same name, different blend

I have usually avoided GSC since it is an indica strain which I tend to stay away from; however, the Emeralds pre-roll describes it as an indica-weighted hybrid so I thought I would give it a go and for $15/g, it wasn't going to break the bank. I have been missing out! This is a very mellow high with great body relaxation. No mental stimulation or euphoria, it encouraged me to sit with the family and watch a movie but still gave me the impetus to get chores done and make dinner. Will be buying this again.

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510 OG

Great head/body combo

Great advice from the budtista. I was undecided between several different top-shelf strains that were all high in THC with a kushy undertone and she suggested I give this a go. It is priced a little below the All-Stars but the kick of the meds was premium! Straight to the head for the first part of the ride before mellowing out nicely and feeling relaxing body relief. I don't like indicas that leave me couch-locked, ravenous or ready for bed and this blend avoided that unholy trio. Would recommend this to anyone looking for similar results.

  • Reviewed 4/28/14

Dispensary Review:

Bloom Room

Cool spot in the city

Although the alley location comes across as a little dirty and seedy, the store is a beacon of light and cleanliness! More "hip" than the East Bay dispensaries I frequent, I joined here to have a spot in the city to go to when needed. Professional, friendly, well run. I only smoke flowers and found the range of meds a little small and drier than I would like but potent nonethless. The lady behind the counter gave me solid guidance on which to choose and offered an intro to vaping on their volcano.

  • Reviewed 4/28/14

Dispensary Review:

Berkeley Patients Group

Nothing like I expected

Perhaps it is my relative newness to Norcal dispensaries but my experiences of both the storefront and the staff have been beyond brilliant each time I have visited. No dark, dingy room staffed by the negative "pothead" stereotypes we can be portrayed as, this dispensary should be a model for any new stores looking to open up: bright, clean, modern, professional, friendly, welcoming, understanding, knowledgeable . . . . Prices can be a touch higher than other local favorites but perhaps that is the cost of running such a fantastic dispensary with a huge selection of quality meds. I am only into flowers but there is always an ample supply of what I am looking for and staff who have been able to help me choose meds to ease my pain. Always recommend this to anyone else who asks and I hope that the store continues to thrive.

Cherry Pie Pre-Roll

Meds good but roll was awful

My belief is that you buy a pre-roll for the convenience and you assume that it is done well. Not with this case which in all likelihood was a one-off but incredibly annoying nonetheless. Came with 2 half gram rolls, neither of which pulled well, almost to the point of going out. It was like trying to suck air through a blocked straw. Despite trying to loosen what I assumed was a tightly packed roll, I had to resort to taking each one apart and rolling my own. This naturally resulted in losing some of the meds which was frustrating. The flowers were good though and gave a nice blend of head and body high, no couch lock or insane munchies but good for socializing. So pre-roll gets a 1, meds get a 5 which averages out as a 3-star rating.

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House Cone

Actually bought this for the container . . .

Giving this 5 stars for the value for money rather than the high it gives so take it with a grain of salt. Wish the store sold the little containers the roll comes in by itself but for $5, it was worth buying. The roll was nice and smooth, it is a very mild weed which gives a very light buzz which I found lasted less than an hour, but again, for $5, what do you expect?

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Maple Nut Caramels Large (13/Pack)

This stuff is awesome

All I can say is WOW. Fantastic value for meds that kick you in the pants. While the claim that each caramel is a half dose, I dispute it strongly and would warn you against taking a whole one the first time unless you have the highest of tolerances. Beware. From my experience, a quarter of one caramel gives you a mellow, relaxing experience which I likened to the valium I was once given by my doctor for a small surgical procedure; a half caramel gives a potent, pain-relieving high that still allowed me to function fairly effectively; and the one time I took a full caramel, I was way too blazed to do anything of value for anyone (I am 190lbs if that makes any difference). So for me, taking between 1/4 to 1/2 a caramel from the 13 in the packet for less than $20 gives me between 26-52 doses. This is exceptional value and makes these tasty treats a staple in my medicine cabinet.

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Jack Frost Pre-Rolls (2/Pack)

Perfect daytime meds

I struggle with nerve damage and need something that allows me to function around my 3 young children when I get home from work until they get to bed. This is a great heady high with sufficient, light pain relief to allow me to spend quality time with the kids and avoid couch-lock. Highly recommend to those who need to interact. As you would expect with a purchased pre-roll, it was perfectly rolled and pulled nicely.

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