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  • Reviewed 11/2/12


Sun Grown and Frosty

Right along with Romulan, I go to BPG for the Jack Frost simply cuz they have the best. As this years harvest just began to unfold at the end of October, I discovered BPG's Sun Grown Jack Frost. I got a half ounce of the Sun Grown and a half ounce of the All Star for a JACK-tacular experience into the piney frosted realms of the Jack Frost.
What an aroma.... just nipping at your nose as you open the bag. Such a brilliant, fresh and amazing smell. What an uplifting high. I smoked the Sun Grown first and sat with it for a good minute. It was smooth and energizing. I followed it up with an All Star Jack Frost and Sun Grown blend which is highly recommended. Such a great pairing. I could go on forever describing the experience but your gonna have to try this one yourself.

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  • Reviewed 10/23/12

Blue Dream Smalls


Diamond in the Rough

Holy Smokes!!! Literally. Blue dream has become one of those strains that is often overlooked due to the complete market saturation over the last few years. It's funny how quickly this years "fav" becomes last years "whatever".
Blue Dream, known for its exotic aroma that fills the room like a sweet far-eastern incense is such a distinct flower. This batch at BPG is beyond what Ive had in a hot minute. I recommend it to anyone looking for All Star Quality Blue Dream looking to save a few dollars.You will not be disappointing. In fact, you may find yourself wanting more. I smoked it and vaporized it. Both methods gave me exotic flavor, strong head change and a very pleasant body that lasted way past my expectations.

  • Reviewed 10/22/12

Dispensary Review:

Berkeley Patients Group

All I can see is WOW!!!

I just discovered that BPG is not only alive and well but now can deliver to my doorstep. WOW. No one can beat that menu and customer service. I'm an ALL STAR JACK FROST and ALL STAR ROMULAN loyalist but have come to rely on the low end from time to time and BPG has the biggest variety on the low end hands down.

The pricing and consistency of the medicine is top notch.
I am always blown away by the ALL STARS JARS. Every time I get one of those beautiful ALL STAR Jars I'm like a boy on prom night.

Thank you BPG. Thank you.

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All Star Romulan

All Star Romulan

Ive been smoking Romulan solid for almost a good decade. I' don't subscribe to the indica/sativa thing but Romulan has already given me that laid back body chill that melts away the pains and sorrows of the day and opens up those sacred channels that let in all the mystical good stuff.
A few years back I discovered BPG's All Star Romulan and I was in love at first sight. First, they should name it Crystulan because the frost content is ridiculous. The taste and smell when you first crack the ALL STAR jar is absolutely amazing.
The consistency is phenomenal. As an experienced grower myself, I know the complexity and challenges of maintaining consistency over a length of a few harvests. Try a few years. I can't believe how good it is.
BPG's ALL STAR Romulan is why I can never leave the bay area....and why I will never go too long without its frosted silvery Crystulan goodness.

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