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  • Reviewed 7/29/13

Midnight Farms, Blueberry

Thank god for clone branding

Before my last grow which was about 3 months ago, I hadn't grown for about 5 years or so. The clones in dispensaries back in the day used to be more or less generic. It's nice to see some farm branding, along with a bit of standardization. Ultimately the last thing we want (as a cannabis culture), is strains being mis-labeled, cloned, seeded, and distributed with incorrect genetic identification.

To the review: These clones grew faster, stronger, and more robust than the other two strains that I was growing. I'd say they're true to the Blueberry name. Asside from not having any blue or purple tones to the flowers (mine was more of a grey/green), they very much resembled what quality Blueberry should: Sweet berry smell when breaking buds open, light colored hairs with minimal orange, with a strong Indica high. This particular strain/clone source, has a very strong head high for being Indica. It very much relaxes you, but can get you thinking a lot which isn't always great for anxiety. My Cali-O was much better for anxiety, or should I say anti-anxiety, but that's for another review.

Great clones, great strain, great provider. I give the clones 5/5 stars. My final product was honestly 4/5, but that's because i'm not using huge pots, hydro, or heavy nutrients. Finished buds were still delicious and very much impressed my friends!

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