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Living life to the fullest in a Upful Playful movement.
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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 12/9/13

Dispensary Review:

Berkeley Patients Group

My East Bay Club!

It had been far too long since I last visited BPG, they moved and no longer have a lounge :( but I still LOVE this Club. the Staff goes above and beyond to help you get what you need without pressing you to donate for top shelf and they always have excellent meds @ every price point.

  • Reviewed 12/9/13

Dispensary Review:

Green Door

what's all the hubbub bub?

been hearing about Green Door since 2010, so I figured I should go check it out. The selection was pretty good but I didn't like the whole process of the BudTending, no sample to smell and you hand your donation thru a bullet proof window slot, too much like a soup kitchen for my taste.

  • Reviewed 12/9/13

Dispensary Review:


SPARC is my first choice

I don't make it to into the City very much but when I do I stop by SPARC every time. I truly appreciLove the professionalism of all the Staff. The Meds are always top shelf and although it might be "pricey" I feel you get what you pay for and I never have left feeling uneasy, yeah it might be in a "sketch" location but the security is top notch and very aware of their surroundings and friendly as well. I highly recommend SPARC to anyone who wants a connoisseurs club in a relaxed and professional environment. CHEERS TO SPARC!

  • Reviewed 12/9/13

Dispensary Review:

Alpine Alternative

Outside the grid

I've wanted to check this Club out since I saw their booth @ the SF Cannabis Cup so I stopped by Alpine on one of my rare days off. Plenty of street parking and lot parking too, friendly security, very professional. the waiting lobby is pretty small but the Staff @ the desk was Irie and easy on the eyes, I recognized her from FWC. Standard paperwork and I was in the dispense within 10 minutes. Nice size dispensary with all the meds in sample jars with a built in magnifying glass for easy looks @ the Trichomes. Loren was Tending and he recognized me from Capital Wellness, LOVE this industry, FAMILY EVERYWHERE! Alpine has a self help fridge for the cold edibles and their Meds are NOT schwag. they have R U Vaped vaporizers in stock and replacement parts as well. I grabbed a replacement coil, a HI-FI Bite and a gram of Blue Romulan? Everything was cool and I'll mos def go back.

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Berkeley Patients Group
2366 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley,
Northstar Holistic Collective
1236 C St. Sacramento,
1256 Mission St. San Francisco,