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  • Reviewed 8/31/17

Dispensary Review:

Bloom Room

Top Club In The Bay

One of my favorite spots ever. Amazingly nice bud tenders and super sexy security door dudes and daily deals and super chill vape lounge and killer edible selection. They always have demos and dabs set up frequently too!

Thanks for the shout out! We love offering as many demos and dab days as we can fit on our monthly calendar! Thanks for checking them out!

  • Reviewed 6/25/12

Pure Gold Mist

Hey no problem

I guess that review came off harsher than I wanted. I hope you guys know none of it is directed to you! I love your services and was really just experimenting with this. I'm definitely still open to tinctures and such.

  • Reviewed 6/23/12

Pure Gold Mist

This stuff sucks!

Its expensive, it tastes terrible, burns in your mouth AND DOESN'T EVEN GET YOU HIGH. Save your $$$, this is a total waste of time. Even when using far more sprays than the online instructions say, there was no effect.

We're sorry that you had an experience as you have stated. We have found that cannabis experiences are unique and conclude that Gold Mist isn't an effective means for you. We can only suggest what may work and you would be responsible for deciding which is best for you. Tinctures are known to relieve body stress and muscle relaxation. Perhaps the inhalation method is best for you. We hope that your next experience will be what you expect. Thank you for your input.

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