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Melting wax on bubble.
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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 6/13/12

Dispensary Review:

Berkeley Patients Group

I'm so glad my favorite dispensary is back!!!

My favorite dispensary is back! I am so happy to hear this! I was so sad, as I am sure others were, when I had heard that Berkeley Patients Group was closing. I was a patient there for almost 3 years and they were my favorite source for all things cannabis! They had a great selection of flowers, extracts, and edibles, as well as clones from what I had heard. I was especially fond of their super friendly and professional staff. Then they had to close. They promised to return with a delivery service and a new location.

And they are half way there! I am happy to say that the new Berkeley Patients Group Express has come through! I heard they were back, so I had to try them. I had little experience with the delivery experience, so I had to give them a shot. Not only were they on time (unlike my cable service), but the person delivering to me was a familiar face. I was so happy to see them back in business and look foward to calling in the next delivery. The best part is: I don't even have to leave my house and I get a discount for ordering in advance! I like the extracts that I got and the familiar edibles were always the right way to go.

I can't wait for them to get a new location, but I until then, I am super satisfied with their service and selection. Keep the hash rolling!

Cookies Wax

I like my wax with a little flavor...

This wax was what I was looking for! IT had the flavor! IT had the potency! Girl Scout Cookies is one of those strains that is really popular right now, but I wanted to see what was the hype. I ordered this gram of wax, being the normal skeptic that I am, had lower expectation. I was impressed with the flavor and strength. It is a good strain and I'm glad I ordered it!

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Red Congolese

One of my favorite flowers are back!

Although my preference is extract over flower, I need to get a good strain every so often. I would like to believe I have a discerning smoker's pallette, so I don't go after every flower I see. Red Congolese is a strain like none other I had experienced before. It's body high was relaxing and my head high was quite cerebral and happy. I hope this strain keeps coming and I'll keep smoking it, in between hash bowls!

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Lavender Skunk

Lavender is a good purple!

It is a very sweet purple with a good burn. The lavender is one of those strains that I can't say no to. I am ususally a hash smoker, but I had to treat myself to a few flowers. Lavender will always be one of those that catches my attention.

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Hash Wafer

The wafer got the job done.

The Ganesh wafer was a hash that I had seen many times but had never gotten. I tried it this last time I had a delivery. It wasn't quite the burn I was looking for and was not as long lasting as I would have liked. The potency was good for what I bought and it got the job done.

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Chem Dawg Oil

A decent oil for a good price.

This oil had the right color and consistency. There was no sparks and it melted quite nicely. I used it to melt onto my chocolate thai bubble. Try it out! I highly recomend it! Oil can be messy, and I normally prefer waxes, but once you get the process down, it is quite nice!

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Chocolate Thai Bubble

A good hash to add to the mix!

Try melting some of the blue dream oil onto a patty of this chocolate thai bubble. It is rather stupendous! This bubble by itself is quite on the melty side. The flavor is subtle but the burn is good. It blends really well with other extracts for those who can help but mix their extracts.

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Romulan Full Melt

Romulan flavor, but not the greatest.

I have had this one in the past. It was not a great this time around. I normally like my hash on the granulated side, but looking at this chocolate looking extract, I had to get it. It was flavorful, but was not the experience I had maybe 4 or 5 months ago. I think there is another romulan melt available with a better effect.

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A Butter Brothers classic!

In the almost three years that I have been a patient at BPG, no edible has surpassed the strusel, for me. I have had things that were stronger, but overpowering and lacked flavor. I liked the variety they had and the dosage was perfect for me. Butter Brothers have always been a reliable provider of excellent edibles and will continue to enjoy them!

All Star Jack Frost

One of the first strains I had at BPG!

The first time I ever came to BPG, I got the All Star Jack Frost. The smell intrigued me. The crystals enticed me. They always have this strain in! It is comforting to know they always have this in. It is an increadibly heady effect that I found to be very motivating.

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Romulan Wax

I like wax! Wax! Wax! Wax!

I am a fan of melting wax onto the the bubble hash. Wax is crucial in making the hash bowl last longer. This romulan wax had the flavor while still being pretty cheap. It was smooth and had a good staying power. I've been a fan of BPG's wax for a while and am glad to see a regular return.

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