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  • Reviewed 9/13/16

Black Bar


Not consistent potency

Sometimes a black bar will weigh 114 grams and sometimes it weighs only 80 grams, even if you buy multiple black bars of the same batch. Meaning sometimes it will be 1000mg of THC and other times it will be a lot less THC. Korova has lost a patient for life. and I don't understand raising the price, Korova doesn't even test each batch for contaminants or potency. BPG should sell rivaled potency/priced to Korova to give us patients a safer alternative. Preferably something lab tested, try Big Daddy's edibles or Strictly edibles. Both companies lab test their edibles.

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  • Reviewed 3/12/16

CBD Mendo 20:1 Cinnamon Tincture

two thumbs down

When Berkeley Patients Group started carrying this product around a year ago it was 450 mg of CBD for $40. Why almost double the price and lower the potency? Berkeley Patient Group should lower the price by at least half, then maybe we'll talk. until then, I won't be buying this scam. It was great when it was potent and cheap. The taste burns.

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  • Reviewed 10/19/15

Mint Dip Chocolate Cookie


Best tasting Korova edible

Don't let the color fool you, I've heard people say they don't want to try this because it looks funny. I like the 5150 and black bar but I like this one more because of the taste. The high from this edible is always good for me. I have a high tolerance, I eat some Korova edible almost everyday. Korova edible are always potent, tastes great and a great price.

  • Reviewed 9/14/15

16:1 CBD Oil

potent cbd

I only ate one CBD capsule with this oil and it works well for me. CBD helps me with pain, anxiety, depression, sleeping and inflammation from my colitis. I'm planning on making tincture with this, maybe I'll update this review when I find out how well it works. It's a full plant extract. I took one dab and it tastes like full plant extract. that's the best way I can describe it. The color is black if you're wondering. I wish the price was a little more affordable. batch C96NC

update 9/22: I made tincture using liquid coconut oil and this hash oil. When I mixed the coconut oil and hash oil I had to apply low heat for the two oils to dissolve together. It's that easy to make your own tincture. Making my own is going to save me a lot of money. If you do make your own, just remember to shake the bottle well before using.

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Venom CBD CO2 Oil

Clean high but doesn't have a good taste

I like the high CBD/THC but the taste isn't very good, it says solvent-free on the package so I'll take their word for it. The potency is a 4-5 star but taste is 2-3 star to me. The price is good, thank you BPG/PCO.
update 9/15 I took a couple dabs this morning and it tasted better. I don't know why I was getting a bad taste, different temperatures makes it taste different. I don't have an e-nail so my quartz banger isn't always the same temperature when I take a dab. It doesn't taste perfect but I was getting a decent CO2 oil taste this morning.

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  • Reviewed 2/10/15

Harlequin Oil


real medicine

I started using CBD products the last time I had inflammation from my condition, I used harlequin oil and the Pure CBD tincture to help me get better. CBD is real medicine, it replaced prescription pills for my medical condition and that makes me happy. THC also helps so I'm glad there's some THC in the oil too. The oil has a good taste. CBD helps my inflammation, nausea, pain, gastrointestinal problems, anxiety and my mental health. It probably helps me with more but that's all I can think of now. Thank you BPG for for offering CBD products like this one.

Update 4/24: Still tastes just as good, the THC potency is high in the current batch. THC: 57.50% CBD: 32.90%

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  • Reviewed 11/30/14

Pure Veg. Glycerin CBD Tincture


works for me

The last time I got inflammation from my condition I started using this tincture as well as other high CBD bud and harlequin oil. I wanted to try CBD products before taking prescription pills and have to make doctor visits. CBD products work well for me. I'm happy that cannabis treated me instead of prescription pills, I have to take steroids when my condition gets really bad. The budtender recommended I mix drops of tincture with a drink and he was right. I've tried 2 drops under my tongue and I needed a drink to wash the taste out. It feels like there's a decent amount of THC in the tincture too. I only gave the product 4 stars because of the taste. Thank you BPG for the good CBD products.

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  • Reviewed 9/20/14

Dispensary Review:

Berkeley Patients Group

My favorite dispensary

It has been nearly 3 years of getting great priced medication and great customer service. It is the main dispensary I go to. I love sun grown cannabis and BPG has the best deals. I enjoy hash and I'm always able to find something good for a good price. They have a very wide variety of edibles. Thank you BPG for the great service and medication through the years.


5150 Bar


Best edible deal

500mg of THC in the bar (10 grams of cannabis!) If you have a high tolerance to edibles, this edible is for you. If you have a low tolerance to edibles, this might be too heavy of medication for you unless you eat very small bites. I gave another patient who has a low tolerance ~1/10 of this edible and it was too much. ~1/10 is okay for me but I eat up to ~1/4 of the bar to get full effects. This is great medication, I'm glad these exist.

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Sparkle Cookie Bites (Medical Only)


This bag could last you a good while

These are great for conserving. There are 20 cookies in a bag, 30mg of THC in each cookie. They're potent, small-bite edibles. I have a high tolerance to edibles so I prefer 2 or more cookies to get myself medicated. 1 cookie can still be good though for me. Another patient I know with a low tolerance to edibles/cannabis prefers 1 cookie. Great medication, I recommend trying these.

update 1/27: The $40 bag with 600mg was a better deal.

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