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A Different Galaxy,The Universe
December 15 ,1989
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Music, Marijuana
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nothing. I know a little about a lot, but no "Expert"
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Music, not fantasy but i do make music
I go weak in the knees for:
Cute Girls with Natural Beauty.....and a GREAT KUSH
My most prized possession is:
My very first notebook, has ALL my poems from my start of writing at age 12
Lately I've been recommending:
people to take a puff and chill out, life is hard yes, but its only harder if you sit and complain about it, do something or shut up but dont blow my high
I really need to cut back on:
Sodas,,,,more water
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Oct 2010
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  • Reviewed 10/10/10

Top 3 For Sure

Seeing as i am from and currently live in Oakland, Harbor is the closest dispensary to me. It was the very first spot i visited. EXCELLENT ...check in for first timers isnt as short a wait as i have had but it isnt terribly long maybe 10-15 minutes because its not just signing papers but they have a guide that will show you the layout of the place before you get to buy your meds which is really helpful.....the selection is ALWAYS good, i have yet to walk into Harbor and walk out unsatisfied. the top shelves are a lil expensive but the quality is worth it by far. The ambiance is real chill, they always got some dope instrumental going on in the background that is real calming especially when the line is long (and it DOES get long, especially on weekends) ....edibles are top notch, and the concentrates are heavenly. the staff there is real friendly altho lately i have noticed some of the new hires arent as knowledgeable as the rest or the past ones, but if you know your stuff you will be fine regardless.....definitely recommend this place if your in Oakland...even if your not still stop by.

  • Reviewed 10/9/10

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Soo I've only had my patient card for not quite a year, but I've been to dispensaries all through the bay area as well as northern and southern california and i must say Medithrive is the best one that i have been to by far. Dont be fooled by the size of the outside because once you step in, you enter this real zen enviroment. Real great ambience, and the check-in was really fast and easy. The staff was the best part, not only knowledgeable but really friendly and easy to connect and communicate to on more than a "worker/patient" basis which is great in my book. They have a good selection of some top shelf stuff for good prices, better than I've seen for the quality. The only edibles i have tried there are the A.D. choco truffle and the Rasta cookie which are great selections. For my first time i received a joint that i smoked first and it was a great intro to the rest of the meds i got there. Even tho this place is a good 40 minutes from me and a bridge definitely going here regularly. Highly Recommend this spot!

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Berkeley Patients Group
2366 San Pablo Ave. Berkeley,
Harborside Health Center - Oakland
1840 Embarcadero Oakland,
1933 Mission St. San Francisco,