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Hey Everyone, we're now accepting new members! We have some snazzy new website features that allow patients to join our Cooperative. Also, existing VRC members can now update their delivery address and Therapeutic Cannabis Recommendation expiration dates as well. And don't forget you can order online through our site as well. Check out our member page here.

VRC Expedited Delivery 

The Vapor Room Cooperative now offers delivery from 11am to 8pm, 7 days a week. Existing members (currently SF addresses only- soon to expand) can place an order by calling us at 415-626-2100 between 11am and 7pm or by ordering online at Please have your VRC Member ID available when ordering. Delivery is free though we require a $50 minimum order. Your order will arive to you within one to two hours. 

New Medicines

Exciting times are upon us here at the Vapor Room Cooperative and in the medicinal cannabis industry! There has never been such an abundance of high-grade medicine and we understand that during this fruitful era there are so many options to choose from when it comes to strains and the sources you obtain your medicine from.  For the last six years we have been recognized among the leaders in the frontline of the bay area medicinal cannabis scene. That is why we pride ourselves on our ability to select strains of the finest quality. We meticulously scrutinize all of the medicine that we carry using the highest standards. If one of our member vendors does not meet our strict quality control requirements, then we are forced to turn away that batch of medicine. This consistent practice allows us to curate our selection to accommodate your various medicinal needs with several classic favorites and new and exciting strains you may have never heard of.



The Vapor Room Cooperative of San Francisco is incorporated under the Cooperative Corporation laws and regulations set forth by the State of California. Accordingly, the Vapor Room Cooperative conforms to ALL City and State laws and regulations governing Cooperatives as well as Medical Cannabis Dispensaries.

The Vapor Room Cooperative of San Francisco is a Medical Cannabis Dispensary committed to serving member- patient needs with the highest level of compassion and professionalism. We strive to provide the finest quality medicine in a safe, relaxed, and comfortable environment. We are committed to establishing a healthy and caring community by educating our members and the public about the benefits of therapeutic cannabis. The Vapor Room Cooperative advocates compassion, tolerance and understanding towards people from all walks of life. We also understand the intrinsic need for communication between doctors, patients and cannabis providers in order to effectively serve the diverse needs of our members. The Vapor Room Cooperative is also an accredited business with the Better Business Bureau [BBB]. 


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Sticky Guide Special!

Mention this Sticky Guide Coupon when ordering online at or by calling 415 626 2100 and you'll receive a free hand roll joint with your delivery order. No need to print it out, just mention it. 

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