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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 8/15/13

Dispensary Review:

BASA Collective

Best Value in SF

BASA is unique to most San Francisco dispensaries in that it consistently has a large selection of low cost medicines that are still really good quality - 1 star for that. Most SF shops have mostly higher priced strains and I don't blame them as the rent ain't cheap in this city, but BASA manages to cater to patients looking for lowered priced options as well top shelfers. I also like the staff who always seems friendly and runs an efficient line that can get busy - two more stars for those notables. I also like the no frills layout. You walk in and the budtender is right there on the other side of the glass. And they're on Divisidero in an area with terrible access to the other San Francisco dispensaries especially after the closing of Vapor Room - so another star for safe access in a much needed part of town. Check out BASA if you're looking for a good deal on meds or find yourself in their neighborhood. 4 stars!

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  • Reviewed 6/24/13

Dispensary Review:

Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals

Santa Cruz Represent!

A friend suggested Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals when I was visiting Santa Cruz last week and in need of some top shelf medicine. He claimed they were the best dispensary in Santa Cruz.

And , boy was he right on with his recommendation. Finding the place was a snap and parking couldn't have been easier with a lot right next door.

I was checked in within a matter of minutes and welcomed by the staff whom I found to be exceptionally friendly and quite knowledgable about their meds.

And what's most important to me at any club? The medicine. And it was no doubt on par with any of my favorite dispensaries in San Francisco. I checked out their beautiful hand drawn menu board and had a hard time narrowing down my selection amongst all the gems currently in-stock.

I heard they had the FIYAH in SC and Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals represented to the fullest as I walked out with insanely dank nugs.

I definitely have a reliable go-to spot for when I'm hitting the beach down south.

Big thanks, guys! Can't wait to come back!

  • Reviewed 3/14/13

Dispensary Review:

Igzactly 420

Quality Spot Near the Financial District

Igzactly 420 is quality dispensary serving patients in an area with few other choices for medical marijuana. The store is clean, modern and spacious and the staff is really chill.

They have a wide variety of flowers and it's all priced on a flat rate which is really cool. I haven't had a chance to dabble in their concentrates, but they look delicious. And they're also carrying a nice line of edibles.

Overall, it's a respectable club and in an underserved area. Check 'em out!

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  • Reviewed 7/31/11

Dispensary Review:

Green Door

Major Improvements Worth Noting

I went to the Green Door a few years back when I first got my doctor's rec and I didn't like it so much. The vibe was pretty cold with budtenders not being very friendly and thick bullet proof glass separating you. I also thought the medicine was medium grade high production hydro and I wasn't that impressed.

Fast forward to this past spring and when I found myself around the Moscone Center in need of medicine and decided to give the GD another shot. Boy was I glad I did. The bullet proof glass was still there, but just about everything else about my first experience had changed.

First, they now have these extremely cute and friendly female latina budtenders that really know their medicine. I'm not someone that rates a dispensary on the looks of their female staff, but I gotta admit these girls are one of many reasons I come back to GD.

Second, the medicine is exceptionally good, a lot of it is tested, and they seem to have their best strains in stock 4 out of 5 time I go there. It can be hard to find a dispensary that is able to keep their best strains in stock.

Third, they now have a huge medication lounge next door. It's really big and comfortable with huge window, lots of seating, and complimentary gear to medicate with.

I'd give this place a fifth star if they expanded their menu to include more high grade strains, and remodeled to get rid of the bullet proof glass, but overall, I'd def check this place out if you're in the area.

Candy Jack

Green Door

If you like Jacks, you will LOVE Candy Jack

Green Door has absolutely nailed it with their sativa strain Candy Jack. I'm not sure of the genetics, but it's Jack Herer crossed with something awesome. The flavor is sweet mixed with spicy Jack flavors. It is very energetic and keeps you ultra focused on whatever you're doing. You can medicate in the morning with this stuff and have zero burnout. It's sort of the perfect sativa. Oh ya, the buds are so caked in crystals you'll need to scrub your fingers after tearing off a nug. GD seems to have Candy Jack in stock pretty consistently and it's always tested, so go get yourself some!

  • Reviewed 7/21/11


If you live anywhere in Nor Cal and you've got your rec , you owe it to yourself to visit Harborside at least once. It's sort of laid out like a bank where there's a single line that feeds over 10 different budtender stations at a long counter. Each station has a glass case that displays all of the medicines. Their selection is large and all very high qual. Almost every medicine is tested with its results displayed in the case. The staff is extremely professional but still warm. That really describes the whole place: extremely professional but still warm. They also have a lot of services available, but I haven't used them yet. When you go to Harborside you feel proud to be a patient.

  • Reviewed 7/20/11

Dispensary Review:

The Apothecarium - Castro

New Boutique Dispensary Does Not Dissapoint

I found out about this spot from a girlfriend that had found it on accident last week and said it was worth checking out, so I made the trip over to the Castro to see for myself. The space is very clean and comfortable - definitely has a boutique vibe that I dig. They opened a few weeks ago, but already have a stocked selection of buds and edibles. The staff was hella friendly, knew their meds well and was willing to answer all my questions (and I had a lot). All buds are capped at $55 and they have choices down to those on a shoestring budget. Plus everything is weighed out by hand - love that. I walked out with a couple top shelf grams and I've been stoked about the quality. Looks like SF got itself a new 5-star club in town! Definitely check this gem out before the whole city finds out : )

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