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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 10/18/10

Dispensary Review:

Vapor Room

Everyone Should Experience the Vapor Room

I hope every patient in California gets to experience the Vapor Room. From the moment you set foot in this place it almost feels like a dream. There are vaporizers on every table. They recently remodeled and have custom woodwork built-out throughout the shop. There's a large bathroom that's always clean. The medicine is consistently good and it's all priced the same. And, they are truly compassionate services and have a legit commitment to medical marijuana (read their web site). And don't corner this place into some Haight street stereotype. All kinds of people are patients here. You'll feel welcome no matter who you are.



Vapor Room

Goo is Good

At the suggestion of the Vapor Room budtender, I picked up a gram of Goo on my lunch break yesterday. I don't like the indicas, especially really heavy couch lock strains, but I've been overly anxious lately due to work and personal issues that I feel like my mind is running on overdrive constantly. I have a hard time calming myself down at the end of each day and the little sleep I get isn't very restful. I figured it was time to try an indica in the evening to get my anxiety under control.

I explained to the budtender my issues and he pointed to the jar of Goo sitting on the counter. All the medicine at Vapor Room is top shelf and the guys and gals working there really know their menu. I trust them and this suggestion of Goo wasn't any different.

This Goo doesn't have a very strong smell until you pinch the buds and a sweet jammy aroma comes out. I wish that jammy smell carried over to the taste, but the bud gives more of a light minty flavor on the inhale followed by a hashy aftertaste on the exhale. Really the taste turned out to be secondary, because the effects of this medicine were perfect for my needs.

On the first inhale I felt a calming weight come across my face and chest. On exhale, it was like valve had been opened in my core and all the anxiety that been building since the moment I woke up started draining out of my soul. I know that sounds sort of corny, but it's true. It's really amazing that marijuana provides this sort of relief, but I digress.

One thing I like about the Goo is that you can finely control your dosage. I know Vapor Room rates the strength of this medicine as a 3, but I actually think it's more of a 2, which I prefer. With a 2, I have much more control of my dosage. I started with an initial hit, which gave me the anxiety draining effect I described. I enjoyed the calming effect of that hit for at least 45-minutes before I took a second hit. Now with most of the anxiety gone, this second hit started to make me more drowsy, but not in a couch lock sort of way … more like it's getting near bed time and I'm starting to get a little sleepy, a little quiet … a milk and cookies sort of feeling, if that makes any sense. This feeling started to prepare me for sleep. I eventually took a third hit which really started to make me feel lethargic and I fell asleep soon after. I slept great and awoke the next morning more calm than usual.

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