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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 2/3/12

Omicron Cartridge

Vapor Room

Nice oil but leaks like crazy

This one had a nice taste and high but unless I stored it upright and held it upwards when hitting, it would leak out all over my lips. I would suggest the pre-filled norcal carts. My favorite so far is the blueberry.

  • Reviewed 12/28/11

G'man's Refill WhiteWidow

I agree, don't waste your money

I tried these out a while back and while they were producing a lot of vapor, they were not potent at all. I puffed and puffed on it until it ran out, which was pretty fast I might add, and never even felt a head change. If you want carts that actually work, head over to vapor room and get some NorCal Cartridges. They are the first I've had that are worth the money, hands down. Oh well, at least they tried.

  • Reviewed 12/28/11

Atmos RX Hybrid Cartidge

Vapor Room

Awesome carts!

I really liked the indica, hybrid, and sativa carts from here but they also had one called BHOmber and a Grape one that I liked even better and were priced lower than these! I think it is because they use butane extracted oil rather than CO2 like these ones. Either way, they were all awesome and I will definitely be back for more once these are all burnt out.

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Atmos RX Indica cartridge

Vapor Room

Finally a good cartridge!

I have been a bit discouraged with pre-filled carts since I bought my atmos until I got my hands on these! Very potent and smooth and seem to last a long time, considering I still haven't finished one yet! Good stuff vapor room

  • Reviewed 11/9/11

Dispensary Review:

Silicon Valley ARC

Nice Place, Great Meds

I went into this dispensary and was pleased by how nice the people were and the atmosphere. The selection of top-shelf meds was very nice and included some almost black gdp that looked and smelled great but I ended up getting some kandy kush and it was incredible. I will definitely be returning

  • Reviewed 10/21/11

G'man's Refill GDP

Waste of money!

I tried all of the flavors for this vaporizer as I felt is was the lowest priced one out there. It was definitely too good to be true. The flavor tastes like grape "tasty-puff" not gdp and the high is basically non-existent. After about 20-25 puffs the cartridge was burnt out and never once did it get me high.

We apologize for your negative experience. Most members, and budtenders, have enjoyed the GDP cartridge. It may have been a defective refill. Let us know next time, we will try to give you a better experience with your THC stick and refills! Thanks for the feedback, HeadyEddie.

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