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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 7/22/10

Dispensary Review:

Vapor Room

Wow! Wow! Wow!

This place is hands-down the best dispensary I've ever had the pleasure of visiting. Vapor Room should be the blueprint on which all other dispensaries are modeled.

The feature that really sets Vapor Room apart is their medication lounge ... one of the few remaining in California. The room is setup like a coffee shop with communal tables where you can medicate with fellow club members. Vaporizers and glass bongs are readily available complete with alcohol swabs to sterilize the pieces.

In the back part of the room is the trade area. Vapor Room usually has 8-15 flowers evenly split across sativa, hybrids, and indica. Everything is top shelf, rotates regularly, and is priced fairly at $15 a gram or 4 grams for $55. That's right ... no eighths at this shop.

The overall energy amongst patients and staff at Vapor Room is really positive. I have found all the staff to be especially nice and reasonably helpful in recommending medicines that meet my needs. And all the patients are extremely friendly giving the place a genuine family vibe.

Vapor Room really gets the big picture, providing a comfortable medication lounge with top quality equipment, a selection of high quality medicines priced lower than most other dispensaries in California, and really cool people on both sides of the counter ... and yet there are so many little things that also set this dispensary apart from the rest. Vapor Room has always been exceptionally clean every time I've visited, including the spacious bathroom that is available to the public. Custom carpentry adorns every corner of the dispensary, crafting bookshelves, trade room counters, and cabinetry that really adds to overall ambiance. Free filtered water and tea is provided for patients. A small library of cannabis books can be read while medicating and board games are available for play. You can even use the medication lounge without making a purchase.

I can't say enough good things about this place. Just go and check it out for yourself. And fellow dispensary owners, take note ... the Vapor Room folks are doing it right.

  • Reviewed 7/19/10

Dispensary Review:

Grass Roots Collective

One of the Best in SF

Don't be put-off by the fact Grass Roots is located smack dab between the Tenderloin's fire department and Divas transexual strip club. The guys at the dispensary actually keep a watchful eye on the block and I've never felt unsafe coming or going.

Grass Roots' storefront used to be a pub and they've kept and refinished a huge wooden bar that spans one side of the room and really sets the ambiance. They recently put in a beautiful copper ceiling and molding along with green velvet wallpaper. It's really a cool decor and shows these guys take pride in their business.

From behind this bar, three to four budtenders serve patients. Bar stools are laid out in front of the bar where you can sit and browse a restaurant-like menu that lists Grass Roots buds, edibles, clones and whatever other goodies they might have in stock. There are many selections for high, mid and low-grade shoppers alike. Buds are weighed by hand and they're willing to sell odd weights like half gram and half eighth. You definitely get the feeling all the staff are good friends and it rubs off on the vibe of this place. The budtenders are always lively, in a good mood, and really helpful in guiding you through their current inventory.

Grass Roots will continue to get my business because they consistently have the top-shelf selections I'm looking for, their location is quick and convenient, and the folks working there are genuinely nice and eager to help me as a patient. Highly recommended ...

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