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SF Bay Area
SF Bay Area
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Oxygen, water, regular feeding, sleep
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armchair psychiatric diagnostics
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traveling back in time to photograph extinct species
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my camera
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that people pour themselves a nice hot cup of STFU.
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Nov 2013
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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 12/8/14

King Louis XIII

Perfect nighttime medication

I have a really hard time finding a strain that helps me sleep. This one is awesome. I vape a little and within 20 minutes I'm off to sleepy land. Helps relax my body and soothe my mind. I highly recommend it.

  • Reviewed 6/28/14

Dispensary Review:

Purple Star MD

Nice, friendly vibe, but there's room for improvement

I went here a few months back. It was a pleasant enough experience but I don't know how often I'll be going back. The doorman was very welcoming and friendly, the registration process was simple and quick, every employee I encountered was very pleasant and they had a great selection of medication.
That said, the vibe in the place was a little too much like a college dorm room for my liking. The budtender could have done a better job - this person was friendly enough, but didn't know much about the strain I was enquiring about., didn't clean the measuring container out before weighing out my purchase, and used their bare hands to get the medicine out of the jar. Maybe it's me, but that seems a bit sloppy and unhygienic.
Again, very nice, welcoming, positive vibe to the place but it's not my first choice for a dispensary.

  • Reviewed 6/28/14

Maui Waui

OMG!!! This stuff is the best!

I picked up 1/16th of the legendary Maui Waui yesterday afternoon. Now I know why it's legendary - anxiety relieving, energizing but not aggressively so, mood brightening and it tastes and smells terrific. A great sativa for late afternoon/early evening, it starts with an energizing lift, followed a few hours later with a mellow afterglow, segueing into a restful sleep. I'm going to go back today to buy an 1/8th. Hope they haven't sold out!!!

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  • Reviewed 5/19/14

Durban Poison

THE Perfect Daytime Medicine

Durban Poison is great for someone with health issues like me - Bipolar, ADD, Anxiety and Muscular-Skeletal Pain. It helps me to be focused and organized without feeling edgy or impulsive. It has a strong anti-depressant effect, so not only am I able to concentrate on completing my tasks, I also feel pretty chipper while I doing it.

  • Reviewed 2/24/14

Dispensary Review:

Vapor Room

Excellent Service

I can't say enough nice things about the Vapor Room. The staff is pleasant & knowledgeable, their flowers are top-notch, delivery is prompt and discreet, and they have very generous daily specials. They have their "stuff" together and it shows.

Super Lemon Haze

Vapor Room

My New Favorite

Uplifting, relaxing and tasty; this medication is perfect for a lazy afternoon. This is not a "clean all the things!" sativa strain. It's more of a "get out of the house, visit your friends, take a walk in the park" strain. It's great for taking anxiety and depression down a couple of notches, so that you can enjoy the present.
The smell is great (lemony with a hint of garlic) and it tastes like candy.

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  • Reviewed 1/14/14


The first thing that hits you is a wonderful citrus scent, followed close behind by delicious flavor. It's so yummy that I am tempted to smoke it all day long ... not necessary, as it is plenty potent for a CBD-rich strain. Mildly euphoric but not enough to hinder day-to-day tasks. Headaches melt away, nerve pain recedes, anxieties are calmed - that combined with the delicious flavor makes it a perfect daytime med.

  • Reviewed 12/22/13

Dispensary Review:

The Apothecarium - Castro

Love this place!

First off, it is beautiful inside! For someone like me who had to buy medicine on the street for much of my adult life (and the icky feelings that go along with that experience), going to The Apothecarium is a treat. The door staff are friendly and professional. The budtenders are friendly and very knowledgeable.
The pace is pretty brisk (there never seems to be a quiet lull when I've gone) but IMHO it's because the place is so damned popular. There might be places in town with cheaper medicine but for me the experience of being in a friendly, well-appointed space (no shady vibe from the staff, no bulletproof glass) is way more important than saving a couple of bucks on my medicine.

Girl Scout Cookies

The "go-to" strain for getting stuff done

GSC is great for being productive. It is both calming and focusing. Not the most social strain; it makes me want to be a busy little worker bee and get stuff done instead of lounging around and chit-chatting. It can be a little intense; go light until you know what your tolerance is.

Last edited by Echolalia on 12/22/13 at 7:35 AM Pacific

Lamb's Bread

YMMV (Your Mileage May Vary)

The common opinion on this strain is that it is uplifting, stimulates creative thought and lends itself well to creative activities. Unfortunately, it had the exact opposite effect on me - I felt anxious, negative, paranoid and too overwhelmed to accomplish much of anything. I spoke with another MM patient who just loooves this strain - for him, it works as described. I wouldn't be surprised if it's that way for the majority of MM patients.

Hence the advice that "your mileage may vary" - if you're like me and have a strong tendency toward anxiety, pessimism and depression, this strain may not be the greatest choice for you. I had better luck with Girl Scout Cookies and Red Congo.

My advice: if you really want to give this a try, buy a gram and see what it does for you. Apothecarium carries this stain regularly so if you really like this one, it will probably be there on your return visit.

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  • Reviewed 12/10/13

Afgoo (Full Sun)

Great PM medication

I've tried a few different strains of Cannabis for my insomnia and muscle pain. Afgoo is absolutely the one that works for me - I'm chatty & relaxed for about an hour, then I'm out like a light until morning.

  • Reviewed 11/18/13

Pink Lemonade

I keep coming back to this one

I recently started looking for a strain that could help me with my constant case of "analysis paralysis" - not being able to get anything done because I can't figure out where to start. This medicine is perfect for me. The "little haters" (hypercritical thoughts) in my head finally STFU and let me get s#*t done, I feel cheerful and elevated but I'm still capable of having a normal conversation.

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