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  • Reviewed 5/5/14

Berry White

Great price for an excellent strain

Berry White is a fantastic strain that you should try if you haven't. This place doesn't have the best batch I've ever seen, but for $12/gram it's very good.

The pungency in bag is understated for what's usually a pretty stinky strain, a common problem with stuff from here. But it smokes great and has all the potency of the better-cured, more attractive batches available at other dispensaries.

A good deal from a really fast, friendly place with some unfortunately inconsistent product.

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Berry Dream


Pretty much what you'd expect for $15/8th

This stuff isn't very potent, but if you like smoking lots of joints and need something cheap and abundant this might do the trick.

The smooth, bland smoke matches the mild vegetative smell in the bag and is pleasant enough. Mild, mostly cerebral effects felt roughly five minutes after use.

Older smokers who feel like "weed is too strong these days" will likely enjoy the mellow high, but I still think they could find something with a more appealing flavor and appearance that would fit the same bill.

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  • Reviewed 6/13/11

Dispensary Review:

Tea House Collective

Excellent medicine, moderate hassle.

If you enjoy high-quality, low-cost, outdoor medicine and long, frustrating games of "phone tag," the Tea House Collective is the ideal provider for you. Tea House Collective could be a really great delivery service, but it just isn't there yet. To their credit, they are going through a transition in management, so maybe they will get better once everything has settled.

Don't get me wrong, their medicine is fantastic—the one order I was actually able to get from them, a 1/2 of Purple Afghani (see my review), was pretty incredible—but it took me nearly two weeks to actually get the thing.

In fairness, they added some extra weight to the package as compensation, but it was still an incredibly long, aggravating process of constantly checking in with text, voicemail and email.

I would have probably overlooked the first delivery fiasco if my latest attempt to get some more was any different than the last.

It isn't.

I placed an order about three days ago and have heard nothing back. I have left emails, text messages and voicemail, all to no avail. I'm being generous with the stars because their medicine is very strong and inexpensive, but it sucks that actually geting some is such a hassle.

Calling phones nobody answers and leaving texts and voicemails that take days to get responses to is not very fun. I really hope the guy running Tea House, who seems genuinely nice, can get his act together and make the service more accessible/less mysterious.

I've got an order placed for 1/4 of Bubble Bath. If I ever get it, I'll be posting a review.

UPDATE: Well, I did get my Bubble Bath and, as expected, it was pretty fantastic. It didn't have quite the same hashy kick as the Afghani, but it definitely delivered a solid, Indica-dominant wave of relaxation and pain relief that came on a little slow but lasted for a long time.

Since depleting that, I picked up some Mango, which was not incredible as far as aesthetics/aroma went, but which did provide pretty consistent, long-lasting effects.

All-in-all, I've got to hand it to this place. They aren't fast, but they are getting faster, and their medicine is reliably strong and pleasant to smoke. So, I've added a star.

It's hard to say if any care provider I've dealt with deserves a perfect five-star rating––The Vapor Room comes pretty close, but their prices are kind of restrictive, although I believe they have recently lowered their weekend prices.

At any rate, THC offers well-cured, potent cannabis for prices unheard of on the brick-and-mortar dispensary circuit. I would check them out if I were you.


Purple Afghani

Tea House Collective

Good medicine, great price.

Tea House Collective has three different batches of Purple Afghani. I purchased the most expensive one, which would have been $120 for a 1/2 but came out to $104 with my first-purchase discount. Even at full price, the cost is decidedly not bad.

The medicine has the earthy hash flavors and smell of Afghani, with a strong sweetness that is most noticeable in the jar and on the first inhale. The smoke is smooth with a slight flowery-perfume scent on the exhale.

The flowers are dense and cured to perfection, making it easy to break them down as much or as little as desired, depending on wether you plan to roll, vape, etc.

The chemical benefit is not instant but it is strong and fairly fast acting, taking full effect within five or ten minutes. This medicine is extremely effective for near-total control of everyday aches and pains (including stomach discomfort) and slightly less effective in treating severe chronic pain like the kind I have in my back.

One nice thing about this strain is that it seems to be a good choice for those with a well-developed tolerance to cannabis, such as myself. The effect was consistent and reliable, and I never found the strength tapering off because of repeated use. I also didn't find it overpowering and never experienced "couch lock" or drowsiness, so good for lucid, daytime pain relief.

All things considered, this is pretty incredible stuff. One star off, just because the bud structure and trichomes lack that certain something that makes five-star medicine, but this is a strain you should definitely try if you get the chance.

BUT, buyer beware: read my review of Tea House Collective before trying to place an order. They are going through a transition in management and getting your medicine will probably take a lot more time and effort than you realize/are willing to spend. They seem to be a sincere, compassionate operation, but getting your medicine is a total nightmare.

Otherwise, nice work if you can get it.

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