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  • Reviewed 3/24/16

Dispensary Review:

Green Leaf Express Delivery

Honest. Legit. My #1!!

Green Leaf Express has been my #1 go to dispensary service for years now. I was there their first week of business and I haven't left since. They always have AMAZING medicine and it's at a VERY affordable price. I am permanently neurologically disabled and only have a small amount of income and can promise that it truly is affordable.

Green Leaf is always there to respond if there every is a problem. In the past, there have been a couple hiccups but I know that they will take care of me. Their drivers are always smiling and discreet, never making me feel awkward at all.

They have great specials and a rotating menu that I can always find something on. Being that I have nerve damage and chronic pain 24/7, the number of concentrates and high cbd items on the menu is impressive. The Bhang chocolate is delicious and so are the specials.

Check them out; you won't be disappointed.

  • Reviewed 2/6/15

Dispensary Review:

Green Leaf Express Delivery

Early online orders get zero priority!

I have been patient with this dispensary since they opened shop. I know they open their doors at 12 noon to start their deliveries. but when I was told that early online orders would to get preference over phone orders coming in at noon. i just called to see what the ETA would be and I was quoted 2 and a half hours! This is not ok. If you told patients to order online because it was faster and we'd get our medicine in the first delivery of the day since I placed the online order at 9:30am - WELL before doors open. when I called I was treated like it was my fault or something, needing my meds sooner than a 2 hour + delivery time. I don't know what's going on up there with management, but DO NOT promise patients an early delivery if ordering online before doors open and calls pile in at noon. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT OK TO TREAT YOUR LOYAL PATIENTS LIKE THIS. Sorry to think this may be my last delivery from you...

  • Replied 2/7/15 by:
  • Buzz

We're terribly sorry to hear that you had an unpleasant experience from your order. We appreciate your loyalty as a patient and providing us with the opportunity to do what we love and to serve our patients. We do our best to get deliveries out as soon as possible and our dispatcher usually gives an estimated time of arrival with a cushion to ensure we aren't late and so our drivers arrive safely. Our "actual time of arrival" generally ranges between 15 minutes to 1 hour on average but unfortunately, we occasionally run into factors that do not permit us from meeting these standards. We want to wish you the best of luck and hope that you'll give us that opportunity to better serve you in the future.

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  • Reviewed 2/15/13

Dispensary Review:


VERY disappointing for a loyalist.

Dear Ryan or any other upper-level management:

This is an open letter to you regarding my most recent visit to SPARC SF.

I have been a very loyal patient, signing up within your first week of operation. Lately I have been having more problems than help and have actually never felt as small and inferior as I did yesterday. It was a little after 11.30 or so and my Father who happens to be my caretaker came in with me to get medicine. Business as usual, Alexandria is an angel. Having a little time, we decided to sit for a bit. My dad had some tea and helped me with one of your volcanoes -- I have little stability with my fine motor skills.

Everything seemed to be fine; we sat, talked and discussed future doctor appointments. We were rudely interrupted by the in-house security warning us that our “half our was up and we had to pack up and leave.” We looked to our right and not one single volcano was being occupied nor were there patients waiting in line for medicine or a vaporizer. Knowing we were going to leave within 10 minutes anyway, we packed up and turned in our vape kit.

I explained my issue to the front desk attendant who was very empathetic and understanding. He told me to wait for Harley, the manager at the time. I had an issue with him in the past and nothing was done about it. Aside from this, I explained the issue at-hand. His two responses were that, “people in the past have over-medicated and passed out” and that “the 30 minute rule was there to give other patients a chance to use the volcanoes.” I politely told him that I have a legitimate physical ailment and have been a returning patient at SPARC SF since the first week of operation. I explained I have a high tolerance for pain due to the nerve damage caused by having spinal surgery to remove a tumor from the inside of my spinal cord and in addition, I had my care taker with me at the time to watch over me. Harley still would not say anything helpful, apologize, or even take a note for a suggestion. He didn’t even seem to care when I said I have a legitimate physical neurological disability that is now most likely permanent. I hope I never have to see him again.

I totally understand that if it was busy and patients were waiting in line for medicine while others were in line for vaporizers, the 30-minute rule is completely valid. Under this circumstance I usually don’t even use the volcanoes.

Using the volcano yesterday for 31 minutes or so was perfect for me and I would have left within 5 minutes. I did not have to be warned and kicked out by security, especially when the house was empty! Talk about rude… it almost felt like discrimination. Security could have been doing something else to help instead of throwing around power as does Harley.

I told Harley that its a shame he is never any help and that it was sad that SPARC SF has gone down this far to lose a LOYAL patient. As I walked out the door, there was still no one at the “volcano lounge” or waiting to use it.

Very disappointed,
Andre S.

  • Reviewed 7/8/12

Dispensary Review:

Grass Roots Collective

NOT for patients who are in pain and need meds ASAP

I have been to Grass Roots a couple times - last year. Today (7/7) I tried walking in, but was not allowed, EVEN AS A PREVIOUS PATIENT. They needed to validate me AGAIN because they have NO INTERNAL SYSTEM whatsoever. The past couple years I have been dealing with extreme nerve pain affecting my whole body and fine motor skills. Because I have a primary doctor, one I see once a month, they are not open Saturdays. The doorman said if I went to the "pay for rec" doctor I wouldn't be having this trouble. I was completely shocked. How could they turn a previous DISABLED patient away? Why couldn't they look me up in their system? Why couldn't they accept my recommendation when there was proof on my paperwork that more than 3 other dispensaries PREVIOUSLY VALIDATED that same paperwork I brought in today? The giant doorman who suggested I go to a green doctor was very unpleasant. The manager on-hand today was also not helpful. I can not believe a dispensary who does not have a database on their patients. Instead they go for a orange sticker that is placed on your paperwork -- which could be removed and placed on someone else's. Ridiculous.

They have lost me as a patient (I'm only 29,) and I will tell everyone I know about the GRASS ROOTS DISSERVICE I experienced today. You guys should be ashamed of yourselves. These kind of systems level problems are one of the MAIN REASONS DISPENSARIES ARE BEING CLOSED ALL OVER THE STATE.

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