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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 6/6/14

BK Raspberry Shortbread

Vapor Room

tasty but weak

This edible certainly went down easy, very tasty, but I have to say that I never really felt like it had much medicine in it, hence the low rating. I ate the whole thing at once on a mostly empty stomach and there was barely a blip of high. A few hours later I gave up, went home, and just took some medicine via my lungs. 624VE

Oh no! We are sorry to hear this didn't work out for you. There could be an issue with your tolerance and BK edibles. If you're looking for a 2 dose edible that packs a punch, we recommend any of our Welcome OM truffles. They are 2 doses each (2 truffles to a package, for a total of 4 doses). The peanut butter Welcome OM truffle won in the High Times Cannabis Cup

  • Reviewed 5/24/14

Dispensary Review:

Vapor Room

Friendly, fast, quality medicine

I was going to take a star off because signing up to be a member was difficult, due the website form not working. BUT, after contacting them via email, they were super supportive and helpful and got me a membership in less than an hour, so that gets them the star back, excellent customer service! The low-end Indica medicine I bought was nice & soothing and they gave me a little extra, I guess for my first purchase. The delivery guy was also pleasant and someone I felt comfortable with. Delivery was within 1.5 hours. My only complaint is the minimum $50 for a delivery. I hope once they get going they can lessen that amount. I used to go to the retail space and just get $20 worth when I had it, sometimes $50 is a lot to blow at once. I won't take a star off just cause I'm a poor sunuva though, have loved Vapor Room a long time! 624VE

Thank you so much for the review, you have been entered into this week's raffle 5/27 (we are tossing around ideas to help with delivery minimums!)

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Vapor Room
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