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  • Reviewed 7/6/12

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SBJ Organics (Sweet Baby Jane)

Rare Rock Star Quality Medication

I’m a little hesitant to write this review, but not for the reasons you might think. I don’t want to share. I don’t want too many people to know about this resource, as I don't know if the owners will be able to keep up with demand once word spreads.

This is NOT domino’s, deliveries can take longer than expected to reach you. The person who delivers your meds is also one of the people who prepares them. These people grow your medicine, and are VERY caring in their customers satisfaction and needs. If you have any questions, they take the extra time to go over what meds are available, and again when you receive your order.

If you do not consider yourself a snob who seeks out the best wine/beer, food, or cannabis, you might be happier with a larger dispensary. I highly recommend Vapor Room (they also deliver in SF) and Sparc. There are others that I have heard are good as well.

Now that’s out of the way, let me recommend to you what I consider the best dispensary available, delivering RARE & Rock Star quality meds.

Sweet Baby Jane just goes far above and beyond what they are capable of doing for a couple of reasons... they are small, owner operated, and cater to the more discriminating tastes.

I really did not know what the difference, or if there was any benefit between Hydroponic and Organic. I learned pretty fast between deliveries from Sweet Baby Jane when I picked up my meds at the Vapor Room (which I still like, and HIGHLY recommend).

The smoke and flavor is really THE huge difference. I don’t know if I can accurately articulate it. I’ve had the same strain (Vortex) from both Sparc and SBJ. What is missing is like trying to describe the difference between tasting food when you’re sick with a cold or a flu, and the same food when you’re feeling fine.

Favorites are but not limited to: Baby Poo (consider it a dark beer, in it’s taste and body in smoke, more like a cheese when vaporized), Wonka’s Bubbalicious, ANY of their “bomb” varieties (from space, tiny, to the incredible Candy bomb), Girl Scout Cookies are unusual, and smell like a mildly flour (as in the baking flour) baked good. Power Kush really packs a serious punch, and Sugar Punch is an awesome bedtime smoke.

It’s as if the joys of the candy store from youth and the medical needs of adulthood have come together here under the wizardry of the growers. There’s a lot of science involved, it’s not just luck.

So, if you want something special, or you just think your meds can be better, I’d suggest signing up and placing an order with SBJ.

I’m almost leaving out the most important part. The flowers (buds) are not just the only thing worth getting here. The edibles are GREAT, I’m in love with their peanut butter cups, the gelato was tasty and powerful. The concentrates at SBJ are not to be missed if you need something stronger. Exotic and Wow are all I can really say here, something I haven’t tried a lot of, but if you’re looking for concentrates to smoke, this is the place.

If in doubt, just tell them (and I would recommend doing this regardless of where you are), what you need help with (pain, sleep, etc), and Christian will match you up with meds that will do the job and then some.

Last but not least, give plenty of time for SBJ to deliver to your door. Any sort of traffic delay, or extra time spent with a patient talking about the order will ripple through the rest of the day, and it’s going to happen. So, be an adult, plan ahead, have a backup (Vapor Room delivers too, Medithrive does too from what I understand), and you won’t look back.

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SBJ Organics (Sweet Baby Jane)
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