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  • Reviewed 1/16/11

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Lifted Health & Wellness

Favorite Delivery Service

I've been a member of Lifted Health & Wellness for nearly 3 months and have had barely any inconveniences with their service.

Staff: 5/5 - I've always ordered online and usually receive a phone call within 15 minutes to confirm my order. The girl on the phone (whose name I forget) is extremely polite and is very helpful. The two delivery guys whose names I've never asked (don't know why) are great also. One of the delivery guys also makes the edibles which I thought was awesome. Meeting the person who makes the edibles makes the whole experience more personal (imo). Great, great staff.

Service: 5/5 - Although I've had a couple of minor problems when ordering from Lifted, I'd still praise them for service. You can order your meds through the phone or online. I've only ordered online, which probably is the reason why I've had minor problems.
Signing up and the verification process is quick and easy. I did this online and received a phone call to confirm everything and was able to make my first order within an hour.
The online menu is great and easy to use. They also post pictures and a descriptions of their strains on the menu. They also now have daily deals which they post on Facebook and Twitter.
A couple of times the prices on the menu weren't updated or working properly (Showed price as $0.00), but that's reasonable due to the fact that they probably are still updating and working on their website. Also, a couple of times I've had to change my order (when they called back to confirm my original order) because they ran out of a strain and their online menu wasn't updated. Another problem that I've encountered only once was that they didn't confirm my order till a half an hour after I ordered. Because of this, I didn't receive my order until an hour after they confirmed my order (so 1.5 hours from when I originally ordered) which wasn't that bad since I wasn't running on a tight schedule or anything.
Other than these very, very minor problems, their service is awesome. Easy/Fast sign up and verification, delivery within the hour, delivers outside of SF, easy to reach and helpful staff, and they deliver on electric scooters to be more eco-friendly. OH, and you receive your meds in jars.

Quality : 5/5 - Bud quality is great. Harvested on time, cured properly (received dry bud once), and smells great. Nothing really has stood out to me compared to other dispensaries that I've ordered from/been to. No complaints really on the quality.
Price: 4/5 - Usually have eighths starting from $35-$50. Sometimes they even have eighths as cheap as $20 (seen this once or twice), but of course that was because those strains weren't as potent as the others. Just wish they capped their eighths at 40 or 45.
Variety 4/5 - They usually have at least 10 strains, but there was a week where there were maybe only 5 or 6 strains available. Don't really have a variety of hash or concentrates available. Usually, if there is any hash, they'll have Blue Dream pressed kief. So not really a place to look to if you're looking for hash/concentrates.
They usually have at least 3 different types of edibles which are 4 doses each. I usually buy a chocolate masher which tastes delicious. Not the most potent edibles, but better than a lot that I've bought from other dispensaries. They also sell Sweet Relief medicated drinks (never tried them).

OVERALL, there's just so many positives about Lifted Health & Wellness that the minor problems I've encountered don't affect it's overall rating. Great staff, service, meds, and daily specials. Lifted is a growing delivery service and will only get better.

Overall, Lifted is my first choice when it comes to ordering meds. Great staff, great service, great buds.

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