A Guide to the StickyType Cannabis Classification System

StickyType is a medical marijuana classification system that StickyGuide created to help dispensaries and patients easily identify common traits in cannabis. The StickyType for a flower can include four indicators: strength, type, flavor and density. A subset of these indicators can be used to classify other types of medical marijuana like concentrates, edibles, seeds and clones.
StickyGuide StickyType Medical Cannabis Classification System

An example of a StickyType indicating a highest strength, sativa dominant hybrid with a sour flavor and fluffy density.

You can utilize the StickyType indicators in several ways at StickyGuide. When a dispensary posts a new medicine to its StickyGuide menu, it can include a StickyType for the medicine, so you can quickly and easily identify its characteristics. You can also filter a dispensary's menu by StickyType or even search all the menus in your area by StickyType. For example, you could filter a dispensary's menu to only display sour flavored sativas with a moderate strength and fluffy density. Likewise, you could search all the menus in your area for medicines with these characteristics.

Also, when patients post medicine reviews to StickyGuide, they can specify a StickyType for the medicine. This information can be helpful in gathering additional assessments of a medicine's traits independent of the information provided by the dispensary.

As patients become more experienced with medical cannabis strains, they typically form a preference to certain medicine strengths, types, flavors and densities. These preferences can be defined as a patient's StickyType. When you sign-up as a user at StickyGuide, you can declare your preferred StickyType in the sidebar of your user profile page. Adding this information allows StickyGuide to recommend medicines that suit your specific tastes.


StickyGuide StickyType StrengthThe Strength indicator defines the medicine's potency on a scale from 1 to 3 with 3 being the most potent. When medical marijuana is more potent, less needs to be consumed to attain a desired effect. Also, a more potent medicine's effects typically last for a longer period of time than less potent medicine.


The Type indicator classifies the plant from which the medical marijuana was derived as being a sativa, indica, or a hybrid of both indica and sativa. This indicator provides a general understanding of how the medicine might affect you.

StickyGuide StickyType - SativaSativa medicines typically have a cerebral effect. They can elevate mood, enhance creativity and increase concentration. Sativa medical marijuana strains have an energetic quality, making them a good daytime medication. However, too large of a dosage can induce anxiety in some patients.

StickyGuide StickyType - IndicaIndica medicines typically have a physical effect that some patients describe as a calming, heavy weight across the body. They can reduce pain and nausea, and are known to stimulate appetite. Indica medical marijuana generally has a sedative effect that can serve as a sleep aid.

StickyGuide StickyType - HybridHybrid medicines are created by crossing the genetics of a sativa and indica plant. A hybrid classification is typically applied to medical marijuana with a blend of 50% sativa and 50% indica, but can also be applied for hybrids where the sativa/indica ratio is unknown. The indica presence in a hybrid can cut the edge of its sativa-based stimulating properties, and add a physical component to the medicine's effects. While the sativa in a hybrid can counter the sedative effects of the medicine's indica presence, and add a cerebral dimension to its qualities.

StickyGuide StickyType - Sativa Dominant Hybrid
Sativa dominant hybrid medicines have a stronger presence of sativa and its characteristics than of indica.

StickyGuide StickyType - Indica Dominant Hybrid
Indica dominant hybrid medicines have a stronger presence of indica and its characteristics than of sativa.


Flavor describes the taste of medical marijuana when smoked or vaporized, and is grouped into four categories.

StickyGuide StickyType - Sativa
Sweet flavored medical marijuana can include medicines with sweet fruit flavors, citrus fruit flavors, floral flavors.

StickyGuide StickyType - Sativa
Sour flavored medical marijuana can include medicines with sour flavors, earthy flavors, woody flavors, hashy flavors, chemical flavors, skunk flavors.

StickyGuide StickyType - Sativa
Mint flavored medical marijuana can include medicines with herbaceous flavors, dry flavors, mint flavors.

StickyGuide StickyType - Sativa
Spicy flavored medical marijuana can include medicines with spicy flavors, pepper flavors, garlic flavors, bitter flavors.


Density grades the cure and construction of medical marijuana.

StickyGuide StickyType - Sativa
Dense describes medical marijuana that is tightly constructed and heavy in weight. Medicines classified as dense are typically the most desirable form of medical marijuana.

StickyGuide StickyType - Sativa
Fluffy describes medical marijuana classified that is less compact in construction and lighter in weight, and is often cured to contain more moisture.

StickyGuide StickyType - Sativa
Crunchy describes medical marijuana that contains very little moisture. Medicines with a crunchy density can crush into a powder when broken apart.

When evaluating a medicine based on its StickyType, remember that these classifications can be subjective. One patient may react differently to a medicine than another, so it's important to always medicate in small doses when trying a new medicine, and realize that your experience could be different than others that have used the same medicine. The StickyType should never be construed as medical advice or used as a substitute for professional medical treatment.

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Posted 1/9/11 by:
You guys should consider including these descriptions in the product pages, rather than just codes.

So, on, instead of just saying Pineapple is "Type H" and leaving the user to go find to understand what Type H is, say right on the product page that Pineapple is Type H, which means xyz.

Don't use codes if you don't have to. Or do, but also include something for people who don't know the codes. Or at the very least, include a hyperlink to the page that explains the codes.

But thanks for a great site :-)
Posted 1/27/11 by:
Big help right here.
Posted 1/28/11 by:
Afghani Hamerhead or Landrance Afghani with a Narcotic Quality for severe
Nociceptive pain or Nerve pain
Posted 2/3/11 by:
Can some any one infortm me of where I can obtain a perscription for medical mariquana. Or a docter that will give me a refferal. I need it for consentration and live in the dc area
Posted 2/4/11 by:
Matt La Grasso
I am glad to find this website. I am a Medical Marijuana Lawyer in Michigan and its been tough finding websites with credible information like this. Matt
Posted 2/24/11 by:
Very good site,,.I'll smoke to that.
Posted 2/27/11 by:
Posted 3/8/11 by:
thanks! I appreciate Sticky Guides Informative WebSite.....
Posted 3/10/11 by:
Thanks stickyguide...very helpful.
Posted 3/11/11 by:
Has anyone know of any type that helps fight Cancers, Thyroid, Lymphetic, etc...
These codes do help for staying awake or going to sleep and the such.

Great Job!!
Posted 3/28/11 by:
good info and with the knowledgeable consultation help FWC offers, I can choose meds that I need more effectively. thanks stickyguide
Posted 4/4/11 by:
dwight joseph
fwc has the best selection in the area and looks like they will need to expand soon
Posted 4/30/11 by:
I like your site and your classification system. My caregiver's site displays their current inventory on your site in sort of a frame on their site. (see Having never been to your site, I was immediately confused by the tiles and the abbreviations used.
Example, tile shows a giant H (for hybrid) and immediately below says type... Type...
Big letter So with the word taste immediately below.

The density classifications are equally confusing and having never been to your site I felt it was fairly useless at first. After navigating to your site and playing around it still took me a while to find link / info / pointer to this classification system guide.

To improve user experience I suggest either spelling out the meaning of the abbreviation on the tile itself. Giant H with the word hybrid immediately below, Big So with the word sour immediately below OR providing some sort of legend in the page header.. small but clickable for better view?

I dig your site and wish you the very best of luck. Thank you very much for your work.

Posted 5/4/11 by:
Totally agree with post #1 Donal, on putting these on the front page! :)
Posted 5/17/11 by:
theres no ruderalis..
Posted 6/13/11 by:
I'd like to get information on growing the strains as well.
Posted 6/23/11 by:
Looking for a good Doctor at Kaiser....420 freindly & all.. help?
Posted 7/20/11 by:
Cannabis Marajuana is the best weed u can smoke .
Posted 11/13/11 by:
i think its just amazing cause not only is there no hyperlink from the actual product to this page, but this page's pictures arent even there - so i have to basically guess everything even tho i found the "guide" -- quite frustrating
Posted 11/17/11 by:
can i buy some off line
Posted 11/25/11 by:
This sounds great! I will be over to see you soon. It's hard to get good Indica. Not every place has a good selection. Can't wait to taste. My regular place is BASA which I like a lot. I want to check out The Apothecarium soon. Also, If businesses don't want to fight the Feds maybe they should stay off tv. No reason to aggrevate them. Mr. Obama call them off! Many of us are Democrats who vote.
Posted 11/15/12 by:
I wish I could buy a t-shirt from a dispensary. I could show it off in rural Indiana. Size 3x hint hint. Google my email and you will find me easily. :-)
Posted 1/13/13 by:
Business Bill
Love this site. Love this system.
Posted 4/10/13 by:
You guys rock!! This site is going to save my life. Thank you!!
Posted 6/20/13 by:
;) thanks for this! very informative!
Posted 11/17/13 by:
Very happy to have came across this website, I'm a firm believer that everyone should have access to information about medical marijuana and be able to discuss with others
Posted 3/13/14 by:
Awesome site... I need help obtaining products but I am in Alabama, trying to help my Veteran husband... PTSD, TBI, Anxiety, Depression and Fibro.... can this be done... I'd be so grateful for some guidance.... trying to take care of him like he takes care of myself and our 3 boys
Posted 8/27/14 by:
Does anyone know of a San Jose dispensary where Butter Brothers Maple Nut Caramels can be found?
Posted 9/20/14 by:
Not able to smoke but looking for drinkable meds in the bay area
Anyone know where to purchase
Thanks in advance
Posted 4/5/15 by:
I need it for pain and sleep
Posted 5/1/15 by:

Great information!
Posted 5/4/15 by:
i am very interested in trying medical weed for severe depression, chronic back pain, and anxiety, but I have no idea where to begin.
Posted 8/10/15 by:
Tom pasquinelly
I have had 2 spinal surgerys and need your input fort pain ! Please you can contact me through my e-mail Thank you! TP
Posted 9/12/15 by:
Thanks for posting this, but it took me forever to find it, and could not understand the rating codes without it. Would be great if this could be integrated somehow into the review pages so that codes are clearly explained there. Thanks!
Posted 9/28/15 by:
i had polio from age 3 till 6, it left me with a curved spine and weak right leg. I know that good weed helps with the pain but I can;t use it . not just the law I can't come up with the price for the
good kind that truly helps me.
Posted 5/11/17 by:
All the letter code images should be linked to this page, so when you're looking at the product, you click on the box with the letter in it, and this page opens --- maybe in a popup or new window so you don't get lost? Something .... cuz this is super helpful and yet so hard to locate!!
Posted 9/6/18 by:

Personally I dont like marijuana (as far as getting high) but I do take CBD! They have lots of different ways of taking marijuana/hemp products that dont involve getting high! Just want people to realize this fact. It has many marijuana/hemp has medical benefits beyond the "high".. I take cbd daily by tincture. Heres an example: if anyone is interested. However there are lots of ways to benefit from the marijuana plant without getting high. I guess that's just my little public service anouncment haha.

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