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91LIFE PREVIEW: Gemstone - Medithrive, San Francisco

This Medithrive exclusive brings together Northern Lights, Skunk #1, Lavender, & Sour Diesel to form something truly greater than the sum of its parts. The flowers pack a brilliant exotic essence reminiscent of many of the avant-garde European hybrids built from skunk & NL breeding lines during the 90′s. One can appreciate the delicate & harmonious balance of Gemstone’s rich heritage, with characteristics of each parent genotype making a strong presence in its remarkable flavor & effect. Lavender & Skunk #1 seem to dominant Gemstone’s exterior while its internals ooze a tantalizing ‘sour fuel candy’ effervescence. Among the most magnificent & unique hybrids I’ve scene or smoked in a long time; an absolute must try for any NorCal chronnoisseur!

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