San Francisco Bay Area's 2013 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup

The High Times Medical Cannabis Cup returned to the San Francisco Bay Area this weekend. Our pals at the marijuana reviews web site 91LIFE were at the Cup and have a complete list of the winners.

Special congrats goes out to several StickyGuide friends that took home honors at Sunday's award ceremony …

Santa Cruz Mountain Naturals grabbed 1st place in the Sativa flower category making all Santa Cruz dispensaries proud.

Leonard Moore Co-Op reminds us that Mendocino dispensaries are alive and well, taking 2nd place in the Sativa category with their Red Dragon flower.

1st place in the Indica category was snatched up by Berkeley Patients Group with the Bay Area favorite Girl Scout Cookies.

Newcomer Sovereign Wellness Center wins 2nd place in the Hybrid category with their Phish OG.

And right behind Sovereign was Los Angeles wunderdipspensary Buds and Roses' Veganic Platinum Girl Scout Cookies taking 3rd place Hybrid.

Head over to 91LIFE to get the complete list of winners and check out ongoing coverage this week on adventures at the Cup.

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