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StickyGuide Launches Limited Alpha Release, Full Site to Arrive in August

After over a year of hard work, we’re proud to unveil the Alpha version of This initial release of StickyGuide has been opened to a limited group of users, providing them tools to register user accounts, personalize their profiles, and begin submitting reviews for dispensaries and medicines.

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StickyGuide Launches in Bay Area

After over a year in development, we're excited to unveil to the Bay Area our first full release of StickyGuide is a new web offering that allows patients to browse a directory of medical cannabis doctors, dispensaries and medicines in their area, as well as write reviews of these businesses and medications. Unlike similar sites available online, StickyGuide is custom built software developed from the ground up with tools and technologies designed specifically for medical cannabis patients and businesses.  As a result, we offer the most advanced and intuitive online tools available to medical cannabis community today - all presented in a brand that's professional, accessible and helps further legitimize cannabis as a medicine and professional industry.

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