This Week In 91LIFE: March 10th, 2013

91LIFE's marijuana reviews for the past week make me sad for those that don't live in a medical cannabis state. We are so blessed. Read on for the deliciousness ...

Clouds Of Purple OG Full Melt Hash from BPCC

Purple OG full melt hashish is deliciously common at Berkeley Patients Care Collective (BPCC) & the Crewe at 91LIFE just can't get enough of this OG Kush and Urkle hybrid.  Any interest in clear domes, puddles of melt, and expansive clouds, my friend?  Well then, follow us to the ice wax funk!

Bubble Man Talks Bubble Hash & Bubble Bags

91LIFE had the opportunity to sit down with Bubble Man the creator of the oft-lauded extraction products dubbed "Bubble Bags" to talk cultivars, Bubble Hash, award-winning cannabis breeding, and share insight into the trappings of the underground marketplace.  If you like your marijuana concentrated, you're going to LOVE this Bubble Man interview!

91LIFE in LA: The Real's Sour Diesel Solvent-Free Extract

There's a wave of artisanal quality, all natural non-solvent extracts, making its way into marijuana dispensaries up and down the west coast as evidenced by the stellar quality products recently displayed at the High Times Cannabis Cup.  Sour Diesel from The Real in Los Angeles was a blonde leader in the therapeutic charge.  Be sure to check her out!

Skunky Bouquet Leads 91LIFE To Amsterdam

Our resident 'Cannabis Savant' followed his nose to cream soda paradise wrapped in a Classic Amsterdam flower from CBCB.  Check out why we're big fans of the elite cannabis genetics consistently offered to Berkeley patients by CBCB.

Sour OG Full Melt: Two Old Legends Combine Forces

Lime and dark cocoa scents rise from the nail after a dab of Sour OG Full Melt Hash from Berkeley Patients Group.  Any combination of OG Kush & Sour Diesel that is well crafted is worthy of 91LIFE's full attention.  Head over to BPG to grab a gram of Sour OG for your head stash!

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