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91LIFE PREVIEW: Bwanana - SPARC, San Francisco

A true connoisseurs sativa, Bwanana (Sweet Skunk x Maui Haze) is developing a cult following among Bay Area chronnoisseurs in part to its vintage skunky essence and soaring cerebral high. Reportedly bred out of the Bay Area in early 2000's, Bwanana started showing up at dispensaries regularly in late 2009 where it's become a mainstay at SPARC. Everything about Bwanana is a throw-back to the early skunk/haze hybrids that dominated the mid-90's, from the exotic bouquet, to the 'bright buzzing' high. Bwanana seems to strike a perfect balance of phenotypical characteristics that speak to both its haze and skunk ancestry. Many of the most revered european breeding projects of the 90's were based around melding together skunk and haze breeding lines, but few strains express their ancestry in such a raw and unadulterated form as Bwanana.

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91LIFE PREVIEW: Platinum Cookies - Green Door, San Francisco

This batch of Girl Scout Cookies is notably denser than most other batches I've sampled recently. The flowers have gorgeous calyxes covered with beautiful hues of lavender and jade. The scent of the bouquet is exotic and complex, with notes of varnish, fuel, and sweet pastries. I really appreciated the outstanding cure of the flowers, which broke down to a fine dust. Extremely viscid to the touch, this is some of the stickiest flower I've handled in months. Break it up free-hand and your fingers will be caked over with a super sticky and extremely pungent resin. I couldn't help but sucking the funky Durban essence off my fingers (I know, I'm terrible). 

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