91LIFE PREVIEW: Dream Queen - The Apothecarium, San Francisco

The ApothecariumPRODUCT
Dream Queen

The Apothecarium, San Francisco

Sativa Dominant (S+I)

Grapefruit, aloe vera, menthol candy, perfume, white tea, sage, car freshener, clean, mellow, fresh

Super frosty, well-cured, menthol effervescence, tall semi-transparent trichomes, orange pistils, abstract calyxes, light stems, clean fast burn, white/grey ash, wispy thin vapor

Spacey, uplifting, euphoric, energizing, creative, joyful, trancelike, positive, well-being

Mood elevation, energy elevation, appetite stimulation, nausea relief, stress relief

The Apothecarium is a class act all around. From their sophisticated storefront to their highly knowledgeable budtenders, they have all the intangibles needed to help patients navigate their superlative selection of medicine. Dream Queen has become a mainstay at bay area dispensaries since the the new year, and for good reason.
Dream Queen
This batch from The Apothecarium represents one of the most remarkable & refreshing versions of the variety I've sampled to date. The flavor is a true testament to its heritage; ocean spray bliss via Space Queen ... hazy aloe vera essence courtesy of Blue Dream. The experience is a two part tale starting off with a crisp and graceful high that lifts the spirits, then transitioning into a powerful and fulfilling sense of euphoria. An ideal selection for patients looking for something that's both uplifting in nature & therapeutically viable.

- lifeboy916

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Posted 6/27/12 by:
Looks delicious! Excellent review : )
Posted 6/27/12 by:
Looks like some FIRE...definitely stopping by to check it out!
Posted 6/28/12 by:
mmmm sounds tasty
Posted 10/13/12 by:
Zahirul Islam
Dream Queen looks like ummmmmmm.

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