Jah Cookies

Jah Cookies is a mostly even hybrid that combines Girl Scout Cookies with Jah Goo (the genetics of Jah Goo are unclear, it's possibly Purple Jasmine and Afghani Goo, or simply Light of Jah crossed with Afgoo). Between the Cookies genetics and the Jah x Afgoo genetics, there's a lot of relaxation in what is actually a nicely balanced strain, one that highlights effects from both its Sativa and Indica lineage.
The nugs are lime green, with darker emerald sugar leaves. The pistils are rust-colored and plentiful, as is the heavy trichome coating. The medium-sized buds are solid but not super dense, with a delicious, sweet piney smell. The flavor is a little bittersweet, but smooth and mild.
The high from Jah Cookies is an excellent combination of light, cerebral uplift and creative, easy relaxation. There's a dreaminess from the Cookies genetics, but it's matched with the clearheaded, energizing effects from Jah Goo. This makes for a nice daytime choice that will leave you feeling inspired and alert, but relaxed and mellow. The wonderful feeling of relaxation is complimented by a surprisingly sharp uplift, more than most Indica-dominant strains. With a great flavor and a crisp high, this strain is a phenomenal choice for fun in the sun!

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