Azure Haze (S/I)


Azure Haze uses almost the same genetics that created the legendary Blue Dream: Blueberry x Super Silver Haze. The difference is in the phenotypes--Blue Dream was created from an f5 Blueberry, while Azure Haze used an f4. This may not seem like a big deal, but each generational phenotype can have different properties and effects--in this case, the Azure Haze is feels more Sativa-heavy, with the Haze effects coming through clearly and a less dreamy high than Blue Dream.

Our buds look excellent and smell delicious; the buds are small, solid and tea green in color. They smell sweet and earthy, with a hint of diesel citrus. The flavor is smooth, slightly sweet and full-bodied. With a lip-smacking herbal flavor, you'll be amazed how tasty each toke is!

The high from Azure Haze begins with a bright cerebral blast. The Haze effects are noticeable--there's an uplifting euphoria that's almost psychedelic. You'll feel a tinge of body high, but the Indica effects will continue to creep into the high as time goes on. While definitely Sativa-heavy, this hybrid has a long-lasting high that will leave you more and more relaxed. The focused, energizing effects from the Haze genetics will keep you clear and active while the Blueberry will leave you relaxed and comfortable. Perfect for creative and active afternoons, this is a great value on great medicine!

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