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Introducing Lifted Health & Wellness

Lifted is dedicated to improving our members lives by providing extremely high quality marijuana products directly to your door in a discrete and safe manner.

We test all of our products for safety and potency.

Please visit our website for a more up-to-date menu.

We offer discounts to Veterans and Senior Citizens: 10% off all medications. Available every day.

We offer In-patient Hospital Discount Program: 10% off all medications. Available every day.

Questions & Answers

Is it discrete?

At Lifted, we understand the need for discretion, so all billing and shipping is done under “Lifted Health & Wellness”. We realize that many medical cannabis patients have friends, family or employers who may not understand the laws or the medical benefits of cannabis. As such, they do not wish to visit a dispensary due to the stigma of being a marijuana user, despite the fact that they need the medicine. Discretion and privacy are paramount in Lifted’s objectives.

How can it save me time / Is it convenient?

We save our patients the time and hassle of going to a brick-and-mortar dispensary. Our patients order online and it’s delivered next-day, simple as that.

What are your delivery minimums and last calls?

Delivery minimum is $35 until 8PM. After 8PM delivery minimun is $40, and you’ll receive your order in 45 to 90 minutes anywhere in San Francisco. Order online or over the phone. 

Sales Tax?

We charge basic California tax on all items. 


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