Banana Sherbet


Genetically speaking, this one is tricky. The Sunset Sherbet lineage is certain, but the Banana genetics are unclear. The effects we noticed in our staff testing, however, leaves us confident that the other parent of this strain is simply Banana Kush. That's not a bad thing though--the result is a phenomenal, even hybrid that's relaxing and uplifting.
The buds are incredible--they're a luscious olive green with plentiful tan pistils and a heavy frosting of trichome crystals. The aroma is sweet and fruity, with banana Kush flavors that are even sweeter and more appealing when breaking open a nug. The smoke is delicious too--smooth and mild, it's slightly sweet with a lip-smacking creamy flavor.
The high has a wonderful, relaxing euphoria and a focused, energized creativity. It begins with a light body tingle and a euphoric rush; as the high progresses you'll feel more and more relaxed, but not knocked back or spaced out. Instead you may want to dive into an art project, a new song, or intellectual pursuit--this is wonderfully balanced medicine, ideal when you want to be relaxed but productive, focused but not buzzing. A great choice for getting fun things done!

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