Jack's Cleaner


The history of Jack's Cleaner goes back to a mid-90's unknown strain--some mix of Pluton, Northern Lights, Lamb's Bread and Purple Haze. That strain was simply called 'Cleaner' due to its piney smell. This was crossed with Jack Herer to create the powerful, sativa-heavy plant we have today. Expect the sativa elements to shine through (maybe 80:20 dominance) and while you'll find a nice, relaxed and mellow element to the high, it's mostly cerebral uplift, with a strong buzzy, spacey euphoria.
The first wave of effects can be surprisingly spacey, with a strong creativity component as well as a nice, easy uplift. You may feel yourself drifting, but you will also feel energized, relaxed and peppy. This isn't a full sativa but it's pretty close, and it's also surprisingly strong as well. This makes it a great daytime strain for enjoying an afternoon in the sunshine or working on an art project.

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