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  • Reviewed 11/5/18

Chemdawg 9th Gen.


One of DC’s Best Strains

This is an updated review I did in August 2017.
The new Chemdawg 9th generation is a big step up from batches past. The flowers in my eighth were
dense, sparkling, with an even more dank, diesel fuel funk smell than before. You can see, smell and taste the difference in this 9th generation. I’ve had several versions of this strain elsewhere, but AltSol’s Chemdawg is the best. It’s my go to strain for everything.

Here’s the original review:

“Chemdawg is simply amazing. It competes with most of the expensive 'top shelf' medicine offered. It is very strong - an excellent pain reliever and mood enhancer. Chemdawg is highly euphoric with a significant body effect as well with absolutely no couch lock. This hits all of the points for me - it is uplifting, but if I need a rest it is is relaxing (but not at all sleepy). I would recommend this for patients who need nausea and pain relief plus it is a great appetite enhancer and mood lifter. My favorite strain of all time. It is electrically heady/body buzzy. - a potent strain that can get intense quickly, depending on your tolerance. This is one of Alternative Solutions best hybrid strains.

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  • Reviewed 10/24/18

Specialé: Mango Crush

Excellent Sativa- leaning Hybrid

Mango crush - one of Abatin Wellness’s Specialé offerings brings a potent multiple terpene entourage with the smell of fresh cut mango! . I like to get spaced out in the evenings. Mango Crush puts me into orbit. Time stops. Any heaviness from a busy work day is erased. I feel warm and euphoric in both head and body. Excellent! Thank you very much Abatin Wellness!

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Specialé: Wifi Nigerian

Best Sativa in DC

Abatin Wellness always graces us with a wide variety of high quality strains with beautiful flowers that are impeccably manicured. The Specialé line takes this quality to the next level with unique phenos that exhibit multiple high terpene content.
WiFi Nigerian is a strong sativa with a gently motivating energy and happy euphoria that slowly fades into easy going feelings of ease, warmth and Well-being. There is a nice body effect that Chemdawg fans will enjoy. It has a delicious lemony earthy fuel aroma and taste. Try this - the Best Sativa in DC currently - before it is gone!

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  • Reviewed 8/24/18

Valley Girl



An elevating euphoria - not overwhelmingly intense but enveloping nonetheless - mellow, positive, happy vibe great for anxiety and stress as well as creative endeavors. It does bring on some relaxing body effects after 60-90 minutes making it suited for late afternoon/evening use. Great for mixing with other strains as well!!

  • Reviewed 8/10/18

Kashmir Black #3 3.7 g

Strong & effective

Kashmir Black is the strongest strain available in DC. I’ve had strains with higher THC levels but nothing comes close to this. It has a very euphoric, relaxing head and body high that creeps up in intensity and settles into an almost narcotic-like effect. The pain relieving qualities are fantastic and the chill, yet warm euphoria caps it off perfectly. I had a hard time getting motivated, so use this in the evening or when the schedule is cleared. Try it and I think you’ll agree that this is the strongest, most effective strain in DC. right now. Also the aroma and taste are complex and intriguing. Abatin Wellness gets the gold medal on this one!

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  • Reviewed 3/28/18

Lemon Cookies

Lemon Cookies

Lemon cookies is a great end of day strain - it has a wonderful euphoria that uplifts me first then relaxes me with a nice body warmth about 90 minutes after. Really nice. The high is deep and complex - good for creative work. The buds are dense and frosty as well. Another winner from Abatin Wellness!

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  • Reviewed 10/18/17

Fruity Pebbles OG


Delicious smooth sweet fruity taste that eases me into a very dreamy, airy euphoric place. This packs a punch. It puts a big smile on my face and corrects any blues or bad vibes. Get ready to smile, giggle and chill without getting too sleepy. For me it is the ultimate hybrid. Thanks Holistic Remedies!

  • Reviewed 8/23/17

One of DC's Best

Chemdawg is simply amazing. It competes with most of the expensive 'top shelf' medicine offered. It is very strong - an excellent pain reliever and mood enhancer. Chemdawg is highly euphoric with a significant body effect as well. This hits all of the points for me - it is uplifting, but if I need a rest it is is relaxing ( not sleepy). I would recommend this for patients who need nausea and pain relief plus it is a great appetite enhancer and mood lifter. Alternative Solutions does it again!

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  • Reviewed 8/18/17

Durban Poison

Espresso shot w/out the jitters and crash

Durban Poison is the purest feeling Sativa I have ever experienced! It has a get up and go effect that will cut through any fog. It's effects are clear, focused and energetic - sure to lift any blues. The motivational feelings are strong - it's like having a shot of espresso but without the jitters and crash. This is also good to mix with other strains. Tasty too! Thank you Alternative Solutions!

  • Reviewed 8/10/17

Sunflower Green 3.6 g

Sunflower Green

Sunflower Green from Abatin Wellness is an ocymene dominant-terpene offering that gave me a balanced feeling-even, clear, slight uplift and some nice relaxed euphoria and body buzz/pain relief. Also noticed a waning of seasonal allergy symptoms - less sneezing, nose and eye irritation which returned after 4-5 hours, then lessened considerably after vaping again. It's potent for sure. My packet had some very nice medium sized trichome covered buds. I recommend this to anyone looking for a strong, clear, even feeling with a nice euphoria to lift spirits with the added benefit of pain and sinus relief. This terpene specific line lets you target your needs and desired effects with a custom mix.
If you try this or other strains I encourage you to submit a review to benefit the entire NHHC community. Doing so provides valuable information about your experiences which help other patients find the correct strains for them.

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  • Reviewed 7/26/17

Specialé: Pineapple Sorbet


Top shelf from Abatin

Speciale´ Pineapple Sorbet, part of the new top-shelf line from Abatin Wellness, is absolutely gorgeous! My 1/8th oz. consisted of 3 large, dense light green buds with an abundance of red and orange hair and covered in trichomes that sparkled in the light. The taste for me was smooth and pleasant and packed strong, uplifting, euphoric high that was chill -not sleepy- at the same time without making me tired later. This is one of the best sativas I have ever tried - great for creative times and exploring nature with an overall happy vibe. I'm getting this one again.

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  • Reviewed 4/10/17

Sunflower Gold 3.6 g

A Lemony-sweet Sativa

Dense little buds covered in trichomes. Sunflower Gold is strong medicine. You can really smell and taste the citrus terpenes in this. Uplifting, happy and heady. I like the idea of customizing different terpene components depending on your particular needs. Well done Abatin!

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  • Reviewed 3/1/17

Come join the NHHC family!!

NHHC is the best dispensary in Washington DC. Here's why:
They helped me obtain my MM card, going over each step - even took my photo and delivered it to expedite the licensing process! When my card arrived I went for an informative orientation and learned about all of the various types of product they carry. After answering a few of my questions, my budtender asked me what kinds of conditions I have and what my needs are in order to choose a sampling of strains with my $100 Welcome credit! The strains were chosen with care and my budtender explained each strain to me in detail which are presently my go-to strains.
Speaking of strains they always have a wide selection with monthly and holiday specials as well as online ordering ( free pre-roll with each online order!) and the lowest prices of all the D.C. area dispensaries, plus they take Credit Cards. NHHC is always clean, stocked and beautifully organized and I am warmly greeted by name every visit. I thoroughly checked out the other dispensaries and in my opinion, this one has the best of everything I need. They are a couple of blocks from the metro and bus stops are less than a block away. The entrance is discrete as well.
If you are looking for a dispensary you need to take a look at NHHC. It truly is the best dispensary in DC. Come join the family!

  • Reviewed 2/12/17

G Pen Elite

love my G Pen Elite

I've had this unit for a year and I love it. The design is nice - compact and easy to hold, adjustable temperature, auto shut-off after 5 minutes - nice, large chamber which holds ¾ of a gram which and is perfect for sharing with a friend or for a long solo session, easy to clean as well. I get about 10-12 sessions per battery charge. The only negative is that you cannot replace the battery, however after a year of multiple daily use I have not noticed any power degradation.
I always get a smooth and tasty result from the Elite. I like the ability to adjust to lower temperatures which result in very intense terpene flavors - great for exploring different strains. It fits in a pocket or bag easily and discretely. So far it is the best portable vaporizer under $300 that I have experienced.

  • Reviewed 1/17/17

Rutherford B. Haze Tincture

My daily go to for the work week

This is perfect throughout the work day. It evens out the bumps without affecting productivity. For me 6-8 drops twice a day is perfect.The CBD blankets my body in warmth and gives me a pleasant sense of well being and pain relief in my joints, reduces/eliminates my headache and the THC buzzes my head in a pleasantly blissful euphoria. Great medicine! Thanks to Michael at NHHC for this life-changing suggestion. Highly recommended!!

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