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  • Reviewed 12/18/16

Triple Cheese Moonrocks


To the moon and back

Alternative Solutions has outdone themselves once again. Their Triple Cheese Moonrocks are a dense and decadent offering that easily live up to the legend of this unique and potent product.

To begin, the packaging is fantastic - a plastic clear cylinder encases one perfect glob of the cosmos suspended on a pin for display. However, the packaging, while impressive, did made it difficult to extract the moonrock, so a patient hand is best to keep its integrity.

Once open, the scent is utterly cheese-tastic and piney. I took the advice of NHHC staff and used a sharp edge to shave little pieces off, bit by bit. This is the best and most effective method - thanks for the advice, as always!

I used a small glass pipe (pinky finger tip sized bowl) and one sliver of moonrock. I want to emphasis how little the initial dose was - this product is definitely in the category of "a little goes a long way" for novices and pros alike.

The taste, while smooth and cloyingly piney on the inhale, is harsher on the exhale (I'll venture this is the rosin component), but not unpleasant. Effects were purely indica, but without that signature couch lock feel - not what I anticipated. Instead, I felt an intense increase in relaxation and headiness that made for a very creative Saturday.

Without a doubt, Triple Cheese Moonrocks are one of the best products being offered by Alternative Solutions this holiday season. I highly recommend treating yourself with a trip to the moon and back.

  • Reviewed 12/7/16

Clear, focused and balanced

Of all of the sativa strains I've tried, Trainwreck is the best - the high is clear, focused, and balanced.

Taste is a purely pine inhale with hints of citrus on the exhale, very pleasant. Smooth, but robust, Trainwreck hits all receptors quickly, so be mindful - a little will go a long way (for me, one to two hits were sufficient for lasting effects).

For my illness, I've found that most sativa strains are too "uplifting" and can sometimes cause an increase in feelings of anxiety; however, Trainwreck is an incredibly well balanced strain without any adverse effects.

Highly recommended.

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  • Reviewed 12/4/16

Knowledgeable and friendly staff, excellent selection

I was referred to NHHC by a friend, been a patient since November 2016, and I couldn't be more pleased with my experiences thus far.

The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, you're always greeted with a smile. Strains offered are varied and plentiful and the NHHC staff provide suggestions and advice that never fail. With their guidance, I have a whole new outlook on how to navigate my illness. Thank you for what you do!

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