Jack Frost (S/I) - $30

Sun grown

Jack Frost crosses three all-time classic strains into one: Northern Lights #5, White Widow and Jack Herer. The result is a balanced hybrid that has an uplifting, relaxing high. With these impeccable genetics, expect this top shelf strain to hit you fast and hard--there's plenty of uplift, plenty of relaxation, and plenty of dreamy euphoria.

The buds are lime green, solid and fragrant. They've got a lovely dusting of frosty trichome crystals, trails of orange hairs throughout, and an aroma that is earthy, sweet and skunky. The flavor is mild, spicy and slighty sweet; it's very smooth and truly tasty!

Jack Frost will give you a solid hybrid high. Great for relaxing, this strain has stress-relieving properties but won't knock you back--though you may feel slight couch lock. You might feel dreamy but you'll feel energized also, without the racy buzz common to full Sativas. The Indica genetics guarantee both your mind and body will be mellowed out, while the Sativa influence will have your mind elevated and active. Great relaxing, daytime medicine for fun in the sun, shade, or in the sack!

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