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Red Congo is a full Sativa strain, the offspring of three landraces: Congolese, Afghani and Mexican. Red Congo is known for a euphoric, clearheaded cerebral high. Bright and uplifting, this heady plant is typically consumed during active hours, since there's no heaviness and just a slight body tingle. Energizing but calming, this strain is perfect for active hours, but without the racing buzz of other full Sativas.
Our nugs are fluffy, bright green with dark orange hairs. The smell is light, spicy, and creamy, with hints of earthy diesel. The smoke tastes smooth and bright, with a peppery, spicy flavor. The high is typical to this strain: clearheaded and uplifting. There's no knockback and little body high, but plenty of cerebral euphoria that's almost psychedelic. The high sweeps from the front to the back of the mind, and is calming while also energizing. You'll feel focused and alert with a bright, intensely enjoyable head rush. Great for daytime, this is perfect for a busy day at work or at play.

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