Candyland Cookies (I/S)


The combining of Candyland and Girl Scout Cookies has produced a versatile hybrid that deserves its place on any cannabis lovers shelf.

This batch consists of dense nugs that are a mix of pea and forest green, with plenty of orange pistils strewn throughout, and covered in a thick layer of trichomes that make the flower look almost golden. The flower has a slightly sweeter version of the telltale GSC smell with an added touch of fruit and fresh risen dough. While the smell is mouthwatering, actually smoking is the real treat. It starts with a subtle sweet fruit flavor, that slowly gives way to something reminiscent of a biscuit. While the flavors are not overly strong, they are accentuated by the exceptionally smooth smoke. No coughing here.

The effects from this strain are what you would expect given its lineage. It starts with a burst of creativity and uplift, but very quickly you feel your whole body start to relax. Any body tension you have will just melt away and you'll be left in a state of bliss. In small doses this can be perfect for social gatherings or artistic endeavors, but it may take a bit of experimentation for you to figure your perfect amount. If you do over do it just find a nice couch to relax on, some food to munch on and a good movie to watch. One way or another this is great medicine that you don't want to miss.

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