Gorilla Wreck


This classic strain is a direct descendant of the South African landrace Sativas, and is known for its intense euphoria and strong cerebral buzz. Durban Poison has been around for decades and, in addition to being one of the parents of Girl Scout Cookies, is a definitive Sativa strain in its own right. Known as a frosty plant with an almost caffeine-like uplift, Durban Poison has long been heralded as great medicine for outdoor activities, or a busy day of work or errands.

Our nugs are pungent and slightly fluffy--various hues of forest and lime green, with plenty of dark orange hairs and a heavy coating of trichome frost. The buds smell outstanding--sweet, piney with strong citrus notes. The smoke is mild and tasty; it's smooth and tastes as it smells with the addition of a subtle herbal flavor.

The first rush of effects comes with a strong lift and cerebral euphoria. The intensity of the euphoric effects increases as the head-heavy high soars into a clear and energizing place. Still, this can be a relaxing smoke with a slight body tingle and a wonderful 'floating' feeling that calms and invigorates at the same time. There is a reason why this strain is considered among the best on the planet--it's tasty, has an particularly soaring headiness--an obvious, delicious choice when you need some medicine for an active day!

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