Pink Bubblegum


The genetics of Pink Bubblegum are slightly confusing--Bubblegum itself is a strain of mysterious origin, and the 'Pink' side is probably Predator Pink x Starfighter F2--but again, nobody is certain. What it certain is this even hybrid has the amazing flavor and smell for which the strain is named--it's delicious, light and sweet.

Our olive-green nugs are rock hard, with a complete covering of trichome crystals and threading orange pistils throughout. The buds smell fantastic; they're sweet and aromatic, with a fruity and floral nose that has hints of kush. The flavor is equally impressive--it's smooth, light and mild; it has the classic, lip-smacking sweetness common to Bubblegum strains.

The high is balanced, beginning with a clearheaded, mildly euphoric uplift. At the same time, there's a ton of body relaxation--a few tokes will have you feeling really mellow but not debilitated. At the same time, the high has just a touch of spacey dreaminess; it's perfect when you want to focus but feel extra relaxed, calm and collected. The uplift won't have your mind and heart racing, but it will leave you with a creative burst of energy to keep you active during the focused, relaxing high. Great for a light day of work, or an afternoon in the museum enjoying art. Well balanced, Pink Bubblegum is simply delicious dank!

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