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San Francisco, CA
Forensic analyst (unemployed currently),artist
April 13 ,1989
Santa Cruz, CA
I can't live without:
my rabbit Arthur, mary jane, my best friends, coffee, science, karma, a skeptical view
I'm an expert at:
illustration, horseback riding, dancing to dubstep trololol, smoking ganja, intellectual pursuits, archery,other shit
My fantasy hobby is:
being a secret agent B), glass blowing, snowboarding (family hates the snow. :( ), horse trainer, fighter pilot, mercenary, old western cowboy B)
I go weak in the knees for:
scorpios, tall skinny dudes, nerds, knowledge, people who know obscure things,men with rectangular faces and super defined jaw lines(don't judge me), girls with curves and big doe eyes,people who remind me of me ahah
My most prized possession is:
my many talents- I will never not possess them. (I'm a polymath-look it up. :) )
Lately I've been recommending:
sitting down, chilling the fuck out, and smoking a bowl. Working together. Being observant of other's behavior and seeing if they're good people to keep around.
I really need to cut back on:
assuming everyone cares as much as I do, assuming everyone can just remove emotion and hyper rationalize with situations that involve them, trying to change people's minds about things-they need to make those mistakes themselves. ;)
Me described in one word:
Mad scientist. Yes, it's more than one word. I'M A REBEL LIKE THAT.
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Jul 2011
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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 1/6/12



Damn, Son!

Wow....What can I say- the man on the phone recommended Lavender or Mako Haze to me, and I chose the former. I am in love! My muscles don't feel like they are fried scrunched up pieces of bacon anymore, and I'm fairly calm and not depressed. I am also able to focus and not feel the need to multi task- so my ADHD is being treated as well. This is a fairly potent, strongly sativa, somewhat of a creeper, all around lovely medication! I'd definitely recommend it to people struggling with depression and/or ADHD! It's dreamy, ethereal, and floaty.

  • Reviewed 7/10/11

Dispensary Review:

Lifted Health & Wellness

So Legit

I have ordered from this dispensary twice. Both times I have gotten the Alaskan Thunderf**ck and LOVED it! This time, I included the coupon included on this page. They were kind enough to honor the first part of the coupon for my first delivery this time!!! That was super nice of them. :) The service has been speedy, friendly, and very laid back! This place is definitely up there with my favorite delivery services!!! I would definitely recommend this dispensary and I am definitely going to order medicine from there again!!!!

  • Reviewed 7/4/11

Alaskan ThunderF**k


Class "A" Stuff!

These flowers were very sticky- I was impressed with what I ended up getting from this place too, quantity wise! The buds are fairly dense and hard to break up- a classic scenario for this strain, or so I've heard. This has got to be one of my favorite strains, and it seems to have been cured very well- the high is extremely euphoric, which is quite lovely since I suffer from chronic depression. My neuropathic pain seems to have been relieved a bit as well, and my ADD-esque thoughts have slowed themselves slightly. This isn't the -best- medication for ADD, in my opinion, but AMAZING for depression and my PTSD. :) The smoke is smooth, and the flavor is nice- a slightly sweet, toasty flavor. Well done, Lifted!

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