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  • Reviewed 9/10/21

Golden Pineapple (SMALLS)

Great new strain

Golden Pineapple is really a heavy hitting hybrid! It is deeply relaxing with a very strong body effect. Really nice flavor, a combo between fruity and earthy. For sure should be used closer to the end of the day as it may induce sleepiness. Reminds me of Gelato, so if you like Gelato you will love this new one! Get it at TWC!

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  • Reviewed 8/6/21

Gorilla Zkittlez #1 (SHAKE)(SALE)

Nice Mild Flavor, Heavy Hitter

Gorilla Zkittles is a very nice and strong hybrid! The flavor is not overpowering and brings on relaxing feelings of euphoria and an uplifted mood. This strain would be best used after work trying to relax or perhaps before bed. Its pretty strong for a novicre, but for regular users is superb. Try it out at TWC!

  • Reviewed 1/26/21

Lee Roy (SMALLS)

Great deal!!

This lee Roy small buds are great! What a deal! Taste and looks like regular lee Roy! It’s super heavy and sleepy with excellent body affects. Perfect for insomnia or night time body pain! For the quality of bud, this is an amazing deal! Get it while it’s here!!

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Lee Roy (SMALLS)

Great deal!!

This lee Roy small buds are great! What a deal! Taste and looks like regular lee Roy! It’s super heavy and sleepy with excellent body affects. Perfect for insomnia or night time body pain! For the quality of bud, this is an amazing deal! Get it while it’s here!!

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Lee Roy (SMALLS)

Great deal!!

This lee Roy small buds are great! What a deal! Taste and looks like regular lee Roy! It’s super heavy and sleepy with excellent body affects. Perfect for insomnia or night time body pain! For the quality of bud, this is an amazing deal! Get it while it’s here!!

  • Reviewed 10/18/20

Rosin: MediHaze (SALE)

Excellent CBD dabbing option

It’s not often that I dab with CBD heavy strains, but this medihaze rosin is great. It is uplifting and energizIng yet not overwhelming. It is very physical with a strong body buzz. I did some heavy yard work and my whole body was aching. After having a few hits of the medihaze rosin, my body felt better almost instantly. Furthermore, the flavor is super sweet and hits very nicely. This is a truly excellent option for quick, fast acting physical healing!

  • Reviewed 8/21/20

Mai Thai (Shake)

Surprising heavy hitter!

Don’t let the mild smell/taste fool you..this new batch of Mai Thai is a relatively heavy, potent sativa. It is definitely on the more relaxing side, so would be great for easing daytime stress or anxiety. It is still functional however, and would be great for getting things done, albeit at a happy, relaxed pace. There is also some nice body effects which I did not expect as well. This is a strain that does not come often at TWC, so try this potent sativa ASAP!

  • Reviewed 8/9/20

Crumble: Dread Bread

Super strong and smooth

The new crumble at TWC is amazing! It has a beautiful gold color that indicates high quality. It smells and tastes super clean and it’s very smooth. Very nice flavor with very potent, relaxing results. Strong body buzz as well as some headiness. I also love how easy this is to work with, either dab it, vape it or with with some flower. This is one of the only concentrates that I would suggest hitting with flower. 10 out of 10 crumble!

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  • Reviewed 3/26/20

Super Glue

Heavy, Heavy Hitter

I love the new Super Glue strain at TWC! This is a heavy, balanced hybrid that doesnt skew too much to indica or sativa. It is right in the middle and can be enjoyed any time of the day. There is a strong body buzz as well as a euphoric yet relaxing mental buzz. Because of the physical attributes of this strain, it would be great for either day time or evening pain relief. There is also a very nice and strong gassy yet earthy tone and taste to the flower as well. Nice, new heavy hitter at TWC!

  • Reviewed 2/21/20


Happy, strong hybrid

I love this new strain at twc!! Rainmaker is a potent hybrid that is great for any time of the day. It is very euphoric, with very uplifting and upbeat qualities. This is definitely a good social strain that can easily take the place of alcohol. To me, it is similar to something like layer cake with a very different flavor. There is a nice, fruity/creamy taste as well. Really nice, huge, bright green buds with orange hairs. Great new hybrid at TWC!

  • Reviewed 2/21/20

Rainmaker (SHAKE)

Happy, strong hybrid

I love this new strain at twc!! Rainmaker is a potent hybrid that is great for any time of the day. It is very euphoric, with very uplifting and upbeat qualities. This is definitely a good social strain that can easily take the place of alcohol. To me, it is similar to something like layer cake with a very different flavor. There is a nice, fruity/creamy taste as well. Really nice, huge, bright green buds with orange hairs. Great new hybrid at TWC!

  • Reviewed 1/30/20

Lemon Cookies

Sativa that hits like heavy hybrid

This batch of lemon cookies is fantastic. Although it is classified as a sativa, it definitely hits like a balanced. heavy hybrid with a slight uplift. This is best used as an after work strain or at a time when one can take it easy and relax. There is a strong, earthy flavor with a slight lemon flavor. The flavor is much more similar to girl scout cookies than any citrus strain. There is a nice body buzz that would be beneficial to body pain. An awesome strain!

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Kryptonite CBD

excellent night time pain relief

This is a great 1:1 THC/CBD ratio strain. It is very relaxing without being a complete knock-out. While not a cerebrally potent strain, it is excellent for physical body pain. I use it for my lower back and shooting pain in my shoulder before bed. It is also great to mix with other high thc strains to get the best of the entourage effect. The taste is little to talk about as it has a very plain, earthy flavor, but it is the effect that makes a huge difference if you have pain.

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LA Chocolat

Best batch I have had

The new batch of la chocolate is easily the best it has been. As usual, it is super heavy and relaxing, but this time around, it is much more sleepy. The buds a very beautiful and covered in trichomes. What stands out to me the most is the smell and taste. While the older batches have a more earthy, hashy, chocolate/coffee smell and taste, this batch is much sweeter overall. Its more like a sweet chocolate/berry flavor. This is the best generation of la chocolate, a must try!

  • Reviewed 1/17/20

Ox (Small Buds)

Night night, very heavy indica

The ox is great for sleep. This is a very heavy indica that is deeply relaxing both mentally and physically. The affects are felt rather quickly, and should be used when ready to rest. This is also very good for pain due to its heavy body affects. The flavor is very earthy and skunky. Very tight, dense nugs. Very nice heavy indica!

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Honey Banana (Shake)

Really Relaxing, great flavor

I really like honey banana. It is surely one of the more flavorful strains at TWC, with a similar taste to pineapple. This is a very balanced strain, not sleepy but relaxing. It is good for an after work or class relaxation strain. There is a bit of body to it but its much more cerebral. It is rather mild, so would be good for any experience level. Nice new strain at TWC!

  • Reviewed 10/30/19

Bruce Banner

Really nice sativa hybrid

Bruce banner 2.0 is a relaxing yet uplifting sativa hybrid. While it has a mild flavor, smell and tasted it packed a surprising punch. It produced a nice, happy energy, with a more euphoric than focused buzz. Bruce banner 2.0 is great for a Saturday afternoon outing as well as great for people who cannot handle overly focused and cerebral sativas which can cause anxiety. On the contrary, Bruce banner 2.0 has anti anxiety properties. A good point of reference would be blue dream. Bruce banner 2.0 is a great strain!

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Deep Line Alchemy #8 (Shake)

Deep and heavy

This batch of deep line 8 is super heavy, super relaxing and super potent. It is very earthy, and unlike deep line 7, there is no hint of sweetness at all. This is a great strain for insomnia or body pain because it is very physical with a strong body buzz. This is a heavy knock out strain that when smoked at the right time, will send you off to sleep within 20 min. Super heavy strain, not for beginners!

  • Reviewed 9/18/19

Cherry Chem #7 (SALE)

Strong, relaxing indica

This batch of cherry chem 7 is really nice. It is a heavy indica, with a strong body buzz. Deeply relaxing without being too sleepy. But one could definitely get a good nights rest on this strain as well. This batch tastes a bit less diesel-like than it’s predecessor but the flavor is slightly earthy and sweet. Cherry chem 7 is very nice!

  • Reviewed 8/29/19

Savage Squeezins #15 (SALE)

Combination of all the savage squeezin in this version

Version 15 is interesting because it seems to be a mix between all three versions. It has a very mild taste and smell. After the first few hits, there is a mild, uplifting feeling. This is a very functional strain and definitely leans sativa, albeit not as much as 1 or 4. This seems to be one of the mildest versions of savage squeezin but it is absolutely perfect for going to work, school or completing tasks while remaining cheerful and in good spirits.

  • Reviewed 8/27/19

Savage Squeezins #1 (SALE)

Great Sativa...Reminds me of Orangeade

This version of savage squeezins is much more similar to #4 as it is very sativa like and upbeat. While the taste of #4 is similar to mimosa and orangeade mixed together, #1 is almost exactly like orangeade, both in taste and effects. This one is not quite as energetic as #4 to me, but more of a relaxed, happy energy. Both would be great for school or work. This one is another great version of savage squeezins only at twc!

  • Reviewed 8/24/19

Savage Squeezins (SHAKE)

The heavier savage squeezin

This version of savage squeezin is very different from the others. It’s is much heavier and hits more like a balanced hybrid. It has a very earthy, glass flavor that I associate with strains such as Girl Scout cookies, cherry pie and sunset sherbet. This version is very relaxing and would be best used at the end of a workday to wind down, get stay social and functional. This version is more reminiscent of the previous indica version. This is a fantastic phenotype of savage squeezein

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Savage Squeezins #4(SALE)SMALL BUDS

Compete departure from the old batch..super sativa

I am not sure what happened to savage squeeze 4, but it went from a heavy indica as you can see from my last review, however this new version is a super strong sativa. It is, however, fantastic. It has a flavor very similar to orangeade, with strong hints of citrus. It feels like 70-30 sativa to indica hybrid. Very upbeat and energizing but also has relaxation effects as well. This strain sort of reminds me of mountain temple and orangeade combined. This is a very dynamic sativa with a lot of character in it’s composition. One of my new top sativas at TWC!

  • Reviewed 7/4/19

Badder: Pineapple

Amazinnnggg flavor!!

This new badder at TWC is ALLLLL FLAVOR. It has literally the same taste as the pineapple flower, which is kind of rare for concentrate in my experience. It does not hit hard either--rather it is very smooth and goes down easy. The color is very light, indicating how high the quality is. Also, not to mention, the stuff is strong!! This is a very enjoyable experience and would be great for any dabber!

  • Reviewed 6/28/19

Zurple Punch

New, heavy hybrid!

Zurple the newest hybrid at TWC is super strong! This is a very heavy, indica hybrid that actually has a very similar taste to GG1 with hints of more fruit. This is a very relaxing strain that is not very drowsy but at the same time will not be best for getting a bunch done. This is more of an after work strain. It is, however, very social, especially for those with social anxiety.Very nice, bright green buds as well. Great new strain!

  • Reviewed 6/9/19

Rosin: Purple Reign

High quality, intense flavor

This purple reign rosin is the truth! It is so flavorful. It tastes just like the flower, but with a much more intense and sharp flavor. It is very smooth and easy on the throat as well which nice for a concentrate. The consistency is a bit viscous so it is best stored in the freezer and defrosted for approx 10 min before use. It is intense so only a dab or two will do ya. Also when using a dab rig I would stick to a lower temp around 580-620 in order to maximize terps/flavors. This purple reign rosin is amazing and can only be found at TWC!

  • Reviewed 5/27/19

Rosin Budder: Cookies 'n Cream

Some of the best concentrate I have had in DC

This cookies n cream budder is simply amazing. It is very high quality. The consistency is like soft honey. It is super flavorful and incredibly potent. I usually need about 3-5 dabs to feel medicated, however with this budder, one will do ya, really. The rosin tastes very reminiscent of the cookies n cream flowers but with a more intense flavor. This rosin budder is incredibly supreme in quality and absolutely rivals other great concrentates I have had throughout dispensaries around the country. Great new addition TWC!

  • Reviewed 4/26/19

Oil Cartridge: Tzoof! Hawaiian Sun

Nice new take on cartridge from abatin!

The new tzoof Hawaiian sunrise cart is really a nice new option from abatin! While some carts can be a bit intense for those who wish to medicate discreetly, this would be perfect for those who want a more mild experience. The entourage affect caused by the interaction of the thc and cbd really produced an enjoyable and relaxing feeling. This is a highly functional cartridge so can be used any time of day. There is a good amount of cbd as well so this would be great for body pain as well as ptsd and anxiety. Very nice new carts at TWC!

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  • Reviewed 3/9/19

Purple Reign (shake)

Amazing new exclusive strain at twc!

Purple reign is a realllly nice and heavy hybrid. It has cookies and cream genetics, which is obvious in its flavor, smell and bud density. The buds are super tight and dense; once you open up a bud, the sweet yet earthy smell pours out. This is a heavy, even hybrid that is good for any time of the day. It is relaxing without being sleepy and good for those who have anxiety and are trying to take the edge off. Despite the high thc count, I believe novices could handle this strain. There is also a really nice, physical feeling that would be great for body pain as well. Purple reign is a great new strain and cannot be food anywhere except for TWC!!

  • Reviewed 2/24/19

Lavender (Shake SALE)

Smooth and heavy indica

Lavender is a really nice and soothing strain. It’s has a mild, kind of sweet flavor, but definitely not overwhelming. It starts out very mellow and relaxing and after about 30 to 45 min of gentle bliss, a heavy sleepiness kicks in. This is great for those with insomnia, but do not want to be knocked out right away. This is a heavy strain though. Once you get to sleep, you will stay asleep. It really would work well for novices as well as veterans (somewhat like an indica version of blue dream). Very impressive new strain at TWC!!

  • Reviewed 1/3/19

Tincture: MCT Oil 1:1 Flavored

Super effective pain reliever

I love the new flavored 1:1 oil tinctures at TWC! At 300 mg a bottle, it definitely packs a punch. With just a few drops, my lower back pain went away for a good long time. This is a welcome change from the alcohol and other oils because of the flavor. There is no graininess or any herb flavor at all, which you may find in non-flavored tinctures. It may take a bit longer than the alcohol to take effect, but it works just as great without the burning sensation. Fantastic item at TWC!

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Self Love Kit (SALE)

Great Value Pack at TWC!

The new self love kits at TWC are an awesome value. For only $18, you get a lozenge, bath salts and a nice preroll! This pack is great for an evening for winding down and relaxing after a hard day. The bath salts are super relaxing in the bath and can definitely aid with sleep, stress or anxiety. The lozenge is a great item to try while using the salts to get extra relaxing physical relief. Finally, the preroll is a great way to end the relaxation session. This is a great value for the money!

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Amazing new batch

The newest batch of lemon og is simply outstanding. Once you hit it, you can tell the high quality potency. It is a heavy hybrid that is relaxing and uplifting at the same time. Great for those with anxiety and depression. There is a powerfully strong citrus aroma and taste very much like lemon. The buds are a lovely bright green and are very dense. This new batch is great!

  • Reviewed 12/28/18

Apple Pie (Shake)

Great new sativa hybrid at TWC

Apple Pie is one of my favorite new strains at TWC. This is a very potent sativa hybrid that is great for getting the day started and completing tasks with focus, yet not too much focus where it is too heady. There is a solid body effect that is great for those with daytime pain as well. Once you hit it, you can immediately tell that the strain is of high quality. There is a slight smell of apples/sweetness but it is also has a strong hit of diesel as well. Furthermore, the buds are super sticky, dense buds as well. Love it!

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Lemon OG (SHAKE)

Amazing new batch

The newest batch of lemon og is simply outstanding. Once you hit it, you can tell the high quality potency. It is a heavy hybrid that is relaxing and uplifting at the same time. Great for those with anxiety and depression. There is a powerfully strong citrus aroma and taste very much like lemon. The buds are a lovely bright green and are very dense. This new batch is great!

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  • Reviewed 12/20/18

Great new cart!

The new creative cartridge at TWC is great! This is a happy sativa hybrid that would be great for someone who has anxiety or who fears sativas due to percieved paranoia or raciness. There is a healthy amount of CBD which is great to counteract the high amount of THC. The 4:1 THC to CBD ratio really has an interesting and relaxing feeling. Additionally, the flavor is earthy, pungent and tasty. Great new cart!

  • Reviewed 12/8/18

Cactido (SHAKE)

Very nice new indica!

Cactido is nice, strong new indica at Twc. From the smell, I could already tell that this was a strong strain. It has a very potent, earthy and somewhat diesel smell that really packs a kick. It smells somewhat reminiscent of skywalker kush. The buds are very dense and bright green as well. This strain starts out rather mild and relaxing, however takes a turn when the true indica affects kick in. There is a heavy, sleepy, relaxing affect that would be very good for sleep. Try this exciting new indica at TWC!

  • Reviewed 11/12/18

Indigo Berry Kush Shake (SALE)

New batch, excellent quality

This new batch of indigo berry kush is very nice! There is a strong, earthy, funky scent that I am really attracted to. The look and smell is somewhat reminiscint of Gorilla Glue. Also, similarly to that strain, this is a relatively heavy, sedating and relaxing indica hybrid. For those with low tolerances, this would be good for sleep and relaxation. For those with higher tolerances, this still would be a great strain for relaxation without being too sleepy and therefore functional. Additionally, the buds are a beautiful dark, evergreen color that looks very nice! This is a great new batch of this strain!

  • Reviewed 11/7/18


The new disposable carts are great! The same high quality carts that you are used to come in throw away fashion now! This makes medicating while out and about even easier. I especially like the fact that there is no button. Just inhale and you are good to go!. The Goji of course lives up to its reputation in this format as well. I love it!

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Rosin: Fauxsido (SALE)

Super Smooth Rosin

I love the Fauxsido rosin! It is super smooth and flavorful and heavily potent! It is a light green color, indicating the quality of the material. This is a great daytime concentrate for those who want to stay uplifted and energized while staying relaxed at the same time. There is no raciness which is nice. The flavor is super smooth and tasty as well! This is best used in a dab rig. Great stuff!

  • Reviewed 11/1/18

Cherry Chem #7 (SALE)

Super Strong, Heavy Strain

I love Chem Cherry! This is a heavy, relaxing yet very uplifting strain. It is classified as an indica, however it definitely is very uplifting and happy, hitting more like a euphoric hybrid in my opinion. This is probably one of the most strongly fuel-scented strain I have smelled in a long time. The smell, taste and feeling is very reminiscent of chemdawg. Chemdawg fans would be very satisfied with this strain. If you are a fan of heavy diesel strains, you will love Chem Cherry!

  • Reviewed 10/25/18

LA Wookie (SALE)

Updated review on new batch

LA wookie (formerly LA Affie) is still fantastic! This is still a very heavy indica that starts out as uplifting, but then goes for a heavy indica crash. This is great for topping off an evening after a long day, right before bed. This strain has a very hashy, earthy flavor with super dense and large buds. This is still one of the top indicas at Twc!

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  • Reviewed 10/19/18

Specialé: Mango Crush (SALE)

Still a great strain!

This is my second review of mango crush. This strain is remarkably consistent! The flavor is still very fruity and delicious with a relaxing, yet energetic effect. This is for sure a sativa hybrid that is great for people with daytime depression and anxiety. This is a great strain for those who typically do not like sativas would not produce feelings of anxiousness. For those who like fruity, energetic and happy strains , mango crush is still the one for you!

  • Reviewed 10/12/18

TRIM: Silver Kush

Happy, tasty, uplifting sativa

I really love silver kush and it never ever disappoints. This is a very good sativa for people who have anxiety and are nervous about trying sativas because of the possibility of anxiousness and paranoia. This sativa is much more mentally relaxing, while at the same time, providing energy and uplifted feelings. There are feelings of euphoria which feels sort of like a sativa hybrid as opposed to a full sativa. There is a very creamy smell and flavor that I really enjoy as well. I also like the fact that the effects of this strain are very long lasting. As usual, silver kush is great!!

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Tincture: Glueberry OG

Relaxing and potent!

The new glueberry tincture at TWC is very nice! This is a strong, potent 50/50 hybrid, that is good any time of the day but would be better utilized in the evening after a long day. This is a euphoric tincture that is great for taking the edge off after a long day. This would also be very good to help with anxiety, anytime of the day. I really like the glycerine as it cuts the flavor of the alcohol. For those with lower tolerances, this could be used to help with sleep. Very nice tincture!

  • Reviewed 10/5/18

Just Like Orange Juice!!

This new batch of Orangeade is amazing! It literally tastes like a glass of orange juice. There is such an overwhelming flavor of oranges which is very unique and different, similar to Mimosa. The buds are a beautiful bright green, and the small buds are really not that small! While this is a hybrid, this is definitely a strong sativa leaning strain. This is great for those who suffer from depression and anxiety and need a pick me up in the day time, without causing paranoia or mind racing. This is a delicious, fantastic strain!

  • Reviewed 9/21/18

Watermelon Starburst (SHAKE)

Tasty, heavy new strain!

The new watermelon strain from liberty is very nice! While it is classified as an indica, this hits much more like a heavy indica hybrid, as it is deeply relaxing without being too sleepy. There is a strong fruity flavor that really adds to the experience. For those with lower tolerances, this strain can be great for sleep. For those with higher tolerances, this would be great for helping with anxiety and relaxation. This is a great new strain at TWC!

  • Reviewed 9/15/18

Sour Diesel (SALE)

Potent, long lasting sativa

This new batch of sour diesel is as good as it has ever been. This is a classic strain for a reason. This is a very strong, long lasting sativa with heavy euphoria and increased energy. For some who think sativas would make them anxious, this is one that you would enjoy. It is not very heady at all and has strong relaxation effect that is not always available in sativas. The smell is of pure fuel, just as real sour diesel should smell like. This is a fantastic classic that does not disappoint!

  • Reviewed 8/28/18

Super heavy hybrid, top shelf

I absolutely love hazmat og. This is a super strong hybrid that is not best for novices. This is a physical strain with strong, pronounced body buzz that is great for pain. It is very euphoric and relaxing. This strain is best used after work or in the evening. The flavor is very strong and earthy. This would be a great strain for someone suffering from depression as it is happy and euphoric without being too sleepy. Again, this strain is best used by patients with a high tolerance for stronger strains. This is one of my new favorites at TWC!!

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Polynesian Thin Mints

Amazing new top shelf strain!

Polynesian thin mints is a wonderful new strain at TWC! This is a heavy hybrid, that is balanced. It is uplifting and relaxing, very potent, yet functional. There is a strong fruity flavor and smell that is delicious, however at the same time there is a strong hint of earthiness with a hashy smell/flavor which is very interesting. You can definitely see that this is a high quality strain, similar to that of Kashmir black. Plus the packaging is very cool and unique. Grab this strain before it’s gone!!

  • Reviewed 8/11/18

Tincture: Serenity (MCT Oil)

Heavy Knock out!!

I love this new tincture from liberty! First off the MCT oil option is great for those who do not like the alcohol taste. The serenity tincture is great before bed because it is potent, heavy and tasteless. Just a few drops under the tongue and within minutes you feel relaxed, drowsy and sleepy. This is a very discrete item that is great for travel and time around family. Also, it is very affordable! I am a big fan of this new tincture!

  • Reviewed 8/7/18

LA Wookie (SALE)

Heavy, Sleepy Indica

LA Affie, one of the newest strains at TWC, packs a major punch. This is definitely a strong, sleepy strain with classic indica effects. Strong body buzz with a slight sativa uplift at first, feelings of sleepiness and sedation come crashing in. This would be great for someone suffering from insomnia. There is a very strong, earthy and skunky flavor/smell profile that is very unique as well. This is a strong, potent strain that may overwhelming for novices. A new fantastic strain!!

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OG Kush (SALE)

Simply amazing take on an old classic

OG kush is one of my favorite strains. It is heavy and sedating while functional and uplifting. The new abatin OG Kush is one of the best versions I have ever had. The buds are flowery and dense, beautiful purple and green. This strain is best used in the evening, perhaps for relaxing after work. It is long lasting and takes a while to get through, due to the strong potency. Also this strain has a full body effect that is great for body pain. Definitely one of the best new hybrids at TWC!

  • Reviewed 7/17/18

Rosin: Gorilla Glue #1

Super strong and flavorful

The new rosin from Liberty is awesome! Unlike some of the other concentrates at TWC, this is just compressed flower, so the flavor and smell is amazing. It is very close to the flavor of the flower it is which is Gorilla Glue 1. It is very easily dabbed with a rig and can be used with a vape pen as well ( I suggest a rig because it is a bit viscous). It is also a very smooth inhale unlike other very strong concentrates. This one is best used in the evening as it as very strong attributes of Gorilla Glue which are very relaxing and chill. This is a very nice new rosin!

  • Reviewed 7/11/18

Right to bed

Sunflower Purple is THE strain I use if I need a good night sleep. It is super potent and loaded with the terpene called myrcene which is excellent for sleep. In my opinion, this is the strongest indica at TWC (ignore the thc!) This is the most consistent strain for sleep and has not failed me yet. There is a strong smell and flavor of berry, which is common in strains heavy with myrcene. I barely even feel the high because I go right to sleep. My favorite sleep medicine!

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Strong, happy hybrid

Sunflower red took me by surprise! This is a very sold hybrid with very happy, uplifting yet relaxing effects. At first it is uplifting and euphoric then towards the end of the session, there is a very relaxing and somewhat sleepy comedown. That being said, this is a functional hybrid and those with higher tolerances should be able to power through the possible sleepiness. There is a really nice sweet/citrus flavor and smell that really does appeal to me. All of the sunflower strains are very high quality, especially for the price and this also includes Sunflower Red!

  • Reviewed 6/24/18

Strong, Heavy, Uplifting Hybrid

Mumbo Sauce was a very pleasant surprise! Upon first inspection, the strain seemed mild with a very faint scent and moderately sized (although very pretty with orange hairs) buds. However, upon consumption, I quickly found out that Mumbo Sauce is a heavy hitter! Definitely relaxing, euphoric and uplifting, this strain is good for use any time of the day, however is better used when planning to relax. There is a very nice body buzz that comes along with the strain. Do not let the lack of smell fool you, this is a very strong strain!

  • Reviewed 6/23/18

District Dream (Shake)

New Batch, More Potent!!

As great as District Dream used to be, this new batch is completely stronger. This is a heavy strain, that hits more like a sativa hybrid than regular sativa. It is heady as well as body oriented, with feelings of hazy happiness. It is energetic, however not as energetic as some sativas. This strain would be great for depression, mood elevation and stress. The flavor is nice with hints of citrus along with creaminess. the buds are purple and bright green with and are dense and flowery. I have been waiting for a long time for this strain to come back and it is better than ever!

  • Reviewed 6/21/18

Double Black (SHAKE)(SALE)

Very nice and unique indica

Double black is a new, very nice and strong indica at twc. It is very unique. It has a smell and flavor that is wonderful but very different that most strains I have used. It’s very sweet and citrusy with strong hints of earthiness. The taste is somewhat remincient if cookies and cream, but with a slightly stronger flavor. This is a potent strain but not very sleepy. It hits more like a strong indica hybrid with heavy euphoria, pronounced body effects and a very relax yet uplifted mood. The buds are huge and very dense, covered in trichomes. This new indica at twc is simply awesome and very unique!!

  • Reviewed 6/18/18

Double Tangie Banana (SMALL BUDS)

A Very Tasty Sativa!

With this new strain, flavor is the name of the game. This has a very unique taste, mixing the flavors of banana, citrus with a slight hint of earthiness. The buds are a beautiful bright green and are very thick and dense. This is an upbeat, happy sativa that is energizing while at the same time mellow--similar to Acapulco Gold. While it is a bit hazy, it is also functional and good for getting thing done, while maintaining a very happy mood. A great new sativa at TWC!

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Classic OG Haze (SALE)

One of the best hybrids at TWC!

Classic OG Haze is by far one of my favorite strains at TWC. This is a very strong hybrid that has similar effects to Bubba Kush, Girl Scout Cookies and Cookies and Cream. It has a very strong body effect and heavy feelings of relaxed and happy euphoria. It is a very earthy strain, common among strains with heavy counts of Caryophyllene terpene. This is great for pain as well. This is a pretty strong strain, so best not for novices. One of my faves!

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Valley Girl (SALE)

Top Notch, Euphoric Hybrid

I am usually not a fan of strains with San Fernando Valley OG, however this strain is simply awesome and took my by quite the surprise. This is a very strong , indica hybrid that is very relaxing and slightly sedating. This is a perfect strain for relaxing after a long day of work. The heavily pronounced body effects will be very beneficial when it is time to relax. This strain is also very euphoric with super relaxing mental attributes. The smell is super strong and pungent with an earthiness which goes along with its flavor. I love the new batch of Valley Girl!

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Grapefruit (SALE)

Strong, Fruity Indica!

Grapefruit Krush is a very nice, relaxing and sleepy indica that is great for winding down for a good night rest. This is an interesting strain as it starts out hitting like a hybrid, then the indica attributes sneak up! At first it is happy, social, relaxing and euphoric, then transitions to a heavy, sleepy indica. The grapefruit flavor is very pronounced and makes for a very tasty experience. The buds are not huge, but very dense and packed. This is a great indica!

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Space Monkey #5

Supeerrr Heavy Indica Hybrid

Space Monkey is one of the more heavy and potent strains at TWC. While it is a hybrid, it definitely leans heavily toward the indica side. It has very strong body effects and strong feelings of relaxation and sedation. This is very good for those who need help sleeping or suffer from anxiety in the evenings. It has a very earthy smell, with dense, dark buds that are beautifully covered in trichomes. This is a fantastically potent strain!

  • Reviewed 6/14/18

Early Durban #2 (Shake)

Strong sativa hybrid

Early durban may sound like Durban poison but actually is pretty different. While it is a sativa hybrid, it is much more relaxing and chill. This strain is excellent for treating anxiety, depression as well as an overall mood enhancer. There is also a nice body effect. The smell and taste is very unique; it really reminds me of ed rosenthal. Very fresh smelling with hints of pine and citrus. The buds are very light, flowery and deep green. A very nice sativa hybrid!

  • Reviewed 5/28/18

Tincture: Tranquility

A great nightcap!

The new tranquility tincture from liberty is an excellent way to end a long day! This is a fast acting product that is great for those who need quick results! After administering the dose that is right for you, within 15 minutes, you are dozing off! This is a great option for patients who do not enjoy smoking or vaping. I love adding a few drops to my tea before bed. The new tranquillity tincture works very well!

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Triple Cherry Diesel (Small Buds)

Happy and uplifting sativa hybrid

This is a very potent strain with very happy and enjoyable sativa effects. It is an upbeat, uplifting and giggly strain that is also very relaxing. This is a strain that can be used in the day time as well as the evening. There are hints of cherry flavor, with an overall earthiness that I really do like. The buds are thick and quite dense, covered in trichomes. This a strain that would be great for mood enhancement and elevation. A really nice, potent sativa hybrid!

  • Reviewed 5/22/18

Strawberry Glue (SHAKE)

Super Strong Sativa Hybrid

This is a very potent sativa hybrid. At first, I thought it would be a calmer strain, similar to strawberry diesel however this is much more upbeat. This is really good for depression, anxiety and energy. This is a very interesting strain because it makes you feel calm yet very energized at the same time. The buds are super dense and large with a beautiful deep green buds and full of trichomes. The smell is much more earthy upon first sniff, however when you break open the buds, the essence of strawberries pours out. I also like that there is a very pronounced body effect as well as mental effects. A great strain!!

  • Reviewed 5/19/18

As Strong as you can imagine

This new strain is an outstanding, potent indica. It is very heavy, with strong relaxation effects. There is a very interesting flavor, slightly mint with strong hints of earthiness. It is super potent, so a little goes a long way. Before getting sleepy, there are feelings of strong euphoria as well as feeling uplifted. It is a very strong strain, even for seasoned veterans. I love the pronounced body effects that this strain produces as well. An overall top shelf strain at a very reasonable price, I will keep coming back to District cookies!!

  • Reviewed 5/3/18

Top notch indica, close to skywalker kush

Lee Roy is a majorly strong indica. This is an indica that you feel both in your head and body. It is deeply relaxing and euphoric, leading to feelings of deep sleepiness. The flavor and smell reminds me very much of skywalker kush, but this strain is definetly stronger. This is definetly one of the stronger indicas at takoma wellness. It hits very hard and may be a bit too much for those who are novices or have delicate lungs and/or throat. Additionally, this strain has the strongest body effects of any indica at TWC in my opinion. This is an overall fantastically potent strain!

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Animal Cookies (Shake)

Very potent cookie strain

Although I may be biased in saying this because I love cookie genetics but I love this new batch of animal cookies! This is a very potent hybrid that packs a major punch. It tastes like a typical cookie strain usually would; sweet berry flavor with a strong hint of earthiness. Definetly an indica leaning hybrid, this is more sleepy than Girl Scout cookies and cookies and cream. The nugs are super dense and are filled with trichomes. Very purple and dark green as well! A fantastic new strain at TWC!

  • Reviewed 4/7/18

Cookies 'n Cream (SHAKE)

From my favorite ice cream to my favorite new strain

Cookies and cream #2 is simply outstanding. This is by far one of the strongest strains I have ever had at TWC. This super strong hybrid is no joke—powerful euphoria, extreme giggling, deeply uplifting and relaxing, this strain does it all. This definetly is not a strain for beginners. It can be overwhelming , even for me. This is a prime example of a strain that does not have a super high THC, but hits like a 30% THC strain. It is fantastic. Great for body pain, anxiety, depression. Very nice, dense nights with an earthy tone. Reminds me very much of kashmir black. My new absolute favorite strain!

  • Reviewed 3/15/18

Shatter: OG Ghost Train Haze

Energizing, Strong, Clear Headed

I absolutely love the OG Ghost shatter from Apelles!! First of all, the consistency is perfect. It is definitely not messy, and comes in solid pieces that make working with the item a breeze. This can be easily used in a dab rig as well as a vape pen. The color is a beautiful, light amber color that indicates the high quality of the shatter. Furthermore, the feelings of focus and energy are unparalleled. This is a great concentrate to use before starting the day as it is very energetic and long lasting. This is an absolutely amazing shatter from TWC!

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Strawberry Diesel (Shake)

Very Nice New Batch!

The new batch of Strawberry Diesel is definitely a step above the older batches. The buds are very beautiful and dense with a dark green color with slightly red/ orange hairs. This is definitely a 60/40 sativa hybrid, so there is a brief feeling of uplift, however the majority of the feelings are centered around relaxation. This is a strain that is best used in or around the house or at the very least when hanging out and chilling. Its not very focused, so should not be treated as a normal sativa leaning strain. Also, as with most diesel strains, there is a strong body buzz as well that is good for pain. A great improvement for sure!

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Green Love Potion (Shake SALE)

New Batch..Fantastic

Finally Green Love Potion is back at TWC! This is a very popular strain that is a very popular one and with good reason. It is a deeply relaxing indica that is also not too sleepy, which is great for functionality. It is a very earthy strain with a very unique flavor and scent. The buds are a but different than they used to be--instead of the tight, dense buds that was a major characteristic of the strain, it is a bit more flowery, lighter and fluffier. This strain still remains one of the more unique indicas that I have come across. Hits very much like an indica leaning hybrid. Green Love is back in effect!!!

  • Reviewed 3/6/18

Graphenburg's Spot (Small Buds)

Heavy Indica Hybrid, Very Chill

Grafenberg Spot, AKA G-Spot, is a very heavy indica leaning hybrid that is great for use as a stress reliever. It is a perfect after work strain, after a long day. This is a heavy strain, so sleepiness may be induced if already feeling tired. The smell/taste is not much to write home about, as it is slightly grassy, but the effect is awesome. This would be a good evening strain for those suffering from depression. There is also a strong body effect which is good for body pain as well as increasing appetite. This is a great strain for those who want to feel indica properties without going to a full-on indica. A wonderfully relaxing strain!!

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Specialé: Wifi Nigerian (SALE)

Outstanding Sativa

This strain is an amazing addition to Abatin's "Speciale" line. WIFI Nigeria is an extremely potent sativa that delivers long lasting energetic, yet relaxing effects. At first, there is a jolt of energy, but as time passes, there is a sense of deep relaxation and happiness that takes over, along with an uplifted mood. Also, there is a surprising body effect that I was not expecting, yet truly enjoyed. The buds are flowery and very beautiful deep green buds with orange hairs (sort of favors pinchers creek). This is a strong strain, so novices please take note. A superb sativa!!

  • Reviewed 3/2/18

Purple Pineapple Kush (Shake)

Super strong, heavy hybrid

This new batch of purple pineapple kush is no joke!! This is a very heavy indica leaning hybrid. While it has master kush genetics, I honestly feel it is more sedating! This would be a great strain for unwinding after a long day. There is a very sweet, berry aroma that really is very enticing. While TWC has had this strain many times before, this is by far the strongest batch. This would be a good strain ranging from relaxation to helping with insomnia if used before bedtime. I am definitely a fan of this new batch of Purple Pineapple Kush!

  • Reviewed 2/28/18

OG Critical (Shake)

Excellent 50/50 Hybrid

OG Critical is a very strong, middle of the road hybrid. There is a very mild, earthy smell with dark purple and green buds that are very dense. Those who love the elusive Girl Scout Cookies, will love this strain as a substitute. The taste is very earthy with slight sweetness. There is a deeply relaxing, yet uplifting mental effect with strong, body effects as well. It can be smoked any time of the day but in my opinion would work best after work, chilling out. Very nice, even hybrid!

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H. Street Cheddar (Shake) SALE

Very Good, Heavy Indica

H. Street Cheddar from District Growers is a very nice, relaxing, sleepy indica with very pronounced bod effects. There is a strong earthy tone to the smell. Because of the high amount of the caryophyllene terpine, which is great for inflammation, body pain as well as producing feelings of powerful euphoria which is great for anti-depression. This is a strain that is best use at night before sleep. Very nice indica!

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Cannalope Haze

Upbeat and Delicious

Cannalope Haze is a very nice sativa. Definitely uplifting and happy, this strain is great for those who are in a bad place mentally. It is great for depression and producing feelings of happiness with slight euphoria and nice focus. The taste is very fruity with strong hints of citrus as well as slight hints of berry flavor. The buds are very dense and bright green with a strong, citrus smell that is very enjoyable. This is absolutely a strain that should be used in the daytime. Overall very nice!!

  • Reviewed 2/23/18


Suprisingly Strong!!!

While some may not believe so, due to its 18% THC, Harlox is strong!! This is a very relaxing indica hybrid that is deeply relaxing and chill. It is very good for pain with a strong body effect and super relaxing mental properties. This strain also has very big, dense buds with a very mild, earthy smell. I was definitely surprised at the punch this strain packed!! If you like Girl Scout Cookies, this strain is very similar. Again, very nice and surprisingly strong!!

  • Reviewed 1/31/18

Savage Squeezins #4(SALE)SMALL BUDS

Super Dank Indica Hybrid..Handle With Care

Usually, I do not put too much stock in THC percentages...I feel as though anything over 20% is considered strong and I focus more on the quality and the strain before judging its strength. However in this strain, you can definitely feel the 34% THC. This batch of Savage Squeeze is an incredibly strong indica hybrid that may not be best for novices. it produces feelings of intense euphoria and intoxication. This strain would be great for someone who is a seasoned veteran with cannabis and suffers from stress, anxiety and other related issues. It is definitely best used at home when one is relaxing, yet would not be best for sleep in my opinion because of some of the uplifting properties. Get ready for a nice trip with this strain!!

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The Truth (Shake)

Great Strain for Relaxation

The Truth is a very nice middle-of-the-road hybrid. It is pretty balanced with a slight indica tilt-it is probably about a 60/40 indica-sativa split. It produces feelings of gentle euphoria, relaxation and uplifted moods but is a great option for novices and seasoned vets alike. It is not too overpowering but definitely strong enough to feel properly medicated. This strain is best used later in the day when relaxation is in mind. There is a slight earthy/diesel taste that is noticeable and enjoyable. This is a really good strain that many people may not have even noticed with the big menu at TWC!

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Awesome Hybrid Awesome Flavor

This is a very unique and great strain. The smell is what got me at first. It is very unique with strong hints of skunky/earthiness with slight hints of sweetness. This is a very uplifting strain, not unlike the mimosa strains TWC has been putting out. It is very relaxing with strong mood enhancement properties and slight feelings of increased energy. This strain is best used after a long day or hanging out with friends. it definitely can be used as a social strain, yet I would not use it before doing something very important, as there is less focus and more euphoria. I love this strain!

  • Reviewed 1/27/18

It really works!!

I often have back pain and this balm really does help! It is similar to tiger balm, so there is a bit of a smell, but if you can get past that, then this will be your new best friend when dealing with body pain. Just rub it in the affected area and in about 30 to 45 min, the pain will be neutralized. I was skeptical at first but I use it all the time now! Thanks TWC!

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Purple Starburst #3

Don’t let the low THC fool you..surprisingly nice and strong strain!

This version of purple starburst may not grab as much attention as it’s higher THC relative, however this strain is surprisingly strong! It is very relaxing with strong euphoria and uplifting attributes. The flavor is unique as well. It has a nice berry flavor coupled with hints of tart earthiness, which displays a very unique flavor. The buds are very dense and covered in trichomes with a deep green hue with small hints of purple. This is a really nice strain to chill out with friends after work or on weekends. Also, as a plus, it has a bit of CBD in it! This is great for body pain and anxiety as well. A really nice strain!

  • Reviewed 1/24/18

KushZilla (Exclusive)(SHAKE)(SALE)


As good a Kushzilla was before, it is nothing like the new batch. From the taste, to the look to the smell to the effects, this is a completely different strain. It is still strongly euphoric and relaxing, with long lasting effects. The buds are much more dense than they used to be, with a very bright color and trichomes everywhere. This is a very social strain that is good for after work relaxation with friends. Toward the end, there is a slight comedown that is not uncommon to many other balanced hybrids. Kushzilla is back and is better than ever!!

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Fantastic Fruity Strain!

Orangeade is a really great strain. It is definitely a 60/40 sativa hybrid in my opinion and is great for winding down after a long day, while remaining active and social. I also like it because there is a bit of CBD in there which is great for body pain. It is a long lasting, happy buzz that really uplifts one's mood. The real star of the show with this strain is the flavor. It tastes exactly like orange soda. The smell and flavor are the standout attributes of this strain. If you like strong, fruity strains, then you will love Orangeade!

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  • Reviewed 1/19/18

Mild Yet Upbeat and Productive

3pac is a very nice, functional and happy sativa. It is rather mild, yet this can be good if one has many things to do. This strain will give you energy without being too overpowering or inducing anxiety or paranoia. The taste of the flower is delicious, with hints of citrus and earthiness. The smell is reminiscent of Facewreck Haze and is very fresh scented. This is a perfect strain for those who need a sativa but are wary of feeling anxious. Good stuff!

  • Reviewed 1/15/18

Casper OG (Small Buds)

A great indica from phyto

I really Love Casper OG. This is a super strong indica that is heavy, yet not entirely sleepy. The flavor is very earthy and slightly sweet which makes for an interesting flavor. This is definetly a strong strain that can produce strong feelings of euphoria, relaxation and intoxication. This is a great strain for winding down after a stressful day, or for more novice users, help for sleep. I cannot put my finger exactly on the flavor, but in my opinion, definetly tastes similar to white widow, do-si-do and gorilla glue #4. This is definetly a very strong strain and is quite enoyable!

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Maui Waui OG (SHAKE)

Back in full effect!

I love the new batch of Maui wowie! It is very clear headed and energetic. It also has a slight euphoria that you don’t alsways see in full sativas, so those who are scared of getting that heady, racing feeling should be good. As the name suggests, it tastes very tropical and fruity, although may not smell like it. It is still a rather potent strain, however novices and pros alike would enjoy this strain. Very good job on this new batch!

  • Reviewed 1/4/18

Mimosa #6 (Small Buds)

Strong and Excellent Tasting Hybrid

While there are several Mimosa strains at TWC right now, they all vary in different ways. MImosa # ^ in my opinion has a slight indica lean at the end of the session. It is very uplifting and euphoric in the beginning, however. There is a very sweet flavor that is also mixed with a hint of earthiness that I like. This is a great strain to unwind with after work. It is definitely strong, so it can be overwhelming for novices. This is a very nice strain!

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OG Malawi Haze #5

Best Version of OG Malawi Haze Yet!

I love OG Malawi #3! This is definitely a unique strain, even among the other versions of OG Malawi! This strain definitely packs a punch and hits more like a sativa hybrid. It is energetic and at the same time is euphoric. This particular sativa may not be suitable for those who have to remained focused for a long period of time due to the strong feeling of elevated euphoria. The buds smell a bit more earthy than the other versions of OG Malawi, yet the buds are just as dense. If you want a super strong sativa with strong feelings of happiness and euphoria, OG Malawi #3 is your best bet!

  • Reviewed 1/2/18

Truth or Consequences

Very Nice and Chill Indica

This is a very unique and interesting strain. First of all, what stood out to me is the smell and taste. It is super fruity and delicious smelling. It is very aromatic with hints of orange and pineapple. It is a very nice tasting strain with beautiful, bright orange and green buds that are very dense. As far as the affects, it is very relaxing without being too sleepy. It definitely hits more like an indica hybrid than straight indica. Overall a good strain!

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Legend of Nigeria #1

Super Clear Headed Sativa

Legend of Nigeria hits just as you would expect a strong sativa to hit--with super strong focus and energy. This is a very clear headed and energetic strain that will immediately boost someones mood. This is a great strain for getting ready for the day and really getting things done. I really like this strain more for the classic sativa effects in comparison to the taste. The taste is very mild and benign and the buds are a beautiful bright green. This is a highly functional sativa that will do wonders in helping one get through the day with positive and productivity.

  • Reviewed 12/6/17

Oil Cartridge: Zkittles

Another Hit by PHYTO!

This new Zkittles cartridge by phyto is outstanding! Similar to the older distillate cartridges, this is all about the super high THC and the delicious flavor. This particular cartridge tastes very similar to sour skittles, which I love! Be careful though because the great taste may encourage overindulgent use (which is unnecessary because the THC reaches 91%!). The effects are a super strong hybrid that is good for any parts of the day which is amazing. Really, one to two hits will do ya fine. Zkittles is an excellent addition to the Phyto distillate collection!

  • Reviewed 11/24/17

SHAKE: Blue Dream (CCC)

My Favorite Blue Dream

This Blue Dream is simply awesome. First lets start with the smell. It is incredibly sweet smelling, very close to classic blueberry. It really does smell like very sweet blueberries. The buds are dark bluish/purple and are showered in trichomes, indicating its potency. The taste is just how it smells--very sweet and fruity. This version of blue dream is much more sativa leaning than the others and in my opinion would work as a very effective daytime strain. This is a very happy strain that both novices and seasoned veterans would enjoy equally. A great great strain!

  • Reviewed 11/22/17

Maui Crush (Shake)

Updated review on new batch, overall nice light sativa

After a long time, Maui crush is back at TWC! Overall nothing too much changed with this strain since the last time it was at TWC however it is a very nice smoke. There is a nice, light fruity smell and flavor that I really do enjoy. The buds are very light green and beautiful with reddish and orange hairs. The effects are mild and works well for a daytime sativa where one has things to do. It is a relaxing sativa, however promotes functionality due to the fact that it is not too heavy. Those who like Hawaiian train wreck and Maui wowie will enjoy this strain!

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This new batch of Chemdawg is amazing! It is SUPER SUPER potent. The smell is a perfect mix of strong fuel and sweetness. There is a sativa lean to this however the strain is very euphoric as opposed to clear headed energy. This is a great social strain that produced feelings of happiness, uplifted spirit and overall joy. No need to overindulge with this strain as a little goes a long way. Could be a bit intense for those not used to higher THC strains. But this is an absolute must try!

  • Reviewed 11/18/17

Almost perfect strain

Jack Herer is back in full effect and is truly better than ever. This is really a five star sativa. After one hit, my mood was completely elevated. It is very energetic and happy with an amazing citrus taste! The buds are bright neon green that is covered in trichomes. This very well may have eclipsed Durban Poison and Kashmir red as my favorite sativas. Classic jack is a very strong strain, novices please beware. This is the perfect sativa!

  • Reviewed 11/10/17

Amazing flavor, fantastic effects

The new goji og shatter cartridges are simply excellent. The flavor is very pronounced and strong. It is a very tasty flavor. Unlike the other cartridges, this is made with shatter and once you hit it, that is obvious. The concentrate is a bit thicker with a more syrup-like consistency than the typical oil in other cartridges. The effects are very strong and one may not need more than 3 hits in order to feel completely medicated. Very potent and efficient, which will make the cartridge last. No need to overindulge. This is an amazing cartridge!

  • Reviewed 10/27/17

White Widow (Shake)

Amazzzing 5 stars!!

The new white widow at TWC is simply awesome. This is a long awaited strain that certainly did not disappoint. This is a very strong, balanced hybrid that is powerfully euphoric and very social. It is definitely not for novices as a little bit can go a long a way and overindulgence from novices may cause overwhelming feelings. I found myself very uplifted and talking a lot, so the strain gave me both energy and feelings of relaxation. The smell and taste is very reminiscent of Gorilla Glue #4. This strain is now one of my favorites at TWC!

  • Reviewed 10/26/17

Unique flavor, very relaxing

Og #18 is a very nice and smooth indica. There is a very unique flavor that reminds me very much of skywalker Kush. The difference is that this strain is more functional than skywalker. While this is a relaxing strain, it’s not a complete knockout, which I like. There is a skunky smell that again smells very similar to skywalker Kush. There is a nice body buzz that would be greatly beneficial for pain management. Hits more like a strong indica hybrid. This is a very nice new strain!

  • Reviewed 10/25/17

Super Silver Haze (Smalls)


Silver Kush is back again and better than before! This is a super strong sativa that is energetic and relaxing all at the same time! It really packs a punch! I really felt a strong sensation in my face. It is very uplifting and great for mood elevation. It sort of reminds me of Durban Poison, which is absolutely one of my favorite sativa strains. The smell is a combinatiion of sweet, citrus and cream. This is a fantastic sativa!

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NYC Diesel - Shake (SALE)

Welcome to New York

NY Sour Diesel is one of my favorite variations of Diesel strains. It is mentally energizing and physically relaxing. Its really good for any time of the day, however I prefer it as an after work strain. This is a very potent and long lasting strains, like most diesels. The strain smells strongly of fuel which I love. The buds are beautiful and bright green, so it looks very beautiful. Top notch!

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TRIM: Granddaddy Purple (GDP)

Super high quality indica

Granddaddy purple is one of my favorite indicas! It is highly potent and very euphoric with strong relaxation affects. The taste is both earthy and sweet which really turns out to be an interesting flavor. This is a very relaxing strain. While sedating, it is slightly more functional than other indicias with similar levels of potency. There is intense psychoactive feelings and deep body relaxation qualities that are awesome. This is top notch indica!

  • Reviewed 10/10/17

One of the best sativas at TWC!

I absolutely love Kashmir Red! It is surely one of my favorite sativas at TWC. It is very strong, potent and long lasting. It delivers a power euphoria, coupled with super strong feelings of energy which is great for enhancing one's mood. The smell is fantastic, with slight hints of both diesel and citrus. The buds are super bright green with a slight oiliness that indicates freshness. This is a fantastically strong sativa but definitely not best for novice users. One of my faves!

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Kashmir Platinum (SALE)

Excellent CBD strain, a step up above Kashmir Gold!

Kashmir platinum is a very nice improvement from its older sibling, Kashmir Gold! It has a nice, earthy flavor, not unlike the Kashmir gold. The flavor is nice and mild. There seems to be a little bit more psycho-activity with this strain compared to the gold, which I enjoy. As far as the CBD content, both strains are relatively similar, excellent for body pain along with decreasing anxiety. What I like better about this strain is again the flavor as well as the increased psycho-activity. Great CBD strain!

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  • Reviewed 10/5/17

Update on new batch

Lemon skunk is as great as it ever was! This is a remarkably consistent strain. The taste is very citrus like along with a strong smell of citrus. It’s a beautiful strain with deep green buds and full of trichomes. This is a deeply relaxing strain that is best used on downtime or in the evening. Definetly do not ingest this before completing important tasks. It is best to use this as a reward for after completing the task! I still love lemon skunk!

  • Reviewed 10/3/17

Preroll: GoDawg Moonrock


The new moon rock preroll is amazing! While it may seem similar to the swirl preroll, this one has the powdered hash on the outside as opposed to the shatter being on the outside. The preroll burns very easily and evenly, which removes the worry of the joint canoeing! The strength of this preroll is not to be underestimated, so tread lightly! Not best used for novices. This new preroll concept is amazing!

  • Reviewed 9/30/17

Phatty OG (Small Buds)

Nice, functional sativa with decongestant properties!

I really like phatty OG. It is an upbeat and energetic sativa that is relatively clear headed and functional. What I like about the strain is that it contains the terpine known as ocimene which acts as a decongestant. Those who have nasal issues or allergies will benefit from this strain! There is a slight citrus flavor combined with hints of earthiness. Overall this is a solid sativa that can simultaneously help with the agony of nasal and throat congestion!

  • Reviewed 9/14/17

Oil Cartridge: Distillate

Super lemon haze is awesome

I am in love with the new carts from phyto! I have the super lemon skunk which is strong sativa. The flavor is absolutely magnificent, tasting just like lemons. After just one hit, I was good for a long while. At 95% THC, this thing is no joke. For those who are concerned that cartridges go too fast, this guy is super efficient. Really just one hit will do ya. This is not only the best cart at TWC, but one of the best I have ever had!

  • Reviewed 9/3/17

Bruce Banner (SHAKE & TRIM)

Strong like Hulk

Bruce Banner is a favorite of mine. First let's talk about the elephant in the room--the color. The buds are a striking deep royal purple which is just beautiful to look at. The buds are covered in white trichomes, indicating the potency. This is a nice sativa hybrid bringing about uplifting yet relaxing feelings. This is definetly a potent strain, producing strong feelings of euphoria. At 26% THC, this strain is no joke. Would be a good smoke for any time of the day. One of my faves!

  • Reviewed 8/31/17

Super Nice and Even Hybrid

This batch of headband is very nice. This is a strain that can be used any time of the day due to its sativa hybrid genetics of Sour Diesel and OG Kush. There is a nice body high and overall mental relaxation from the OG Kush, while the Sour Diesel genetics ensure a nice bit of energy and upbeat happiness. The overall flavor and smell is very nice and sweet. Very strong aroma. Nice, dense buds as well. Very nice hybrid!

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  • Reviewed 8/29/17

Swirl Preroll Pack

A Definite Must Try!

Just Wow! The Durban Swirl Preroll is fantastic. If you like Moonrocks, you will absolutely love this new preroll from Alternative Solutions. The kief and shatter add one heck of a punch, in combination with the already robust and potent, Durban poison that is used as the flower in this preroll. What I like about this Swirl preroll that differentiates itself from ones in other dispensaries around the country is that its easy to smoke. There is very little "canoeing" that often happens with these types of preroll. I will say that it is better to smoke it all at once, as opposed to putting it out for later for a better experience. This is an amazing preroll!

  • Reviewed 8/28/17

Terp Sap: Blue Dream

Very enjoyable and tasty

This blue dream terp sap is outstanding! It is super flavorful as well as very potent (as you might expect). The consistency is very easy to deal with, similar to shatter or wax. This is in contrast to the older terp sap, which was a bit more difficult to work with. This terp sap is good for use any time of the day, as blue dream is a very versatile strain. Unlike wax and shatter, you really do taste the terps with this product. This is a very nice concentrate!

  • Reviewed 8/25/17

Raspberry Diesel (Shake)

Nice and Flavorful Sativa

Raspberry Diesel definitely stands out to me, especially because of its strong smell and flavor. The smell is very intense yet pleasant, smelling just like fruit. The flavor is very sweet as well. The feelings the strain produces are those of both relaxation and energy; in my opinion, it hits more like a sativa hybrid. The high is slightly more mild than other diesel strains I had in the past, however it is perfect for the daytime and getting things done. Really nice flavor, very enjoyable!

  • Reviewed 8/24/17

Goji OG

Goji is back and better than ever!!

After seemingly forever, goji og is finally back! This is a super potent and energizing strain! What I like is there is no anxiety that is induced which some heavy sativa sometimes do. I believe this is due to the strong euphoria that is produced. The flavor is a very nice citrus taste with very bright, neon green colored buds. The high is very long lasting so the meds can be used efficiently. This strain is comparable to one of my faves, Durban poison! This is a fantastic strain!

  • Reviewed 8/23/17

Shatter: Durban Poison

Amazing shatter

So I am admittedly a bit biased because Durban poison is one of my favorite strains, however this shatter is awesome. Very clear headed and energetic, this shatter mirriors the flower. The flavor is also very close the flower as well. The only major difference is this is more long lasting as most concentrates are. The only slight drawback is that it is slightly more gooey than I am used to in regards to shatter, but is still very easy to use in a pen or a dab rig. This shatter is of very high quality and one of the best at TWC!

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Cannatonic CAPS (SALE Shake)

Nice and smooth hybrid

Cannatonic is a great strain to simply chill out on. It's very even and can be used any time of the day. The flavor and smell is very mild, yet the potency is stronger than expected. This is a strain that is good for social situations because of the slightly uplifting effects. It is also a good solo strain because the tail end of it is rather relaxing. Good for mood enhancement, headaches and stress. Solid strain!

  • Reviewed 8/21/17

Crumble: LA Chocolat

Easiest concentrate to deal with

I love this crumble! If you are new to concentrates, start with this crumble! Unlike wax, it is more solid and easier to deal with, especially for novice dabbers! I have dabbed all kinds of concentrate and to this day I prefer crumble! This crumble is great because it comes in a solid piece, which makes it super easy to handle! Additionally, the taste of the la chocolate really comes through. I absolutely love this new crumble from alternative solutions!

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  • Reviewed 8/18/17

Amazing flavor, super relaxing hybrid

Sour face is a superbly potent hybrid. I would definitely say this is indica dominant as it is deeply relaxing and calm. It's pretty heavy as well , so novices take note. What I really like is the flavor. It is very aromatic and is unique, unlike a strain I have had before. There is a strong hint of sourness that I really do love. The buds ar beautiful, bright green with orange and red hairs. Definitely a great strain to unwind after a long day of school or work. Very nice!!

  • Reviewed 8/16/17

Oil Cartridge: OG Kush

Amazing cartridge!

This new cartridge from phyto is amazing! The taste is unlike other cartridges I have had in the past and is very delicious! OG kush is a great anytime strain and this cartridges has those same characteristics. Uplifting, happy and relaxed, this cartridge is good for morning, noon or night. This cartridge is really enjoyable!

  • Reviewed 8/8/17

Specialé: Hawaiian Sunrise

Excellent CBD strain

Hawaiian Sunrise is a fantastic cbd strain. It tastes absolutely amazing and is highly effective. It has a very fruity yet creamy smell, with a sweet and citrus taste. The CBD is very effective in quelling pain and anxiety. This strain is very relaxing and can be smoked by itself, along with mixing with another strain. What I like about this strain is that unlike other CBD strains, this one does not make me as tired and I can use it in the daytime as well as the night. Awesome CBD strain!

  • Reviewed 7/25/17

Dabs: Sour Apple

Very Tasty, Potent and Clear-Headed!

This new Sour Apple Dabs from Phyto is unique and fantastic! It can best be described as the consistency of wet crumble. It is a beautiful shade of green and smells just like sour candy! Almost good enough to eat! Once consumed, it there is a very nice body feeling, along with clear headed energy! Excellent for a mood elevator for daytime use, in my opinion. It is rather delicate, so while it can be vaped in a pen, I believe one would have more success using a dab rig. It is very easy on the throat and really does taste amazing. It is the best tasting concentrate I have ever had! This product is definitely a winner!

  • Reviewed 7/18/17

Shatter: LA Chocolat

Supreme Concentrate

The LA Chocalat Shatter from Alternative Solutions is amazing! I personally love the shatter because it is just so easy to deal with. The flavor is very nice and the consistency is hardy, waxy and clear, demonstrating the quality of the concentrate. This strain is definitely a heavy indica, so it is best used in the evening, particularly because the shatter is much stronger than the flower. The thing I like best with the shatter is that it can be used easily in a vape pen or a dab rig, which makes it very convenient for use. I love this shatter!

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Awsome Indica Hybrid

Golden Ticket really definitely does live up to its name! This is definitely a potent and strong strain that leans pretty heavily toward the indica side. It is very flavorful and deeply relaxing. At first it starts out as a social strain but then produces pronounced indica effects toward the end. There is also a very pleasant and mild body buzz. Additionally, the buds are very bight and lime green, with a distinct density and flavor. Very nice strain!

  • Reviewed 6/28/17

Specialé: Pineapple Sorbet (SALE)

Soooo Delicious and Smells Amazzzing

Pineapple Sorbet is a decadent as it sounds--with a very yummy fruity smell and taste, you can tell this strain has had a lot of love put into it. As soon as you open the jar, you will get a strong whiff of sweet pineapple that will tickle your senses. The buds are a beautiful lime green with orange and red hairs and is covered in trichomes. The smoke is a classic sativa experience--clear headed, energetic, strong mood elevation and its effects are long lasting. If you are partial to strains that have great smells and taste than this is the strain for you!

  • Reviewed 6/26/17

Tincture: LA Chocolat (Super)

Very Unique! Handle with Care

This new tincture is something very special. First off, the packaging is simply immaculate. It is a in a beautiful, crystal bottle, looking like some expensive perfume. When I first tried the tincture, I followed the given instructions and dosed 1 drop for the hour and i felt the effects immediately. The one drop was definitely potent and long lasting and relatively relaxing. I believe that if I would have taken more than the suggested amount, there would definitely be a more intense feeling, so dose very carefully. Furthermore, the taste is actually not as bad as other tinctures, which is surprising, given the potency. This is a very unique and effective tincture!

  • Reviewed 6/22/17

OG Ghost Train Haze (SMALLS)

Super Energetic Sativa

Ghost Train Haze is an excellent strain for the morning! It is very invigorating and full of clear headed energy. There is a very nice body effect that is great for daytime pain as well. The buds are dense and full of trichomes, indicating its high potency. There is a slight piney-earthy smell that is very nice as well. This is a super strong sativa so I recommend trying this in the daytime. An awesome sativa!

  • Reviewed 6/20/17

Awesome strain, does not hit like typical indica

Blueberry Chemdawg is a very nice strain overall. While it is classified as an indica, in my opinion it hits much more like a hybrid. The flavor is very nice and has a very diesel smell, combined with a sweet smell--indicative of the genetics which are Chemdawg and Blueberry. The effects are euphoric and uplifting, working well for mood enhancement or general relaxation, without the couch-lock. There is a also a nice body buzz that is common with both Blueberry and diesel strains such as Chemdawg. This is a very nice, well rounded strain!

  • Reviewed 6/19/17

Specialé: Mango Crush (SALE)

Delicious Sativa Hybrid

The Mango Crush, like the Sour Grapes is simply a work of art as far as strains go. It is covered in white trichomes and the buds are a very pretty, bright green, similar to how other sativas look. The smell is a very sweet, yet citrus, fruity one that is wonderful. The taste again, is very close to the smell and reflects its properties. The effects of this strain is what enjoy the most. It is very happy and uplifting, great for mood elevation. There is also an above average body buzz that is great for pain as well. An excellent daytime option!

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Blueberry Gum

Sweet Smell, Sweet Flavor

Blueberry Gum is just what you expect it to be--a sweet smelling, very tasty, powerfully strong indica. The buds are very dark, which is indicative of its genetics which are Blueberry Gum and Bubblegum Kush. The buds may not be the prettiest, but as soon as you take a whiff of the scent, you can tell that this is a very strong and effective strain. The smell is a perfect mix of slightly musky and very sweet. The taste however is devoid of any muskiness and instead is very sweet, flavorful and delicious. The effects of this strain is absolutely no joke. It is very heavy and may be a bit strong for novices. There is a deep body and mind relaxation that is common with very heavy indicas. If you are a fan of indicas, this strain is for you!

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Very Nice Sativa Hybrid

Cindy 99 is a very solid sativa hybrid with typical characteristics of this strain of flower. The effects are very uplifting and energetic with strong hints of euphoria, resulting in an overall happy, giggly experience. I would say that this strain is the epitome of what a sativa hybrid should be. The high is long lasting and may be used to treat issues such as depression, due to the significant mood elevating characteristics. The smell is very interesting. There is a strong, funky, cheese-like smell that reminds me of Acapulco Gold. This is the kind of smell that tells me the strain will be very potent. Since Cindy 99 has Jack Herer genetics, it is not surprising that the buds are very bright, almost lime green and covered in trichomes. If you like sativa hybrids, this is the strain for you!

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Kashmir Black's Younger Cousin

Sunflower Black is an overall awesome strain. If you have been hesitant on trying Kashmir Black, this is an excellent first step toward that strain. Like Kashmir black, Sunflower Black is choc full of the terpine caryophyllene, which is excellent for defense against pain, inflammation as well as cancer! What makes this strain even better is that it is super strong, even hybrid that can be smoked any time of the day with no sleepy crash or without heavy handed energy. Additionally, the effects are very long lasting and powerful. The flavor and smell is very woody and spicy that may be slightly off putting to those who prefer sweet or citrus flavored flowers. Aside from that, this is perhaps the best deal at TWC!

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Specialé: Sour Grapes (SALE)

Beautiful Strain, Amazing Results

First things first: Sour Grapes is absolutely gorgeous. The buds are a deep, dark purple and the leaves are drenched in trichomes--covered all the way. I have not seen buds this covered in crystal-white trichomes in a very long time. The flavor is a very nice sweet sensation that tastes very much like sour grapes as the name indicates. The effects are powerful--deep relaxation mentally as well as physically. Additionally, the high is very long-lasting. This new line is essentially top shelf product for a cheaper price. Great strain!!

  • Reviewed 6/14/17

Star 51 (Shake)

Excellent Flavor, Fantastic Effects

Star 51 is an super strong and super potent sativa. It is invigorating and produces feelings of intense energy and an overall upbeat and happy state. The effects are long lasting and there is no sleepy comedown that some sativas have. This is very clear headed and a great strain for a day of chores or a long day at work. What I really like about this strain is the flavor and smell. There is a slightly sweet and citrus-like taste that I really like. Additionally, the smell also has strong hints of sweetness, citrus along with an overall pungency that I really enjoy. Star 51 is truly a 5 star sativa that is great for energy and feelings of happiness!

  • Reviewed 6/13/17

Perhaps the Strongest in the House

Kashmir Black is an absolutely exquisite strain. It is a very relaxing, heavy handed and powerfully euphoric. In my opinion, it may be the strongest strain at TWC. The buds are tightly coiled and super dense with beautiful, sparkly trichomes all over. There is strong smell of spiciness and woodiness that is very appealing and stands out. This strain is filled with the terpine caryophyllene which is great for overall pain, mood enhancement and contains anti-cancer properties. Kashmir Black is a strain that would be great for a person who loves a deeply intense experience!

  • Reviewed 5/29/17

Raw Cacao Squares: Hybrid (SALE)

AMAZING!!!! Nooooo Joke....Handle with Care

The new edibles at Takoma Wellness Center are positively amazing! While I have been disappointed many times in the past when trying different edibles, these are very effective. I know most people say it takes about an hour to kick in, however I feel the effects right away and in heavy form. The hybrid strain is nice because you get a nice, strong body buzz while having a cerebral buzz as well. It is very important that one exercises great caution with these, if not familiar with is very different than smoking. It can be more intense, however more beneficial than smoking for treating strong pain, in my experience. I would suggest starting out with a quarter to half of a bar before over indulging, then wait about an hour to see where you are at. Additionally, the quality of these edibles are very high and it is obvious by taste and presentation. These are top notch edibles!

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  • Reviewed 5/24/17

Northeast OG SALE

Loving the House Collection Northeast OG

Abatin has truly stepped up their game with their house collection line. This includes their new Northeast OG. While I have written a review on this strain in the past, I feel that the House Collection is worthy of a separate review. First of all, the buds are very beautiful bright neon green color that are covered in trichomes. The smell is very fresh with hints of tea tree and mint, which is very nice and refreshing. This version of Northeast OG is very relaxing with a nice, slight body buzz, however in my opinion is a bit more uplifting than the older version. I like this because one can enjoy in during the day and not get too sedated, unlike the older version, which I would use mostly in the evenings. Additionally, this strain mixes well with other strains, showing its versatility. I really love the House Collection Northeast OG, truly a step up!

  • Reviewed 5/24/17

Lost Coast Hashplant SALE

Heavy Indica, Deep Relaxation

Lost Coast Hashplant has all of the classic characteristics of an indica strain; heavy relaxation, strong body buzz and excellent pain relief. This strain is perfect for those who suffer insomnia or those who have trouble staying asleep throughout the night. What I like about the strain is that while it is very heavy, you dont get sleepy all at once, so you can have a nice experience before the heavy sedation kicks in. The reason this strain gets 4 stars and not 5 is because I feel that the smell and flavor is just a bit grassy. That being said, I put more stock in a strain's effects as opposed to its smell and taste. Lost Coast Hashplant is an excellently potent indica and will absolutely do the job and then some!

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  • Reviewed 5/15/17

Lemon Cookies

Pure Relaxation

The House Collection Lemon Cookies are absolutely a step from the original batches. The buds are very beautiful, dense and fresh. While the genetics are lemon OG and Girl Scout Cookies, the GSC flavor and smell is much more pronounced than the Lemon portion. The high is intense relaxation, which is great for settling down after a long day as well as good for treating body pain. The feelings euphoria are greatly pronounced and are rather intense, especially for novices. House Collection Lemon Cookies is a strain that everyone must try!

  • Reviewed 5/14/17

Classic Blueberry (SALE)

Do not let the 15% THC fool you..Heavy!

I love this blueberry strain. First, off the smell alone is wonderfully unique and super sweet, similar to the flavored markers that we had in elementary school. Additionally, there is a very enjoyable flavor that is super sweet and berry-like. While the THC level is only 15%, this is a HEAVY indica that induces deep relaxation. Blueberry is absolutely a strain that should be ingested in the evenings, perhaps after dinner and before bed. The initial feeling is giggly and happy then turns into strong sedation leading to a relaxing sleep. This strain is great for insomnia. I love it!

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Strawberry Diesel (Shake)

Nice Solid Hybrid

Strawberry Diesel is a nice and balanced hybrid that is good for use any time of the day. It has a very nice, berry like flavor, while maintaining a hint of the diesel flavor that is classic to the genetics. It is a very mild yet enjoyable high. It is good for novices and pros alike, yet pros with a higher tolerance may think its too mild. The main attribute to take away from this strain is the nice flavor. Very good overall!

  • Reviewed 5/8/17

Amazing Buds, Super Relaxing

This batch of Fruity Thai is absolutely beautiful! The buds are completely covered with bright, sparkling trichomes and are very light, fluffy, yet with enough density to be enjoyable. There is a sort of fresh grassy smell that works in a good way, combined with a bit of sweetness and citrus. This is definitely an indica hybrid that is relaxing without the sleepiness. This is perfect after work or school strain that will take the edge off without putting you straight to bed. This is an excellent mood enhancer as well. This is a wonderful strain!

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Green Crack (TRIM) (SALE)

Clear Headed and Super Energetic

Green Crack is definitely an ultra upbeat sativa that is perfect for an early morning jolt. It is definitely clear headed and focused so you can get things accomplished and stay productive. It is less euphoric then some sativas so those with anxiety may not enjoy this strain as much as others, however for those who are in need of a straightforward and energetic sativa with classic properties, this is the strain for you. The smell is pretty mild and the buds are a very dark green color with pretty orange hairs and covered with trichomes. This is a great sativa!

  • Reviewed 5/1/17

Heavy Indica Hybrid

This strain is definitely a heavy-hitter with strong indica characteristics. Larry OG is spicy and earthy, possessing rather tightly dense buds, relatively indicative of most indica strains. The high is very heavy and is ideal for the evening time, assisting with insomnia. Even though this is listed as a hybrid, in my opinion, it can easily be classified as a full indica due to its potent, sedative characteristics. Very nice strain for pain, insomnia, anti-anxiety and appetite enhancement. Great strain!

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Kashmir is Back!! Another Top Notch Win!

Kashmir Fire is an awesome strain! While this is the replacement for the Kashmir Red, I will tell you, its a very different strain. This is definitely not as energetic as the Kashmir Red but is intensely euphoric. There is a bit of energy, but because of its potency, I would definitely try this strain during a chill time. It hits like a mix between Kashmir black and a strong sativa, but still teeters more towards relaxation and euphoria instead of energy. The buds are medium green, densely packed and full of trichomes. The smell in my opinion is a bit like diesel with a hint of minty freshness. This is a super strong , super potent hybrid!

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OG Malawi Haze

Another Strong Sativa

OG Malawi Haze is a very strong, potent and robust sativa. This strain smokes like a combinaton of Durban Poison and Acapulco Gold. It has the energy and clarity of Durban Poison with the haziness and euphoria of Acapulco Gold. What I like most about this strain is the flavor--it is very unique with a mix of slight citrus and slight spiciness. The buds have classic sativa characteristics including relatively light green buds, with orange and red hairs. They have a nice density as well. This strain is another home run from phyto!

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  • Reviewed 4/25/17

Acapulco Gold

Classic, Old School Strain...New School Feel

Acapulco Gold is a strain that my dad has talked about for so long and I always thought it was a legend, however, this classic strain is back! This is a powerful sativa that possesses intense upbeat feelings with strong euphoria. In my opinion, this particular version of Acapulco Gold hits more like a sativa hybrid rather than a straight sativa as it has a slight relaxing effect while remaining upbeat and energized. The smell is very sweet with a slight hint of citrus, which is delicious. The buds are big, dense and sticky, indicative of its high quality. This is not your dad's grass!

  • Reviewed 4/13/17

Durban Poison

100% Sativa

I have been waiting impatiently for this strain to hit the dispensary. This is by far one of my favorite strains ever! It packs a powerfully strong punch that at first produces feelings of intense euphoria putting you in a slight daze, however the more you hit, the more focused and energized you become which is a common theme with most African sativas. Additionally, this is a parent plant of one of the most popular strains, Girl Scout Cookies, so if you are a fan, Durban Poison is something you definitely want to try. The buds are extremely dense and covered and beautiful trichomes that will wow you! This is for sure one of my top 5 favorite strains and top 3 sativas! Excellent strain!

  • Reviewed 4/7/17

This will replace your mucinex! Amazing!

I unfortunately suffer from a chronic condition where i constantly am stuffed up with a runny nose. Sunflower Green is the only medicine that has fully worked..honestly! This is a strong sativa hybrid with the Ocimene terpine which acts as a decongestant. As soon as I took a few hits, my nasal passages started opening up and for the rest of the day, I was clear. Not to mention, the strain is very clearheaded with a nice body buzz, so this can be used in the day time! This strain is truly revolutionary!

  • Reviewed 4/5/17

Very Potent Sativa

The Yellow Sunflower strain is absolutely amazing. For only $48 an eighth, this is a still. This is perhaps one of the most effective sativas at TWC. There is a wonderful, citrus yet sweet smell, clearly stemming from the Limonene terpine. This is very energetic strain that can easily replace a cup of coffee. Additionally, there is a mild feeling of euphoria for those who need a mood enhancement. The buds have a beautiful shade of bright green with orange and yellow hairs. For the price, this sativa is the best bang for your buck!!

  • Reviewed 3/16/17

Straight Gas

Diesel is a fiercely potent strain. It literally smells like gasoline, which may put people off at the first , but it is absolutely worth pushing through. It is incredibly strong and after two hits there is a massive feeling of energy, relaxation and intense euphoria. The buds are quite dense and bright green, looking very lovely. Towards the end of the session, the euphoric energy gently transforms into relaxing sedation, without being sleepy. This is a very unique strain and well worth trying!!

  • Reviewed 3/10/17

Skywalker OG

Super Duper Strong Indica

Skywalker OG is one of the heaviest indicas at TWC. This strain is perfect for night time before bed. The buds are very dense with an earthy yet sweet aroma. There is a really strong body buzz, accompanied with strong cerebral relaxation. The buds are very dense and a beautiful shade of dark green. This is definitely not a strain for beginners as it is quite potent and can be overwhelming to some. This is great for night time pain. Wonderful strain!

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Buttah: Natural

NOO Joke!!

This infused butter is an amazing product! It is most defiantly potent and strong, so a very little goes a long way. There is a slight taste of cannabis but overall is very mild and can be easily mixed into anything! Contrary to popular wisdom regarding edibles, I felt the sensation as soon as I consumed a small amount. A little goes a long time for sure,. Excellent for body pain. Intense mental euphoria also takes place. It can be overwhelming for first timers, so please go slow. This butter is great because you can either cook with it or simply spread it across some toast. The effect is the same! This is great for patients who do not wish to smoke. When consumed responsibly, this is a great product at TWC!

  • Reviewed 3/9/17

Surprisingly Heavy

I was very intrigued when I first noticed the strain named Kalashnikov. When I found out it was a hybrid of AK 47 and White widow, I got VERY excited, as I love both of these strains. While the actual look of the flower was much less than impressive, there was an interesting smell and taste. The flower was refreshingly potent and there was a deep sense of relaxation. This strain is very euphoric yet definitely hits like an indica hybrid. There is a strong feeling of relaxation in the body and the mind. This is definitely best used in the evening after a long day of work or class. This batch may not be the best looking, but it really is a nice strain!

  • Reviewed 3/5/17

KushZilla (Exclusive)(SHAKE)(SALE)

You Miss Shackzilla? Its Back!..well sort of

Kushzilla is an excellent strain! I was always a huge fan of Shackzilla, so I was naturally sad when it was gone, however Kushzilla is the original with an extra punch! While Shackzilla is a robust sativa, this strain is crossed with the very potent indica, Knock-Out Kush, which allows for an intense, hybrid experience. While the feelings associated with sativas are slightly more pronounced, the role of Knock-Out Kush is still very present, with nice body effects and feelings of relaxation. This strain remains very functional, yet produces a strong feeling of well-being, energy, euphoria and relaxation, simultaneously. Kushzilla is an improved relative to Shackzilla!!

  • Reviewed 2/24/17

Excellent for the daytime

The balanced cartridge is great! It is a perfect for someone who suffers from pain in the daytime as it has almost an equal amount of CBD to THC. It is mild enough for one to remain functional. while provided a relatively potent head high with an intense body buzz. There is a feeling of overall wellness once sufficiently medicated. The feelings of relief are long-lasting and one does not need more than 5 hits of this cartridge per session order to feel its effects. The taste is not harsh, so people who are not used to smoking will be able to enjoy this. This balanced cartridge is great!

  • Reviewed 2/21/17

Maui Waui OG (SHAKE)

Potent, Old School Sativa

Maui Waui is a classic landrace strain, but this particular strain is not like the old school version. At 25.5%, this definitely packs an energetic punch. This is a very long lasting, clear headed and hyperactive strain, that is great for getting things done in the daytime. There is a slight feeling of euphoria, however in my opinion, more raw energy is produced. It has a very citrus-like flavor that I really enjoy. This is not your parent's Maui Waui! Great strain!

  • Reviewed 2/16/17

Liberty Roll-On Cream

This stuff really works

The roll on cream is my favorite topical. I use this whenever I have moderate to major back and joint pain. Just roll it on and it works within 30 seconds. Quick warning, it is cold to the touch. Once administered, it is actually very soothing. I have greatly reduced the use of pain meds like aspirin and Tylenol. This is a really great product!

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Classic Purps

Super Relaxing indica Hybrid

When I first too a look at the new batch of Classic Purps (also known as Mendocino Purps), I was amazed at how beautiful the buds were. Super dark purple and full of trichomes, it is truly a wonderful sight. The smell is very strong, indicating an enjoyable smoke. It is very relaxing without being too overwhelming and is good for an after-work strain. There are uplifting feelings as well pretty strong feelings of sedation. There is a nice body buzz as well as a happy, euphoric cerebral buzz. This is really an awesome strain!

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Quite Trippy

This is a very fun strain. It is hard to tell if this is an indica or sativa as this strain just leads to complete euphoria. This is very unique as it is energizing yet relaxing with and intensely uplifting feeling. This is a very social strain, great for talking and laughing with friends. There is a slight dragging feeling toward the tailend of the high. This strain would probably be best used in the early evening for relaxing after work or enjoying time with friends in a chill setting. The buds are a beautiful mix of green and purple, with an sweet yet earthy smell. An awesome, trippy experience!

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Liberty Sunshine

A True Step Above the Original

Liberty Sunshine can quite possibly be the best strain at TWC! While I love Orange Sunshine, there is really no comparison. The smell, the taste and the look are all phenomenal. While the original strain is very nice and uplifting, the Liberty Sunshine is so much more strong and potent. The buds are literally covered in trichomes and are very bright green and pretty (SUPER DENSE). This is not for the novice smoker as a few puffs in can be overwhelming. As it is only $25 more than Orange Sunshine quarter, it is well worth it!!

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Sweetest Taboo

Powerful Hybrid

Similar to Funkology, this is an excellent strain that is very unique in nature. It has both intense sativa as well as indica effects. It is has a very uplifting and happy cerebral feeling, while having a strong body buzz. This is a pretty balanced hybrid that is great for day or night. The euphoric feeling is quite enjoyable, great for social situations or creativity. While the indica effects are very pronounced, they are not strong enough to knock you out--sort of on the level of Northeast OG (OG Kush). This is a very smooth and potent strain. Its great!

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Liberty Relief Spray


This spray is the truth! Just spray it on any area that aches such as joint or back pain, rub it in and then there is a soothing numbness which leads to pain relief! It happens so quick and this can easily replace Advil with this item! This is best used for for mild pain. It really works!

  • Reviewed 2/14/17

Super Silver Haze (Smalls)

Awesome, relaxing sativa

Silver Kush is an awesome sativa! It is very upbeat, euphoric and happy, yet has nice relaxation effects. This is not a typical sativa such as pinchers creek and pinetrak as it is not exactly clear headed energy, but more euphoric energy with slight cerebral sedative feelings. It is really unique as one can get daily tasks accomplished while enjoying a hybrid-like feeling of happiness and overall wellness. Even better are the dense buds that this strain has. Great sativa!

  • Reviewed 2/13/17

Merry 'n Berry (Small Buds)

Very Good Evening Strain

This batch of Merry N Berry is very good! The buds are very dense, covered with trichomes are truly beautiful! Also more commonly known as LSD, is best used in the evening because it packs a pretty relaxing and sedative punch. It is an indica leaning hybrid so it will not send you to bed right away, however at the tail-end of the high, there are pretty heavy feelings of sleepiness. The initial feelings are those of euphoria, happiness and talkativeness, so this can also be considered a social strain. This is probably the best batch of Merry N Berry I tried at TWC!

  • Reviewed 2/9/17

Classic OG Haze SHAKE SALE!

One of my Faves!

Classic OG Haze is absolutely one of my favorite strains at TWC! This is a very potent hybrid with robust sativa effects as well as indica effects. There is a powerful cerebral sativa high that is produced, while there is a nice, strong body buzz. There are intense feelings of euphoria and happiness while having a feeling of relaxations. While this is a hybrid, in my opinion, the sativa effects are slightly more pronounced than the indica affects. This strain is best used any time of day, but because of the slight feelings of sedation, its best used toward the end of the day, yet still can be used in the day time. One of my favorites!

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Classic Trainwreck

Ivigorating Sativa

Classic Trainwreck is a very potent sativa that is definitely not for the novice smoker. It produces intense feelings of clear headed energy. Those who suffer from anxiety may want to steer clear of this strain because of the cerebral high this produces, which can intensify anxiety. Those who need long lasting, clear headed energy to handle daily tasks, classic trainwreck would be perfect. I particularly like using this strain before the gym. The buds are very bright green with a unique, pungent yet citrus smell, that i really love. This is one of the most potent and high energy sativas at TWC. Great strain!

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SALE: Purple Pineapple Kush

Very Relaxing yet Uplifting

Purple Pineapple Kush is a truly even hybrid with both relaxation and uplifting effects. This is a very good strain for the early evening, perhaps after work. The Pineapple Express ensures an uplifting, euphoric yet slightly energetic feeling, while the Master Kush and GDP simultaneously ensures a very relaxing and slightly sleepy feeling as well. This is a true hybrid in the sense that while it produces two conflicting feelings, the both blend together in an overall feeling of happiness and sedation. Additionally, the buds are a unique mix of bright green and dark purple with trichomes covering the buds. A very nice hybrid!

  • Reviewed 2/4/17

Sour Diesel #4

An Old Favorite

The popular Sour D is back at TWC! This longtime favorite abosolutely will not dissapoint. This is a nice, robust sativa that packs a euphoric punch, while producing feelings of high energy. It is a mentally uplifting strain, sure to help with anxiety or depression. If you have not tried Sour D, but have tried Sour OG and Chemdawg, do yourself a favor and try this, as it is a parent in both popular strains. Sour D is great for creativity and inspires one to be productive. While energetic, there is also profound feelings of relaxation as well. It is a strain where one can feel energized and relaxed at the same time. Not to mention, the buds are dense yet fluffy and smell hints of citrus. This is really a great strain.

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  • Reviewed 2/3/17

Terp Sap: Gorilla Glue #1

Top notch concentrate

This terp sap is amazing! It is very smooth and tasty with minimal coughing compared to other dabs! It is very light brown which indicates the high quality. It's very upbeat and produces an overall feeling of goodness. Unlike other concentrates like rosin and honey oil, terp sap is surprisingly easy to work with; minimal mess! And at 81 percent THC, it is the highest in the shop. Such a great concentrate!

  • Reviewed 2/2/17

Powerful yet ubeat indica

Night OG is an interesting indica as it is not super sleepy and does not produce the couchlock feeling that indicas typically produce. It is mood elevating, euphoric and an overall happy strain for most of the duration of the session. Towards the tailend of the session, there may be feelings of sedation, but not where you will be completely knocked out. There is also a nice body buzz that is accompanied by the strain. The buds are nice and fluffy as well. Very nice strain!

  • Reviewed 1/31/17

Heavy Lemon Indica Hybrid

This is a rather heavy handed strain. At first it brings on feelings of uplift and euphoria, however as time goes on, the indica affects are apparent. There is a deep sense of sleepiness and a heavy body buzz that occurs further into the smoking experience. This strain is definetly best used in the evening or even right before bed. This is not for the novice user, as the affects are ver pronounced! Overall, nice and powerful strain!

  • Reviewed 1/26/17

Very Even Indica

Fools Gold is one of the strange indica strains. It is very relaxing and sedating, however will not put you right to sleep. It is a very feel-good strain, best used in the evening (Not necessarily right before bed). It is very potent and packs a pretty solid body buzz as well as a nice cerebral buzz for an indica. However, if you overdo it with this strain it WILL put you to sleep. One of the better indica leaning hybrids at TWC!

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Heavy Handed Hybrid

Lost Coast OG is an indica leaning hybrid, but might as well be classified as an indica. It has very strong indica properties including deep relaxation, heavy sedation, a strong body buzz and eventual sleepiness. This is great for sleep without sleeping too deeply. The buds are very dense and have pretty purple hairs. It has a very nice taste and you can feel the effects immediately. This strain is not for the novice smoker. Very strong, very good buds!

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Holy Purple Grail

Uplifting Indica

I love Holy Purple Grail! While this is an indica leaning hybrid, it hits like a sativa hybrid! It is very uplifting and euphoric without being sleepy at all. This may be one of the most uplifting indicas I have ever tried. It has beautiful purple buds and its very dense and potent. While there is a relaxation effect as well, I would not recommend this strain before bed. I would compare this to Girl Scout Cookies, which is one of my favorites. This is a great strain!

  • Reviewed 1/25/17

Funkology (SHAKE)

Straight Funk

This is quite a potent strain that packs a punch! The buds are frosty with deep green mixed with purple and looks very beautiful. The first hit is the hardest and lasts the took about 20 minutes to get through one bowl hit. While it is an indica leaning hybrid, I found it very uplifting, energetic and euphoric. It is definitely a mood elevator and would be good for depression or anxiety. This is definitely a top strain at TWC. Not for the beginner smoker!

  • Reviewed 1/22/17

Limonene Dream

Excellent daytime strain

Limonene dream has all of the classic sativa attributes people love like mood enhancement, clear headed energy with a hint of euphoria. There is a pronounced citrus flavor not unlike lemons that I particularly enjoy with sativas like this. The buds are always dense and are very frosty and filled with trichomes. When you look at this strain, you can immediately tell that this is a potent strain. One of my top sativas at TWC!

  • Reviewed 1/20/17

Critical Sensi Star Smalls

Deep relaxation

Critical Sensei Star is a very solid, robust strain with classic indica properties. Once inhaled, there is a rapid rushing feeling throughout the body, bringing on deep physical relaxation. Because of this and the fact that this strain contains CBD, it is great for dealing with pain, especially around bed time. Additionally, this is a great strain for insomnia. There is a berry/earthy flavor combination with moderate spice,which is produces an interesting taste. Excellent indica, especially for the price!

  • Reviewed 1/19/17

Very Nice Evening Strain

Buffalo Solider is a very nice and relaxing indica leaning hybrid. It has a very sweet, berry like flavor, with a hint of earthiness. This best used in the early evening as it has relatively strong sedation effects without knocking you out. Its a strain where you can be social and relaxed at the same time! Also, very good for pain and anxiety. Great strain!

  • Reviewed 1/17/17

Pretty Good

This is a nice, daytime sativa hybrid. While not too overpowering, it does produce a good amount of energy as well as a nice euphoria, but it as not as potent as I would like. In my opinion, it is best mixed with another sativa in order to attain the longest possible sativa feeling. The smell is perhaps my favorite aspect of the strain; it has a very strong hint of citrus that are common in many sativas. Overall a pretty good strain!

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Northeast OG SALE

Always a keeper

Northeast OG, more commonly known as OG Kush, stays true to it classic attributes; heavy, sedating, euphoric, without the couch lock. This a very potent strain that is not for the faint of heart. The body affects are very pronounced, so this strain would be very good for pain. This is definitely an evening strain, perfect for relaxing after a long day of work or class. I love it because you get all the relaxation affects without the urge to fall asleep. Always a reliable and classic strain!

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Gorilla Glue #4 (SALE)

One of my faves!!

Gorilla Glue #4 is probably one of my top five favorite strains! Developed in Las Vegas, this is a highly potent hybrid with definite sativa affects. It has very strong euphoric properties that is more overpowering than the energy this sativa hybrid produces. It is a very strong strain that is not for the novice smoker. The buds are a beautiful bright green, covered in trichomes. The buds are as beautiful as the smoking experience itself! By far one of my favorite strains!

  • Reviewed 1/5/17

SALE: New Jack City (Shake)

Very Interesting

New Jack City is a truly interesting strain. It is an indica leaning version of Jack Herer, a potent and popular sativa. While the initial feeling is an upbeat and happy one, which is talkative and social, the indica effects kick in as time goes on, which produce a slight dragging and sleepy feeling. This is not an indica that will put you right to sleep, but will casually turn one's mood from elevated to relaxed. Additionally, the buds are a beautiful, bright, lime green, much like Jack Herer! An interesting yet very good strain!

  • Reviewed 1/4/17

Clear Headed, Daytime Strain

Pinetrak is a very strong sativa that is excellent for getting things done in the daytime. Similar to Pinchers Creek, Jack Herer and Classic Trainwreck, it is very energetic and clear headed with little dragging effects. It is very strong, yet not overwhelming feeling of invigoration and energy. The buds are bright green and sparkling with trichomes and makes for a beautiful sight. Additionally, the energizing feeling is long lasting. An excellent sativa!!

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Nice and Even Hybrid

Chem Valley did not knock my socks off, however it is a very good strain for someone who does not want an overly strong feelings. It reminds me of Blue Dream as it is mild, uplifting yet relaxing as well as it has a very nice, bright look to it. This is a good strain for the novice smoker or someone who just needs a slight pickup. It has a bit of an earthy smell yet very pretty, bright green buds. Overall solid strain!

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  • Reviewed 12/28/16

Noshaq Kush SALE

Nice, Chill Indica

Noshaq Kush is an overall nice, relaxing indica. It is not the strongest strain and will not necessarily knock you out to sleep right away, so if you are looking for a heavy indica, this is not it. It-stead, this strain provides a feeling of mild relaxation which will eventually turn into a sedative state. This will not harm your chances of sleeping by no means, but you just may need a higher dose to assist with that need. It is a feel good high with a mild body buzz. It has a very nice taste and smell. Not a bad indica!

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  • Reviewed 12/21/16

Moonrocks: Lost Coast Gorilla



Finally, we have moonrocks on the east coast! This particular moonrock is as good as its west coast counterparts in terms of quality. This is Goji OG, a powerful sativa doused in Gogi OG rosin and Chemdawg kief, an absolutely powerful combination; so much so that I would say that novice smokers should be careful. These moonrocks produce a wonderfully upbeat and euphoric feeling of happiness, along with a moderately good body buzz. A little goes a long way--slow burning and each hit is so potent that I took extended breaks between hits LOL. Be prepared to work a little bit, due to the oily consistency and stickiness. It is well worth the work, ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING!!

  • Reviewed 11/30/16

Kashmir Red Jr.

The Diamond strains are probably the best bang for the buck in the city and that is no different for red diamonds. Aside from the smaller buds, they are very similar to kashmir red, in taste, smell and feeling. Red Diamonds delivers a powerfully euphoric feeling coupled with a nice rush of energy. Beyond that, the buds are tightly dense and very frosty! Great bang for the buck!

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Tropical Punch

Powerful Sativa Hybrid

This strain really packs a punch like its name says! Very potent sativa hybrid with long lasting relaxation effects, it is best used in the day time. Its definitely has a very happy, talkative and upbeat feeling that is hard to compare with other strains. Also has a very nice, fruity taste and smell! Great strain!

  • Reviewed 11/22/16

CO2 Wax: SAGEZilla

Smooth, Clean Concentrate

This is one of the cleanest tasting waxes I have ever consumed. As soon as you open the package, you can tell by the light color and soft texture that this definitely high quality. This is best used during daytime as there is a clear headed and energetic feeling that I do not usually feel, even from sativa waxes. There is a very pleasant taste that again I am not used to, even in some of the concentrates out west. Very nice!

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Black Diamonds

Champagne for the beer budget!

The Diamond strains from abatin are all wonderful alternatives to the kashmir line and black diamonds is no different. This is a powerful hybrid, most similar to Kashmir black yet with small, dense buds. There is a very strong smell that compliments its strong and happy euphoria. This is good for any time of the day, but should be dosed carefully due to its potency. This a truly a great strain for an even greater price!

  • Reviewed 11/11/16

District Dream (Shake)

Blue Dream That Packs an Extra Kick!!

For those who love blue dream, think of this as its mature older brother. It has a wonderful, refreshing smell with definite sweet yet citrus undertones. The buds are extremely frosty and light, yet dense. This strain has a wonderful, happy, talkative, classic sativa type feeling that is great for the start of the day. Very Social. If you like blue dream but ready to graduate to something a bit stronger, than this is your strain!

  • Reviewed 10/24/16

New Dream (SALE)

Very relaxing

New dream may sound like blue dream but it is definitely more potent. As a three way mix of Blueberry (indica leaning hybrid), Haze (sativa), Skunk #1 (indica hybrid) it packs a heavy hit. Its a powerfully relaxing strain that pushes the mind into a gentle euphoria while not completely going off to sleep. It is better used towards the end of the day but not right before sleep. A really good, happy, nice feeling strain!

  • Reviewed 10/17/16

LA Chocolat

Nice and Chill

La Chacolat is a nice, relaxing, feel good strain. While indica leaning, it will not knock you out and will gently ease you to an upbeat and relaxed mental state. The tail end will make you a bit drowsy, so its best used in the late afternoon or early evening. La Chocolat is a great mood enhancer and would be beneficial for depression or anxiety. Overall really nice, happy, soothing strain!


This is an updated review for the 2nd generation batch. This batch is just like the original. Very smooth, relaxing indica leaning hybrid, perfect for relaxing without falling asleep. It has a chocolate/coffee smell and flavor that is very unique. Still very nice!

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  • Reviewed 9/16/16

Maui Crush (Shake)

Nice, Spacy Sativa

This is a very interesting strain. No doubt it is contains energizing and uplifting sativa affects, it also has a nice euphoric feeling as well, hitting similarly to a hybrid. There is a slight body affect, yet rather low compared to hybrids or indicas, it is definitely a nice heavy hitter with quick acting and long lasting affects. It has a nice light, fruity flavor which matches its tropical theme. Overall a really good stain!

  • Reviewed 8/30/16

Heavy Duty Fruity

Pretty good hybrid

Heavy Duty Fruity is actually a rather mild hybrid with sativa affects. It has a very sweet, fruity and tropical aroma. Once consumed, there is an uplifting, positive and happy feeling. Good social strain. It is energetic yet has calming affects as well that you can feel in your body. It is a little mild for my taste, but still very good!

  • Reviewed 8/26/16

Pincher's Creek (SALE) (GLASS JAR)

Excellent Daytime Strain

Pincher's Creek is one of the best strains at TWC. It is most definitely best used in the day as it is an invigorating and energetic sativa. The smell is potent, citrus flavored and sweet at the same time. The buds are beautiful light green with red hairs. This is a great strain for getting things done in the day time, or if you have something important to focus on. It overall provides a clear headed feeling. Its a great sativa!

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Very Good Evening Strain

Bubba Kush is a powerful indica best used at night. It has a deep, potent smell that is very common with indicas. It is not an immediate knockout; for the first 30-45 minutes there is a nice relaxed, euphoric feeling but afterwords it is lights out. Very good for insomnia or pain management.

  • Reviewed 8/25/16

Girl Scout Cookies (Shake)

The Best

This is probably my favorite strain at TWC. This is a strong, powerful strain that is not for novice users. There is a great sense of euphoria and it just makes everything enjoyable. In my opinion, it can be used in the day but on the tail end, you may be a bit sleepy. Overall, one of my top favorite strains!

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SALE: Orange Sunshine (Shake)

High Powered Hybrid

I absolutely love this strain. While a hybrid, you can definetly feel the sativa affects and in my opinion best used in the day time. Orange Sunshine will allow you to complete daily tasks while feeling euphoric, energized yet relaxed at the same time. Def one of my faves!

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Sour OG/DMV Diesel

Good Daytime Hybrid

818 headband is definitely a nice daytime hybrid. In my opinion, the body effects are a bit limited but the head effects are strong. Very invigorating and energetic, you can really get things done with 818. The only reason I do not give it 5 stars is that I like a body effect with headband crosses and it lacked that. Overall still a really, really good strain that can help with anxiety and assist with completing daily tasks.

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Smooth, Sweet Hybrid

I was pleasantly surprised with this strain. It has a very strong berry flavor so it is very tasty. It is definitely a head high but there are also slight body effects as well. Very uplifting and talkative strain, although a bit mild. Not bad though!

  • Reviewed 3/8/16

Sativa Bubble Hash

Sativa Hash

This stuff is excellent. You can definitely tell it is a Sativa as I feel uplifted and energetic. I sprinkled some over a bowl of Trainwreck and Tangie mixed and it absolutely added a nice kick! This hash gives a heavy feeling, yet not to the point where you cannot function. The high THC level is a plus as well! At 40 a gram, its a great deal so I highly recommend it!

  • Reviewed 6/15/14

Dispensary Review:

Takoma Wellness Center

Excellent Dispensary

Takoma Wellness is a great dispensary. It is a very comfortable and professional environment. The Kahn family is very nice and accommodating as well. There is always something on the menu for any budget, and they are always fully stocked. I like that they are constantly improving, with something new to offer every time I visit. Overall a great spot!