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  • Reviewed 2/1/13

Dispensary Review:

Bloom Room

medithrive owners have new shop....

Similar to the prior review.. long wait time to get registered.. but its a new place and they gave a bag of freebies.. I only saw one vaporizer... I am sure that will change.. The bud quality matches the apothecarium.... the terp x nectars are expensive but they speak for themselves... bottom line is this place was clean.. The female bud tenders are attractive/nice and the security guard was cool.. kind of pricey but top notch bud

Hey HARPOON6444,

Thanks for the review. Our registration process was too slow when we first opened. We took your criticism and its now much faster. We appreciate the feedback and we are going to continue to be best we can. Thanks again.



  • Reviewed 11/20/12

Dispensary Review:

BASA Collective

Good medicine good prices .. Clean

I got done purple pineapple yesterday for 25/8 .. I am a connoisseur and just decided to get something cheap because it smelled so good .. I was not disappointed .. I don't have my in state ID yet ...I showed them proof of residence no problem .. Guy behind counter was knowledgable and helpful .. Only thing is no new member goodies ... This area is a cool place ... Def not ghetto whatsoever .. Hipster ..... Will go back

  • Reviewed 9/20/11

Blackberry Kush

Vapor Room

tasty viddle

sweet.. and dense not as the description suggests on sticky guide.. I would classify this as a purple.. Boutique indeed .. I am a smoker that tends to have a super high tolerance.. and 2 bong rips of this stuff soothes my pain/ anxiety. I think it works for insomnia as good if not better than any other strains. I would classify it as a purple. If you are looking for a solid stinky purp.. This bus is for you . The VP is a land of boutique bud..

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