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Dispensary & Marijuana Reviews

  • Reviewed 3/16/14

Grape Goo Full Melt

good suggestion by bud tender

Besides getting the sweet and sour the bud tender recommended this grape goo. Such a good suggestion! It has hits of grapes in it but the goo side more of less takes over the smell. Super smooth and taste a little like grapes but true to the smell. I would give it 5 out of 5 but it doesn't leave as good as resin as the others but still really happy with this purchase. What is surprising is that this hash hits really hard for only 40 percent but it has to do with the terps. The more it danks= more thc you absorb

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Sweet & Sour Kush FM

super fire!

Appearance: very greasy!! it looks like true solvent less wax because of such a oily consistency

Smell: danks hard, I'm guessing this strain is (sweet tooth/ sour diesel) it smells sweet with hints of sour in it.

Taste: taste amazing, keep in mind, i make patties with the hash and press it into my ti screen and then throw it on top of my domesless nail and i found this method is the only way to get the true connoisseur taste out of your hash. Any other way you might not taste it 100 percent

smokeability: melts really nicely down, usually i can tell the quality by what kind of resin it leaves. It surprisingly leaves a really light gold resin ( probably because its so greasy)

high: hits hard!, i don't know the % because it hasn't come in from the lab. But I'm thinking its around 40-60 percent. Take a big enough dab and you will be medicated

Overal: Really bomb hash! i forgot to add this full melt is super smooth

  • Reviewed 3/7/14

Harborside has really impressed me

Unfortunately last time I came in I had bought some shatter that ended up crackling. I came in today to purchase more medication and also received a refund. I was very pleased when i was told that i could be refunded on medications that did not meet the quality expected. I received my refund in a discount against the medication i bought so that was pretty cool. Its nice to know that harborside values its patients and doesn't treat them like " just another person". I feel like the money that I spend here is well spent. The facility is really nice being in a business area and they have tons of parking spots. every one is friendly and the display cases are well setup. Thanks harborside most collectives do not stand behind their products!!

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Platinum Diesel Full Melt

Fire Fullmelt!

I'm onto my second gram of this platinum diesel and this is some real connoisseur grade full melt! for a great price. The smell of this full melt is an incredible danky sour diesel with hints of platinum. The taste is exactly on point, very incredible soury but kushy taste. Very smooth on the exhale and melts down very nicely on my ti screen that I use with my ti domeless nail. I noticed that this full melt is so oily that it leaves oil resin on my screen. Most full melts cannot compare to this and if they do they cost twice as much as this. Really impressed with this hash! Get some before its gone!!!

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  • Reviewed 3/2/14

HGH: SFV Jilly Shatter

Utterly disappointed

This is the first time that i have bought anything hgh that has crackled. Im very not happy because this wax is 35 a half. Luckly i only bought a half g but I'm still very disappointed in this hgh " sfv jily". I have bought tons of hgh and I'm really pissed this shatter crackles. Honestly i will never buy any of your shatter again haborside all it takes is one time. I hope you guys clear this out or take it off because how can you guys sell this. Honestly I'm so mad I'm just going to throw this piece of **** shatter. I know places with shatter for 45 that is nug run dewaxed that is wayyy better than this. Cmon harborside i know you can do better.

We are very sorry to hear that you were disappointed with our product. We currently have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed, so if you would like to exchange this item for another or receive store credit we would be more than happy to do so. Hope this helps!

  • Reviewed 12/15/13

Jack Herer

Bomb jack

When i medicate with flowers during the day, my go to strain is jack herer! This batch harboside has is really bomb. Tight bud structure, very light green with bright orange hairs. The smell and taste of this jack is just like another all jacks, amazing! For 50 an eight this is a good price! I Burns clean, great taste, perfect moistness, not too wet or dry. Didn't give it 5 out of 5 because it could be higher thc ( This batch is only 15%). I have seen and had jacks around the 25-30 percent range. Other than that, this is a good batch harborside has , and for your jack fans check out their dutch crunch it's similar to this but top shelf

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  • Reviewed 12/14/13

Sour OG Full Melt

Impressed by the quality!

Picked up this sour og full melt and it is a nice hitter at 62 percent. I'm not a big fan of dabbing full melts but i do like to occasionally. Nate (thanks again!) told me that it was really tasty like typical sour og and burns clean. Everything he said was on point! When i took a dab it burned clean and taste amazing. It left very little residue on my nail. This fullmelt is really exceptionally good for 35 a g!

  • Reviewed 12/8/13

Lemon Remedy

Best cbd flower I've had in awhile!

Came today to harborside to come and pick up this lemon remedy. Wow what an amazing cbd treatment for a flower at 16 percent cbd! Vey impressive. This medication is very smooth with lemon and sour hints! This flower is dank and dense. Really good top shelf high cbd! The cbd high is very nice along with the 8 percent thc. Harborside I will keep coming back for this medication! Thanks again

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  • Reviewed 12/7/13

Harlequin Amber

Could be better

Just picked some of this up. Like other person it taste like cornflakes, not a big fan but I can taste the pure harlequin besides that. I wish it didn't taste like cornflakes honestly. Other that that the cbd is really nice. Maybe if it was 60 it would be way better. Other than taste, pretty good med. I've seen higher cbd in shatters but I haven't seen any cbd shatter lately, so if u like cbd I highly recommend it.

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  • Reviewed 10/27/13

Forest Nymph - Pain Relief Tincture

Elemental Wellness

best high cbd tincture around

This FNB pain relief tincture works amazingly. I have tired the pure's and they are good but if you wana spend a little extra this is such a nice treat. Every descreet, easy to use, 4 drops and I'm fully cbd medicated. This tincture is comparable to elementals cbd medications. Anyone looking for a bomb tincture this is the one. High cbd, the alcohol in this tincture isn't that bad ( vinegar is worse). Takes little or no time and for the price you easily get at least 25-30 or even more doses depending on tolerance

  • Reviewed 9/14/13

Jack Herer Wax

bomb wax

Really nice Jack Herer wax featured at bpg. Nice danky Jack smell, very clean smoke, left very little residue on nail. The high is powerful and strong just like the name, very uplifting, great daytime wax. 50 is a good price for the quality.

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Sour Diesel Full Melt

tasty fullmelt

i purched this fullmelt and i will say i dont buy fullmelt and i really like this. I dab it and top it on my all star jack frost. This fullmelt is good for dabbing, leaves kinda a lot of residue but thats just how fullmelt is, even the best quality full melt will leave some resin . Very clean and smooth, great sour d taste. On bowls it gets it me verryy high, makes your bowls last awhile. For 50 you will not find fullmelt like this, usually its 35 and only half the quality of this. Spend the little extra money and you won't be disappointed. Good buy

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Jack Frost Oil

one word, BOMB

This all star jack frost is no joke. I made it 4 out of 5 stars just because i dont know if its tested or not. But literally 5 out 5 for quality, taste, the way it smokes and the high. Very engerizing high. Like the other person said too, this is the best jack in the bay, greendoors is good but it doesnt compare. It's worth very penny. Get the all star jack frost, nothing out there is better. This jack's $60 so be prepared to spend more but the quality comes with it

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  • Reviewed 1/24/13


Elemental Wellness


I ever so happened to roll over today for my points and picked up a gram of this Ak 47 flower. First impressions wow! Very sticky with a sweet almost sour danky smell, covered in a felid of trichomes. Medicine is very smooth and taste sweet, exactly like the smell. Packed with potency (26.36% THC/ 2.68% CBD) This flower IMO is more of a day time strain due to its cerebral effects, but it could be used for pain too as it helped mine effectively . Im giving this AK47 a 5/5 because smoothness, potency,taste, and density of this flower are all there and what you expect from elementals top shelf menu. You wont be disappointed!!!!!!

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  • Reviewed 1/17/13

Cookie Crumble

Elemental Wellness

Cookie Crumble

Along with the Ghost Og that i picked up i got some of this cookie crumble. What caught my eye with this cookie is that it is cherry pie mixed with og kush. Some of the first ever wax i got from elemental was the cherry pie wax and that was amazing so i knew this was going to be good. The looks of this cookie crumble are just like the name, crumbly! This wax is easy to work with that gives you that powerful head high from the cherry but also the relaxing og effect. The consistency of this wax is crumbly and light almost flakey. Anyone who is looking for a smooth high potency wax, elemental has it!

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Ghost OG Wax

Elemental Wellness

Ghost Og Wax

Wow what a terrific wax elemental has come out to help cure my symptoms! This Ghost Og wax is among the family of og's which gives its distinct profile. The consistency of this wax is almost of budder! Going in with the dabber for a dab was almost effortless. The Ghost Og looks and taste like a powerful earthy og. This medicine hits very hard but is very smooth. Like always elemental always strives to give their patients the best medication when it comes to flowers, concentrates, whatever your into!

  • Reviewed 1/12/13

Three Kings (CG)

Elemental Wellness

Potent and smooth three kings

i bought an 1/8th of this top shelf three kings and it was well worth it. The budtender was very nice as always telling me about whats good for top shelf 1/8th's. i looked at a few eights and the three kings was the dankest. The smoke is very smooth with the taste of your typical og with hints of sour d. The flower smells very citrus with a powerful skunk smell behind it. Buds are very frosty with tons of orange hairs. The thing that is cool is that this is a clean green certified, this means its grown and tested for no pestides. The thing that makes this a 4 out of 5 eight is because i expected bigger nugs for the price. IF the nugs were more giant and less stems it would be 5 out 5. Other than that i would suggest this flower to anyone who wants a nice daytime medication without the tiredness.

  • Reviewed 1/11/13

Blackberry Kush Crumble

Elemental Wellness

Loving this blackberry kush!

IMO I'm not a big fan of blackberry kush but i had a friend suggest me to get some and try it out for myself. Wow! The first smell impression is a very kushy with hints of blackberry! Taste exactly like blackberrys very nice!!!!! This wax was among the smoothest of the waxes that i had gotten a few days ago for this price. Among anything it is very very potent, within 3 or 4 dabs i could finally feel my eyes relax while having a completely relaxing body high along with a strong head high. Ive had 90 percent thc and higher and this 85 percentage thc even blew me away. The quality is beyond there, same as potency, and smoothness. Well done elemental!

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Trainwreck Amber Glass SPECIAL!

Elemental Wellness

Best amber glass ive had in awhile

The trainwreck amberglass that i picked up a few days ago is awesome. Very smooth glass, smoother than any glass lately. Dealing with it is kinda a pain, but the bud tender told me to heat the dabber before going in, great suggestion. I have been dabbing it with a skillet tool but when dropped is way better.Never the less it has a perfect amount of thc with a nice percentage of cbd for the perfect high. Overall this is such a good price for this quality of wax, very smooth with a light golden undertone color when stretched, or played with.

  • Reviewed 12/5/12

Harlequin HIGH CBD!

Elemental Wellness

Great high cbd medicine

It seems like the new hype is cbd, but its more than cbd. This strain has 20%thc and 9 percent cbd. These levels leave to very relaxed while very medicated. Most of the time harlequin is not good but dam this harlequin is the best I've seen! If only it was higher cbd. Being at 9 percent it still effectively helps my pain while retaining the headyness of this sativa strain. The taste is not really there and either is the smell but most harlequin has no taste or smell so bonus points for that. Pretty smooth it could be smoother for paying 50 an 1/8th. Like I've said in past reviews, Elemental Wellness is always pushing the boundaries of medication. Whenever there is more cbd medication in the future I will be on the lookout.

  • Reviewed 12/4/12

Querkle Honeycomb

Elemental Wellness

Elemental has done it again...

Today i picked some of the emerald cup entry "Querkle Honeycomb" and all i can say is wow. This wax has a very clean strong smell a smell that taste exactly what it smells! Usually i do not buy wax that is 30 a half and 60 a g but this time i felt like it was worth it. This wax smokes up very well leaving no resue which i feel like would be good for my lungs too! It hits very hard for how smooth it is. Very little coughing with instant head change. This 91% thc and 2 % bcd is a perfect mix. The potency is off the charts, and the quality is beyond there. Well done elemental, i think we should be seeing alot more potent power housing wax out of elemental (along with high cbd strains)!!!!!!!

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Marvelous review! Thanks 2High. Agree with you on all points! We will try to keep bringing in this type of quality concentrate.

  • Reviewed 11/4/12

Fire OG Crumble

Elemental Wellness

This wax deserves a 10/5

Elemental Wellness usually gets very tasty and quality wax but wow this time they have blown me away. I thought the the jamican lion wax (41 thc, 42 bcd) was by far the best wax Ive ever had. This fire og crumble at 90 percent is purely amazing with the best taste and poentcey out of any wax i have ever tired wow!!!!!!!! Comparing this to the alien kush budder (86 thc) and ingrid crumble (87%) 3 more percent in this wax you can really see. This is hands down the most potent wax ive tired and being fire og one of the best strains for an amazing staiva strain that within a few dabs leaves you very medicated very fast. The smoothness of this wax for 90 percent is unbelievable. This wax makes you cough but it does not make you cough up a lung. All in All Whoever the vender of this wax is, should enter this wax into high times i definitely think it would win first place.

Wow! Thanks for the awesome review!

  • Reviewed 9/15/12

True OG Bit O' Honey

Elemental Wellness

Elemental's top shelf wax

First off the True Bit O' Honey is some very high-grade quality wax only found at elemental wellness. The consistency with the true og is amazing, very easy to scrape a dab it's almost like budder. This medication is very smooth but also a hard hitter. It has a very dark-mustardy look but when stirred has a light yellow look. Even though this wax was 30 a half gram (60 a gram). I bought a gram because i knew it would go fast. You can only find the pre order system though elemental. I had preordered it a day before and picked it up fast the next day! The next time you see meds you like but worry about it not being in stock elemental's pre-order system is the way to go!

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