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  • Reviewed 12/6/13

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Berkeley Patients Group

I drive all the way from Concord

Plenty of delivery-only dispensaries east of the Caldecott tunnel, but I still drive into BPG for my medication. Everyone - from the guy who checks me in at the parking lot, to the front desk attendants, to the "customer service" people filling orders behind the counter - is super cool. Wide selection and decent price. I like the convenience of ordering online and jumping in the "express lane" to pick up my purchase. Decent number of parking spots and the place doesn't feel in any way run-down or unsafe. Nice extras like a frequent customer club and super detailed receipts. Very professional. They have never done me wrong on product. Good times!

Harlequin (CBD)

Not feeling it

I really wanted to try this strain because I have heard great things about CBD. Ground it up and vaped it from my Magic Flight Launch Box. I wasn't expecting a "high" feel because CBD is known to be less-psychoactive; I just thought the pain relief or body effects would be noticeable. I feel it a little, but mostly nothing. Bummer as I have been looking for something to take the edge off my Crohn's symptoms without majorly screwing up my head. Head's fine, I just don't feel any substantial pain relief kicking in.

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OV, Jupiter OG CO2 Cartridge

Couldn't finish the cartridge

I mainly medicate to fight the symptoms of Crohn's disease so any medications I take have to be easy on the stomach. The more I used, the sicker I got - found out later the O.pen cartridges use propylene glycol, the same stuff in the Colyte I have to take to clear out the system before a colonoscopy. No wonder it did a number on my stomach. I had to stop. Too bad, because my experience otherwise showed some promise. First, the cartridge lasts a pretty good time for a low-volume vaper like me (once per week). After 4 weeks the cartridge was still over half full. At first the quality of the high was VERY good - the good feeling lasted through the night and into the next day. Subsequent sessions, tolerance built up very quickly and the high went away too soon. I have since purchased a Magic Flight Launch Box and vaporize dried plant - much better on the stomach.

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GSC Pre-Roll

My first preroll

I smoked the whole thing myself and it is pretty powerful medication in that dosage. I felt the buzzing come on about 5-10 minutes. After that, between making me fall asleep and the heady trip it felt like I was living my life out of order. Weird high.