Purple Diesel Coldwater Hash

Hash; like Kief is a concentrated form of cannabis made from the trichomes of the plant, hash however is more potent and further refined than kief. Hash falls into two main categories, pressed, and bubble. These names refer to the methods in which the hash is made. Pressed hash is made by doing just that, taking the concentrated trichomes and resinous material and pressing them together, often with heat, the result being a hard and rigid substance which can be broken into chunks. Bubble hash is made by separating the resinous material from the plant material in a container filled with ice water, then using a micron filter or bubble bag, the material is collected and separated at varying levels of purity. The finished product can vary from a loose sand hash to a more solid crumbly hash to a solid but malleable hash. The purity and potency of a hash is defined by the amount of plant material that has been filtered out during its creation. The purest hashes will bubble when heated.

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