Gold Drop Concentrates

Gold Drop a 53 time award winner brings their solventless concentrates to Lifted Health and Wellness. Utilizing a closed loop system with a custom blended hydrocarbon gas, Gold Drop combines an extended de-waxing and purging process to create their artisan 'Pull and Snaps' (shatters), Live Resins and Crystallates.

Star Dawg Private Stock Wax (S/I): 0.5 grams $25

Black Standard Sugar - Super Goji Haze (S/I): 0.5 grams $25

Black Standard Sugar - Sour Tangie (S/I): 0.5 grams $25

White Standard Oil Applicator - Tangie (S): 0.5 gram, 86.39% THC, $25

White Standard Oil Applicator - Pink Panties (H): 0.5 gram, 73.9% THC, $25

Gold Standard Sugar - Ancient OG (I): 0.5 grams $30

Gold Standard Sugar - Xtreme OG (I): 0.5 grams $30

Gold Standard Oil Applicator - Island Girl (S/I): 0.5 gram, 79.9% THC, $50

Gold Standard Oil Applicator - White Cookies (I/S): 0.5 gram, 79.5% THC, $50

AC/DC Crystallate (CBD): 0.5 grams CBD $60

$ 30
$ 50
$ 60
$ 25

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