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  • Reviewed 6/6/15

Chemdawg Live Resin Wax


Very difficult shatter to work with. Both grams I got were extremely temperature sensitive, quickly turning to goopy sap at room temperature. Had to keep them in the freezer the entire time, and even when chilled then the material doesn't have the consistency connoisseurs of quality concentrates will be looking for. Beyond that, it comes packaged in plastic wax paper instead of the typical parchment, which makes it even MORE difficult to remove. Not sure why this choice of paper was made, the standard parchment everybody uses works much better, especially with shatter of this consistency.

Once I was able to get a dab off the paper, I found it nothing to write home about. Color is nice but it tastes like straight ass - none of the sour jet fuel terpenes one might expect from some Chem Dawg are kicking around here. The high is mellow, lucid, and unremarkable. Wouldn't try it again and definitely not worth the price.

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Jack Hammer Shatter



Took a chance on the Jack Hammer (Jack x OGK) from Shaman the other day. The meds come packaged in the 2x2 cubies that Terpy Terrapin and other extract artists use. These are fine but not the most environmentally-conscious choice, would like to see everybody switch to the small envelopes that OE and Diamond are using but I can see how this might be more appealing to some patients.

Getting inside, the first thing that I notice is the color: more of a deep caramel than the light ambers and yellows that tend to be a bit more desirable. This is still quality medicine though, much more so than some others which might have a little more visual appeal. The consistency is total pull-and-snap and the material isn't very sensitive to temperature. Terpenes are seriously kicking in this shatter, with a huge nose of sweet mangoes and bread pudding. The high is hazy, cerebral, and a total creeper - producing considerable euphoria and visionary insight. It also melts into the muscles, providing lots of pain relief for those who need a true hybrid. Superior medicine for anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses and a great daytime smoke for those seeking muscle relaxation and calming of nerves.

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Sour Diesel Shatter



This is my second experience with Diamond Extracts, and their concentrates continue to impress me as some of the best out there. The Sour D is no exception. Packaging for Diamond used to be the ubiquitous plastic cubies but they seem to have switched to a simple paper envelope. We want to make things as sustainable as possible, after all.

Opening up the paper, the quality of this shatter is immediately apparent. Beautiful golden color with a very snappy, crisp consistency that isn't bothered at all sitting at room temperature. The olfactory hues released by this medicine are tremendous. The initial nose of lemon rinds and grapefruit gives way to a lingering palette of slightly-sweet jet fuel. The effects are clear-headed and alert, and like most Diesel there's a decently strong body effect lacking in a lot of sativas. Great medicine for any kind of creative activity or getting shit done, but equally at home daydreaming in a hammock. Effective for appetite stimulation, daytime pain relief, and depression. Would definitely buy again!

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  • Reviewed 5/12/15

All Star GSC

wrong genetics

Just wanted to note that for the record, GSC has nothing to do with GDP (or Cherry Pie, another strain commonly placed in the lineage). The accepted genetics for the strain is S. Florida OG Kush (Triangle cut) x F1 Durban. Many times it is seen with dark coloring, especially so in this case, but it isn't a GDP hybrid. There are several cuts of it including the Thin Mints, Forum, and Platinum cuts. You should update this in your future listings.

  • Reviewed 4/16/15

Master Cookies Shatter


Very nice

Picked up a gram of this today sight unseen through delivery. The first thing that impressed me was the very unique way this is packaged: wrapped in wax paper inside a larger, square "cubie" as opposed to the smaller round ones clubs usually package shatter in. This keeps the shatter easy to work with and minimizes loss. Deliciously golden oil with a nose of mint and sandalwood. High quality dabbing medicine with a loose, cloudy stone.

Grape Stomper Wax


Some of that strong

Grape Stomper (aka Sour Grapes) is one of the more impressive indica dominant strains out there, but it's quite balanced and provides a very mellow headiness along with a potent body
that lifts it above other purples. The genetics are impressive and worth mentioning. Bred by Elite, this is JojoRizo's Purple Elephant x Purple Erkle Hashplant x Chemdawg Sour Diesel (which itself is a hybrid of Headband and Sour Diesel and actually contains no Chemdawg). Kind of complicated, but these outstanding genetics are what make this wax so good. Doesn't have the most golden color, but it clumps together nicely and the dabs are extremely potent.

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  • Reviewed 3/13/15

All Star White OG

Flavor country.

Pretty serious funk right here. Dense flowers reminiscent of Mango OG with a big nose of grapefruit and honeydew that practically demands being rolled up. Spacey, mind-expanding medicine that leaves your head clouded while not being overly sedative. Nice for lamping without a heavy couchlock.

  • Reviewed 2/27/15

All Star Romulan

that loud.

Total classic from BPG, the stoney lil sis of their all star Jack which have both been kicking around in consistent form for years now. This Rom was the first and remains the best example I've tried of the strain. Stretchy but dense flowers with a juicy nose of mango and goat cheese. The head starts with a dreamy, mellow top that quickly melts into flat-hat couchlock. Very potent pain relief and narcotic sedation with a space case buzz that will have you grinning til the lights go out.

All Star Alien Outcast

keep it coming.

I have been somewhat let down by the Alien Tech crosses (Alien Kush, White Alien, etc) until this one. Hitting it with the Chem results in the perfect subtle blend of pine sol and Meyer lemons. Bulging, kushy buds completely covered in resin. Upbeat and talkative stone in the head with a heavy OG back that does the body good. A masterfully grown success with the Alien genetics.

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