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  • Reviewed 9/13/16

Powdered Hash: Master Kush


No more counting sheep to go to sleep

Master Kush (Flower) has been my go to medication for nighttime slumber. What took about one gram of flower to medicate fully, now takes one or two tokes of the same strain in bubble hash form in the Vape and is even more effective. If you have problems with sleep, look no further.
Taste was slightly spicy, but not incredibly tasty. Bubble hash is very easy to handle. Just break off a small piece and ingest solo or mix in with your favorite Indica flower strains.

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Best tasting medicine out there

As the name implies, Tangie really does smell and even taste like a Tangerine. This is the best tasting flower that I have experienced by far.
Medical effects are what you'd expect in a good Sativa, uplifting, clear headed, and slight euphoria. I get a good case of the giggles every time. One of my favorite daytime strains. If you haven't tried this yet, go get some!

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