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  • Reviewed 11/23/15

Beautiful, convenient, and an unfailingly friendly staff

The location is great and convenient, the office is clean and the staff is so helpful and friendly! The dispensary is never overcrowded so you don't feel obliged to get everything done quickly, as can be the case elsewhere.

Selection is excellent—and apparently growing considerably—and is seriously top-quality stuff. A lot of it is quite pricey, though, which is frustrating, but not unique to this location.

The staff also took care of communication with DoH to get my info transferred and a new card, which was a huge help. Seriously impressive commitment to helping their patients.

I love these guys!

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Thank you for the honest review and kind words! Patient service and strain alignment/availability are mainstays of our patient care strategy.

Welcome to our family at the National Holistic Healing Center, your new home dispensary for premium organic flowers and top quality accessories!

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