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  • Reviewed 3/20/11

Island Sweet Skunk

pass the poi

Really nice looking buds, light green and just sugar coated. It smells sweet and full of citrus, while having a slight skunk mixed in. It also tastes just likes it smells, only a little more skunky than fruity. I am a sativa man, and while the strain is a hybrid, the sativa shines through. it packs a great feeling high, high. Uplifting and talkative. Great social buzz. overall great bud at a decent price.

  • Reviewed 2/14/11

Berry Diesel, Very Diesel

Pretty standard look for high end med's, beautiful as the rest of them. Covered in milky crystals and red hairs, pretty much perfect. The smell is definitely from the berry side of the family. Berry and fruit, with a little skunk. The taste is berry all the way. Didn't linger as long as I like, but nice. Great smoke, strong and smooth. The Diesel comes in when the high sets in a minute, strong and intense, but doesn't crash you out. Super ripped. Great deal for $70

  • Reviewed 2/9/11

the good kind of poison

This is the fist time I ever tried Durban Poison, but it has been around a long time. Man have I been missing out. A nice candy sweet smell, spongy, dense buds, well manicured and covered in crystals. The taste is sweet, nothing too special, but when it hits your lungs it expands like crazy, but still exhales smooth. The high is super cerebral, kind of right behind my eyes. It starts out pretty quick, and just keeps building and building. The duration and potency is amazing. It sneaks it's way to the muscle a bit, but way more of a head high. For $200 and ounce, there is no reason not to have some of this stuff on hand.

  • Reviewed 1/3/11

Ethiopian Highlands

head to the hills

Ethiopian Highlands is a really nice strain. Light and airy buds covered in good crystals with a nice extremely fruity smell. The taste mirrors the smell, but does not last too long. The buzz in energetic and good for daytime use as it leaves you mentally clear. Not that it can’t turn into a couchsuck, but it left me feeling good and ready to tackle the tasks of the day. I forget how much I paid, but I usually don’t go over $45 and eighth, so even if it was that, still a great deal.

  • Reviewed 12/30/10

Get F@$%ed!

I love this stuff. First had it a few years ago and then not again until now. Such a great strain. The flowers in this specimen are really nice. Not overly colorful, but full of crystals. The aroma is strong, with a sharp blast of skunkyness and hints of the bluebetty that is in there. The smoke is nice and smooth and the taste, oh man the taste. Just like it smells. The high hits you instantly and just continues to grow and intensify. Clear the calendar, because you aren't making any appointments you may have. The buzz includes a nice euphoric sense and is great for any anxiety issues you may suffer ffrom. At $70 a quad, this is a great deal on a great weed.

  • Reviewed 12/15/10

jeeze, good cheese

This is a really nice variety from Lotus. Christmas tree shaped buds with long whispy red hairs, and just covered in milky white crystals. The smell, oddly enough has some cheeseie / musty overtones and this is just what the taste is like; very unique. The high is great, really comes on pretty hard and quick, but then levels out and mellows a bit. I lost 45 minutes pretty quickly, just sitting and bs’ing, and it really removed any remnants of the muscle soreness I had. Great stuff, maybe a new favorite.

  • Reviewed 12/9/10

maybe should be Heavyjuana

This variety is awesome. the flowers I had were a lightish green, nice dark red haris and loaded with crystals. The smell was nice, but nothing too distinct. The god the taste was great. almost a minty / fruity taste, super unique and really hard for me to descrbe; the only downside was that the it did not linger. The buzz crept in slowly, after 20 minutes it was in full effect, and man did that indica style shine. A nice heavy high that relaxed every muscle in my body and really took the edge of in a dramatic fashion. Great price considering I can probably cut my dose down a bit. Highly recommended.

  • Reviewed 12/7/10
The Releaf Center

White Widow

I love this lady. These are really nice buds, the typical White Widow look – coated in full headed white crystals with reddish, brown hairs poking through. The flower was nicely cured and manicured. Smokes nice and tastes great. The effects are powerful and energetic, pretty uplifting and social too. This is a great medicine for that end of the day, chores done, need to relax the muscles buzz. Worth every penny and one I like to keep on hand. A+ Releaf Center!

  • Reviewed 12/2/10



Another classic strain from Boulder MMJ Disp. Nice looking flower, with many golden red hairs and great crystal coverage. A fruity / minty smell and a spongy, dense feel. I just got in from a late flight to CA and this really hit the spot for relaxing me and undoing the damage that the airplane seat does to my back. Nice tase, doesn't linger long, but nice and sweet. The high is great. Starts out mellow and really stays there, intensifying slightly as it goes, but not the overpowering thud of some medicines. A great value and really nice to have on hand when you need to unwind and relax your muscles.

  • Reviewed 11/28/10

Heavy Duty Fruity

Today's Health Care

Heavy Duty Fruity

A really nice dense flower. It is a dark lime green color, coated white with a decent covering of burnt orange hairs. The smell, my god the smell.....Super fruity with a little skunk undertone. Burn was good and complete, nice smooth thick smoke. Nice taset, but not as nice as the smell. The high moves in slowly, a minute or two and went right behind my eyes and then moved back to the rest of my head. Started out mellow and then intensifies. A definate muscle relaxer. 4 stars only due to the lack of taste, I love a good aftertaste, despite that, still a great choice.

  • Reviewed 11/27/10


Just like the name suggests, this nice little nugget has the smell and taste of sage, really delicious. The bud is beautiful, with a sagey green color and sweet sage smell. Nice burnt orange hairs and tons of fully developed crystals. The high is quick to hit the head and then works its way to your bod. This was just the call for the mild back pain that I experience. As mentioned the taste was fantastic, the flower burned nicely and completely. The smoke was dense and had great expansion. The buzz lasted for at least an hour and maintained its level throughout. Another great selection from Boulder MMJ Dispensary.

  • Reviewed 11/27/10


The Farm


the classic "kind". Has that 1990's fruity kind smell, like before everything had a name and there was just "really good stuff". Nice buds, trimmed to perfection and covered in crystals. percectly dried dense buds. The taste was fruity with a great aftertaste that hung around for a while. The high was cerebral and full and filled my head. It mellows out to a great head buzz. The price for this is very reasonable, especially for such a taste of americana. Highly recommmened.